For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 22


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“Ah, I must have gone too far with the chicken. Do you think I’m a little swollen?”

“Are your eyes swollen?”

The members, who enjoyed their escape the day before, gathered at the company early in the morning.

Until then, the members who were preparing had come and went to the company on time, but starting today, the manager hyung came to pick them up in the morning.

It was also different from usual that everyone sat down in the conference room rather than the practice room as soon as they arrived.

Himchan wiped his hands on his pants, wondering if he was nervous, while Sebin looked around the conference room for nothing.

And I had no idea.

I slept too much in a long time and I couldn’t get my mind back.

The conference room door opens and doesn’t close… No, the representative and the manager came in.

“Did everyone have a good rest yesterday?”


“It’s good to have a little rest and feel refreshed.”

Our good representative who writes honorifics and elevates words to actors and singers who belong to him in public places. That means it’s still not a very public place now.

“You must have heard about it from Director Jeong yesterday.”

CEO Park Jeong-gyun, who had been quiet for a while as if he was going to talk about Kim Woo-bin, who was now expelled, looked at us with a stiff expression on his face for a moment.

“You don’t have to worry about what Kim Woo-bin did arbitrarily because the company will take care of it. You just have to work hard at what you are going to do in the future.”

Executive Director Jeong Yoon implicitly referred to the story he had told us yesterday, and he said that he wouldn’t ask us to trust the company, so at least we should keep our morals.

ON Enter was remembered as a company with a fairly high contract renewal rate.

Although it is a small and medium-sized agency, it has strong financial power, and the treatment of its entertainers and staff was not inferior to that of a large agency.

However, there are not many celebrities who are affiliated with it, so if I had to classify it, it was called a small and medium-sized agency around this time. After that, as Unravel got on track to some extent, it recruited more diverse actors and artists, such as artists, and was called a medium-sized company, but this was still in the future.

“Don’t worry, the discussion with the idol creation side you are filming right now has ended by changing the shooting direction. The identity of the group that was going to be fan-friendly will not change.”

Up to this point, most of the stories I heard yesterday showed that they were listening well.

I took a peek at the other members and thought that they were all so tight that it was unavoidable. It’s probably the representative.

“The reason I asked to get together like this today was to decide on a name for the group.”

At this one word, my mind was hooked and returned.

name! That guy’s name!

“This is a list of name candidates that the company thought of, so if you guys like it or have a better opinion, please tell me. You can do it comfortably.”

If it goes as planned, Unravel will make it safely, but I haven’t forgotten that there were many hurdles here as well. Moreover, there was no guarantee that the name would be safe as the number of personnel had changed and various variables had been created.

As soon as Ha-jun took the paper that the CEO handed out, I sat next to Ha-jun and looked through the list of names. Please, please, unravel… !

1. Transcendental number


3. Pie

4. Unravel


9. Emergency

No, what kind of mathematicians are you? Or are you a spy?

I want to chase after the group naming the group and grab it by the neck, really.

I couldn’t stand the embarrassing naming sense so that even the members who couldn’t take their eyes off this list couldn’t easily open their mouths, so I decided to create a public opinion.

“I think Unravel is good. It means unraveling tangled things, solving mysteries, so it arouses interest in fans and it’s not a common word that we usually use.”

“I don’t think the over sound is bad either.”

That’s not it, Himchan!

“I think Unravel is good too. Do you think there will be more plausibility no matter how you put the group concept in the future?”

After all, there was a reason why Choi Ae was the best.

Ha-jun expressed a positive meaning to the name Unravel, and I could see the appearance of Jung-yun nodding his head slightly.

“Don’t you feel the name of emergency?”

“Hyung, wouldn’t that be a bit old-fashioned… ?”

When Sebin refused to hear Kyunghwan muttering, this time, the CEO turned into a gloomy expression, not knowing why.

I brainwashed myself that I did not know the reason or guessed it, and tried not to pay attention to the representative.

Fortunately, no one seemed to want an idol group that felt like a mathematician.

Each one read each name aloud, trying to find the one that stuck with and felt the best.

Because everyone in this room knew how important a name was.

The manager, who was watching us, added a word.

“If you don’t like any of them, you can give your opinion directly. It was chosen for reference.”

“Neep… .”

Fortunately, there were no members who dripped in the wrong way because the CEO and the manager seemed to notice, and everyone picked out the most normal and good-looking names one by one.

Ha-jun looked at the CEO and the head of the department for a moment, then gestured to us and called us together.

Fortunately, we seemed to have a pretty good teamwork.

“Are you talking about this?”

“Yes. We think this will be the best.”

The CEO was looking at us with a curious expression because we were chatting with each other with our backs turned.

“Have you decided? You can look at it more slowly and tell me.”

“We think Unravel is the best.”

Director Jeong Yoon, who smiled at the victor and took notes of our opinions, said he was going to hold a team name contest and get opinions from fans, but he said that he put it aside because he thought there would be too many playful names.

I nodded violently because I remembered that there were all kinds of drips and profanity in a group name contest in the past. It was the safest way to create a disturbance by yourself.

“I’ll tell you the final name later. You guys are practicing individually. After a while, the team leader will inform you of today’s schedule.”


The answer is always our members who are full of fighting.

We gathered in the practice room to relax, just like every day before, and we tightened our minds once again.

As the content of the originally scheduled program was changed in a completely different direction, the bulletin boards would be full of criticism against the broadcaster and the agency, and it was obvious that the impact would also have an impact on us preparing for our debut.

To overthrow that and create awareness, I had no choice but to prepare even harder.

As I warmed up by stretching, I remembered the title and b-side tracks of my debut album.

As the contents of the broadcast were completely changed, we had to change the direction well without showing more information based on more information.

Originally, Unravel debuted in May.

A month after the first contest, after preparing for the second contest and skipping a few episodes, he debuted in May of the following year, but it did not go well from the beginning.

Even though it was not midsummer, there was an unreasonable number of people trying to wrap themselves up with handsome boys full of refreshing beauty, and after a while after their debut, large groups returned one after another, and there was no influx of new fans, let alone charting.

Fortunately, the visuals of the members at the time and the activities of the members who had individual activities were only at the level of putting on a ventilator. Then, as they released a mini-album, the group took a new direction, and from then on, a time called the beginning of a true debut came.

My goal was for the members to present their opinions from the initial concept.

At that time, the members tended to say that when the company talked about whether they were just afraid of the company, they knew it unconditionally. That’s pretty absurd.

For that, I had to get an A&R team with a big influence on the album production.

While devising a way to do that, the team leader and manager hyung came in, and we rushed to the vicinity of the team leader.

“Hey, it’s not the time to buy food, but are there times when you greet me?”

“Ah, we always welcomed the manager!”

“Put saliva on your mouth, these things.”

I don’t know about the other members, but somehow, I felt that the team leader was more friendly than the manager hyung, so I talked to him without hesitation. And this kind of behavior also brought better results than expected.

The feeling of being well-followed by subordinates is an atmosphere that seniors like a lot more than I thought, so it was a method I used well when I was in the military.

army… big. after.

Hyeonta came for a while, but it was the second time, so I was able to hold it down well without much emotion.

“Sit down for a moment. It’s hard to say while looking up at you.”

I happened to sit in line by age, but Ha-jun pulled Se-bin and sat him in the front. This was because Hajun, Youngbin, and Kyunghwan were the tallest, so Sebin was hidden when they sat in the back.

The situation in which we unintentionally gathered together often happened, so it was a little funny, so the team leader laughed and talked with the manager hyung.

“Today, I’m going to take your profile picture, and I’m going to make a promotional video for you.”

“My face is swollen!”

Himchan, who has the most swelling among us, exclaimed.

Yesterday, after a long time, I ate meat and ordered chicken for dinner, and my skin was soft because I slept a lot, but everyone’s face was slightly swollen.

“You know what comes out a little richer in the video? Fortunately, the studio is going to be in the afternoon, so let’s sweat hard in the morning to get rid of the swelling, guys.”

The team leader laughed and dropped the bomb, and the effect was great.

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