For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 21


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The relaxed members were rolling all over the place.

It was a fresh image that I had not seen in my previous life, but I thought that it would be better for other fans other than me not to see this image.

We have to leave a little bit of a cool image of our kids to the fans… .

“I think I should go to my bed and lie down. Why are you doing this here… .”

“Why, what, are we embarrassed?”


I’m glad I don’t have a camera.

“Hajun hyung! Jihwan must be ashamed of us!”

“I think it would be embarrassing even when I thought about it, so stop it. This is really shameful, man… .”

Ha-joon, who leaned against the wall, looking helplessly at the members, and Young-bin, who were told to go to bed and lie down, entered the room mutteringly were the yangban.

When I see Kyunghwan and Himchan walking around the small dormitory, I want to kick them in the butt, but the youngest was being patient with education.

How can our good Sebin become a different person when he goes up on stage like that while being so shy?

“Hajun hyung! Jihwan said he saw Sebin with a strange expression again!”

“Choi Himchan.”

“Wow, don’t call me by last name… . Because I’m scared.”

“Stop talking and sit here. Kyunghwan, you and Youngbin are dragging you out.”

Today’s shooting was only for the company, and there was no log shooting. It was a few days where we could spend all our time alone, so it seemed like Hajun had something to say to the members.

Kyunghwan and Himchan overpowered Youngbin not to touch it because it was bothersome, but he came out with a child that tall in the world… I thought it could look so trivial.

“Sebin, close your eyes.”

“… I’ll pretend I didn’t see you.”

It was heartbreaking to see the second brother’s authority fall to the ground.

“Everyone seems to be doing well, so let’s talk now.”


Ha-jun, who straightened his posture with a nod and painful noise, looked at us, quietly gathered in front of him in his own way, although he looked free-spirited.

“Oh yeah… Handsome, my friend, my brothers.”

“Ugh, why is this hyung doing this all of a sudden… .”

“Isn’t that a free-spirited look?”

“Just listen, you guys.

Ugh… . So, in the future, there will be many situations where there will be swearing and it will be even more difficult. Still, let’s trust each other and trust the company a little bit. And if anything happens, be sure to tell him.”

I think the most handsome among them is me, but it seems that my Choi Ae-nim did not have that awareness yet.

Was it because he thought that his debut, which had been overturned many times, was really in front of him?

Ha-jun said something quite sentimental and smirked.

Kyunghwan pushed Himchan back with his foot again, shuddering at the sight.

“Woobin’s job is something we couldn’t do. know? From now on, we just have to work hard at what we can do.”

“Why are you suddenly saying something obvious?”

“That’s right, Kim Woo-bin went crazy and acted on his own.”

“He must have had his own circumstances.”

Seeing Himchan grumbling about whether he had a lot of complaints about Woobin without realizing it, Hajun tried to explain it with words mixed with sighs. I poked Himchan in the side to stop it, but this snout didn’t stop.

“To be honest, there is no one here who hasn’t suffered. But Kim Woo-bin can’t do that. In front of us, with a nice face, you said everything was fine, but you talked to the company every day, and you skipped the best ones. Isn’t it?”


“Even at the beginning of the filming of Achang, Youngbin ate up all of his hyung’s amount! Every day, the filming that seems to break the image a little is passed on to us as the younger brother.”

“Hey, why all of a sudden?”

“I’m fine without Kim Woo-bin, so I just want to curse at him and rob him. No matter where we meet in the future, I won’t pretend to know, so don’t do that to the hyungs either.”

I wondered why he was moving so quickly, but to me, Hajun wanted to say and Himchan wanted to say the same thing. It’s just that the tone was a little different.

“So you’re both talking the same thing, now. Let’s just forget about the guy who crashed and went out and let’s do well together, this isn’t this. Turn around and say something.”

For some reason, Kyunghwan neatly summarized it in a well-organized sentence.

I laughed a little at the different appearance from Unravel’s C.I that I remember.

“Yeah, why are Juni-hyung and Chani talking so hard? We can just eat well and live well together. Isn’t that right, Youngbin hyung?”

“Min Ha-jun, you worry too much. Our kids aren’t like that.”

When I reflected that I was asking Youngbin for help, Youngbin sighed heavily and placed her hand on Hajun’s shoulder.

“Ugh, these stupid things.”

The members, who had noticed Ha-jun little by little as they smiled as if they had no choice but to laugh, then started to laugh.

Sebin, who was quietly watching the little brothers quarreling with each other, smiled bashfully and added a word.

“It’s really nice to be able to be with the hyungs.”

“My child is so kind, pretty, true… !”

He already had round eyes, so he couldn’t help but be pretty when a little puppy-like kid spoke so beautifully. How could there be such a comforting child among the strange men one by one?

“Stop falling!”

“Ah, it hurts!”

“That guy has to be right. Why are people getting… . Ugh.”

“We need to check to see if his soul changed after a real car accident.”

“How are you going to check it? Are you going to the store for something?”

Ha-jun, who was pathetic to see me cuddling my pretty puppy and cuddling, slapped me on the back. Ha-jun’s hands are so hot that tears come out, so when he lets Se-bin go, he helps out one more word as if to watch it.

I know that Gong Ji-hwan and I have very different personalities, but I did not intend to play that character.

It’s better to hear something like that than to build walls, to isolate, and to shovel alone and disappear.

“Isn’t it more surprising that I was just sticking to practice while enduring the pain? It was quite a concept!”

“If that was the concept, then you are the target of acting.”

“I don’t know if he’s arguing that he’s acting later.”

Ha-joon and Young-bin looked quite tired, throwing a word at me, who smiled and said confidently, and went back to their respective rooms. I was also sorry that I must have been so nervous because I was the team leader for a week.

The living room where the eldest brothers disappeared has now been occupied by the younger brothers, and we were tangled up and stuck to the floor for a moment without saying a word.

The sudden silence was comfortable.

Only ten days have passed since that day.

I lived those ten days as busy as a month, and before I could get used to it, I got hit all over the place and thought about it unconsciously.

I thought every night that it would have been less difficult if it had been earlier.

What if right after becoming a trainee? Or rather, before or at least in the beginning?

If it was me in the past, it would be amazing to move like this, so I reduced my sleeping time to a minimum. It was a program to fix an accident, and there were things like that because I was learning to compose, but I was afraid to sleep.

I had dreams of my mom, dad, and sister calling me, and I had dreams of getting into a car accident again. After a dream, I always woke up crying.

I remember the pain at that time and my whole body trembled, but I couldn’t show it to anyone, so I put the blanket in my mouth and endured it, hugging Poing and curling up.

But now that the first button fits well, so… .

“Brother, Jihwan-hyung.”

“Huh? Oh Sebin, why?”

“Brother, are you okay?”

Only then did I realize that all three people in the living room got up and looked at me.

“Did you dream in between? Why is your face like this?”

“Ah, I must have fallen asleep.”

“He has already turned whiter.

“Hyung, you’ve been too busy all this time. I’ve reduced my sleeping time too much… .”

Closing my eyes and thinking about this and that seems to have gone too deep.

“that’s right. You haven’t slept well all week. Go in and get some sleep.”

“no. When will I ever be so lazy again?”

“It will be hell again from tomorrow… ?”

“If I add more, I don’t think it will be less… .”

He got up and leaned against the wall.

The members throwing out a word or two again and chatting in small ways, and me smiling while looking at them.

Poing quietly approached me beside me.

‘Contractor, the egg ghost is asking us to be friends.’

‘What is it.’

‘Even if the face was gray, one hit would make it go away.’

‘Is it okay if you don’t hit?’

‘I can’t go far. Anyway, come on and praise me.’


‘I got rid of the most troublesome guy.’

stumbling block? Are you talking about Kim Woo-bin?

‘Is it related to you that Kim Woo-bin was kicked out?’

‘How would other humans find a cell phone that had never been caught?’

‘Ah… . OMG? Can you do that?’

This was really surprising. Poing disappears all of a sudden, so I thought he was taking a nap in a sunny spot, but he was also doing such a strange thing!

‘I found the cell phone that I had hidden and put it under the bed.’

‘Hey, Poing is a fairy after all! That is amazing!’

If there were models or actors in the fairy world, Poing would be really good. How can a cat’s expression be so colorful?

Every time I complimented him, he looked at me with a proud expression, so I scratched his chin without the other members knowing, and then hit him with his front paw.

‘Not there.’

‘Ah, sorry… .’

He patted her on the buttocks again, and only then did she make a gurgling noise and be satisfied. It’s like my fairy who is picky in the world.

Still, the poing was so warm that a little bit of warmth circulated in the fingertips that had just been stiff.

The timing of his appearance was so exquisite that I wondered if he was secretly watching me.

He was truly a very desirable fairy.

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