For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 14

Talk to Me(4)

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viewers, did you see the beef intestines?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ There was an accident with a small pill ㅠㅠ

N, is this real? Is it really me? You didn’t plan it?

No, those who haven’t watched it yet, hurry up and watch it.

N! Gong Ji Hwan is really tactless. Why are you Byungk so that other members can speed up?

2222. Doesn’t she know she’ll get fired soon?

윗 You guys are so mean~ A person got hurt. Sleep.

N In Seong is awesome. LOL

Although he was a handful of fans, there were viewers of idol creation and their own community.

And on the day the broadcast, which Ji Hwan was worried about, was released, the handful of fans were surprised for various reasons and the bulletin board was burning more than ever.

The fact that a member was unconscious for a day after a car accident and that the member showed up immediately after the accident stimulated the hearts of those who had some dislikes.

How hard it must have been to escape the accommodation at that time and wander the streets alone, and what did they think to get hurt because they couldn’t even see the car coming? While watching the broadcast with such a sad heart, they wondered how Ji Hwan treated the members with a sad face differently than usual.

JM: Small Hwan, you have a good personality. The viewer that you said wasn’t good.

HJ: Ha Jun is going to get angry ㅠㅠㅠOur true leader ㅠㅠcrying

– I’m scared of Ha Jun. – He must be really angry.

– The other members are nice. – It’s the most important time, but it stopped because of the accident.

N, go away from the snowflakes.

And the following practice scenes and daily log scenes attached to the end, like advertisements, were not lacking in making the eyes of viewers running on the bulletin board a question mark.

I’m not going to get in trouble anymore because I used to get in trouble every day. He’s weird.

Q: You weren’t at the hospital, but what kind of renovation did you get?

N, that’s the top comment.

I guess Chan is having a hard time ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Did you see his face?

Kim Woo Bin is so sweet ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Did you see how I told little Hwan?

This is not the time for viewers! Go to the official website. Make sure to watch Ji Hwan’s log.

응 Yes, next. Little Hwan mom.

N, no, lol. Look at it and make a judgment!

There were a series of evaluations that Ji Hwan’s atmosphere was very different from usual. Even during dance and vocal training, many words were exchanged, saying that they showed much softer dance lines and vocal colors than before.

Since it was a program that could support and support the trainee’s debut he wanted, fierce wars broke out every day even within a handful of fans.

And with some fans’ comments asking them to check their daily logs, some people who couldn’t overcome their curiosity about the video at the end of the broadcast clicked on Ji Hwan’s video posted on the official website, and once again began to burn.

RJ: The viewer who mentioned the small ring modification, do you have any foresight?Can you see if I’ll pass the civil service exam??

N, are you crazy with the top comment? What’s wrong with you?

N Writer: Watching the small Hwan video, he must have changed.

N, N… She became a different ㅅ and 됐어! But he got more handsome. ㅠㅠcrying

What’s wrong with you? Are you all small Hwan-ma?

No, no, no, no. I’ve steamed the small point of today’s concert.

And after a while, many fans began to add strength to the conversion of Gong Ji Hwan as a group in an article posted by a fan that said they would organize the viewing points.

[I thought you might misunderstand, so I revealed my favorite first]

I’m a true leader. Min Ha Jun, the snout of truth, is my favorite.

Ha Jun has been a fan since he was a D.P. in UNDER.

I don’t really like small Hwan because he doesn’t listen to Ha Jun.

But after looking at the log today, I guessed that it was because he was shy.

1. When Ha Jun was really angry on the show, he apologized politely to other members and even cleaned the dorm.

Viewers who have been running for a long time would know, but small pills are kind of divided into yours. It’s smart in a way, but from the team’s perspective, it looks cold. Isn’t it surprising that he’s changed a lot?

I’m Korean, so I don’t get attached to people who don’t have affection, so I didn’t really like small pills.

2. Looking at the personal log, Small Hwan felt awkward talking and was very unfamiliar with looking straight at the camera. You’re not good at speaking separately from what’s on air. It was a meme that showed a lot of civilians.

But today’s VLOG, I’m the second best ★ Babam ★

If he was criticized by the company and forced to decorate it, it should be obvious in the first comment, but he showed us up and down on the camera and smiled sweetly. The one who looked like a cold handsome guy looked like a flower..

And after talking a lot about the members and connecting them naturally and comfortably, it was amazing that he was a trainee who didn’t debut. For the viewers who haven’t watched the log yet, I made a gif of Ji Hwan’s smile.

My 2nd favorite is Small Hwan. The chemistry with Ha Jun is great..]

Fans of idol creation experienced a new world thanks to the writer, who posted a long and long article about Gong Ji Hwan’s change with overflowing fan sentiment.

Gong Ji Hwan’s shy smile and sincere laughter from his heart that he has never seen before. It was such a powerful shot that it was said that Gong Ji Hwan, who was usually classified as a cold-looking man, should be classified as a sunshine man.

And thanks to the gifs (moving photos) in a fan’s commercial article, more and more people began to look for logs, which also had a great influence on the selection of members on the website.

Idol creation was able to vote for the members they liked on a weekly basis, and the results were always available on the website.

As daily logs circulated among fans, Ji Hwan’s ranking, who always stayed in the lower ranks, gradually rose.

However, this story was the beginning of a gradual change in perception among fans, which neither the members nor the company nor Gong Ji Hwan knew yet.

* * *

Having no way to know the commotion among fans, I was covering my mouth after experiencing Poing’s new ability.

“Poing! You’re really a fairy!”

“What did you think of me as all this time?”

“No, well… Haha.”

“This contractor guy?”’

While avoiding Poing’s sharp gaze with an awkward smile, I fiddled with the object in my hand.

Professional composition by drawing all the notes one by one and checking the colors of various musical instruments was unreasonable. I wanted to try a midi composition that I’ve heard a few times, but I couldn’t have a cell phone on the subject of a trainee.

I heard that there are many free programs where you can write melodies on your phone these days, but it’s not possible under my circumstances..

I asked Poing for advice on how to get through this situation.

Then Poing, who had disappeared after telling him to wait a moment, threw a small device like a cell phone, putting pressure on his shoulders.

I looked at Poing, wondering what this was, and he told me how to use the device with a look that said yes.

He said that if I hold that device and close my eyes, a room will come to my mind like VR, and there will be everything I need.

There was a pure curiosity about how the fairy’s skills developed, but I was not confident in understanding them even after hearing the explanation, so I decided to move on.

However, Poing said that the initial setting was set up because I had no knowledge of device operation.

I thought Poing might be a little more capable fairy than I thought.

“Close your eyes and study now.”

“Ah… I’m not allowed to sleep..”’

“Yes. I sleep when I’m dead and now I work.”

“So mean…”

I became sullen by Poing’s sharp response, but I had to deliver the graduation file to Jeong Yoon as soon as possible, so I had no choice but to give up shouting my own Shin Se-ya.

“What if I fall asleep like this?”’

“If you think you’re asleep, I’ll beat you up and wake you up, so don’t worry.”

“I’m so thankful that I think I’m going to cry.”

Biting my teeth tightly, I admire the skills of the fairies while looking at a space that feels close to reality. I sat in front of the computer.

In reality, it wouldn’t have been that long, but in my mood, I felt like I hadn’t touched a computer in a very long time.

“Wow, does this work on the internet, too?”

“Yes, but I don’t think I’ll have time to spend on useless things.”

“I know… I just imagined it…”

I was about to cry at the cold Poing’s words, but I overcame the crisis again.

And while studying about composition while listening to Poing’s criticism all night, I had to sleep less than two hours and greet the morning.

It was certainly an effective means of study because the time in the device flows slower than the time in reality while using the device.

However, the problem was that the fatigue did not disappear and remained in me.

I asked him if he could wake me up later because he would sleep in it, but Poing confessed that it was still difficult to wake me up in time for both sides.

In the first place, Poing also learned about this device while in charge of me this time, so it is difficult to operate in detail because he has never used it himself.

Just in case, I didn’t know if it would strain my body or cause any side effects, so I slept in reality and pushed my back. Even I thought Poing was right, so I didn’t beg him more.

Someday, when Poing becomes proficient, he will be able to use it well.

“Oh, my. Surprised. What’s wrong with your face?

“I couldn’t sleep…”

The disadvantage of the device was that it was not possible to take the results out of it.

So before all my memories volatilized and disappeared, I had to go to the company as soon as possible and save even a part of the song.

This is why people should not commit crimes and live, and I was deeply resentful of myself a few days ago when I sang a song that has not yet been released and why I lied there and laid down on my own grave.

I, who was wearing clothes with eyes that couldn’t even open properly due to the pouring sleepiness, ran into Ha Jun, and Ha Jun looked at my face and looked like a ghost.

“Sleep more. Why are you leaving already?”

“I made a promise…”

“It’s good to work hard, but don’t overdo it. You’re hurting your body hurt.

“I have to work harder as I’m lagging behind.”

“What do you mean I’m lagging behind? I have to go to the company right away without stopping by anything else. You know, right?

After having a sincere conversation with Ha Jun, he let me go without saying much more than I thought, whether the things that I had lived steadily returned to trust in me or that I had left the accommodation without permission.

In fact, there was a very small desire to catch and put them to sleep, but all of them were useless.

It seemed that I was positively looking at whether it was quite fresh for Ha Jun to step up and do something.

Ha Jun, your fans are dying….

“Nim, it’s not coming out quickly?”

“I’m going, I’m going. I’m going. ‘

My fairy, who has no mercy, was pressing me mercilessly by tapping my whimsical back with a cotton bat.

The road to the company looked twice as far away as usual.

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