For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 13

Talk to Me(3)

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The contractor seemed to forget that he was a fairy.

“It seems like you keep using it like a surveillance camera. Is it just me?”’

Poing complained about the contractor, but if his debut breaks down like this, it would be meaningless to save Ji Hwan’s soul and bring him here, so I decided to endure it.

Earlier, I went to the place where the small human was crying, and there was no one, so I chased the smell of a human being called Ha Jun.

That human named Ha Jun smelled like a ripe chestnut.

The fresh green smell of the hard shell surrounding the outside, and the sweet scent that spreads subtly from the inner flesh.

It was Poing’s favorite scent. Thanks to this, Poing was quite fond of the human being.

They were in the meeting room of Team A, where Ji Hwan was sitting earlier.

“So, WOO BIN said to you that there’s nothing to see?”

“It’s okay for you to say something to me, but you keep saying that. To Young Bin….”

“Ha… It’s a mess, really.

A small human with swollen eyes was biting his lips with an unfair look on his face, and Ha Jun, who frowned at it, took a candy out of his pocket and bit it in the mouth of a small human.

“Se Bin, you have to fix that personality. If you feel unfair and angry, you have to hold on more. It’s okay when it’s just us, but not in front of others. You know, right?

“So I said I was getting some air and cried alone.”

“If you go back to the meeting room because you’re so swollen like this, the kids won’t know.”


“I’ll be there for now, so you stay here.”


After placing a can on the eyelids of a small human left alone, Poing often followed Ha Jun, who left the conference room. He entered the conference room of Team B opposite.

“I don’t want to go there.”

It was not pleasant for Poing to face a human being who smelled that black desire, but he decided to endure it for the contractor.

“Did you forget why this contest was held? You’re telling me to do team play.”

“So, you’re trying to make three members of Team B stand out.”

“It’s not that, but I’m saying this because I think you’re trying to make yourself stand out.”

“Ha, do you know how funny it is to hear what SE BIN just said?”


“YOUNG BIN and I are good at singing. Both are good at high notes. Do you think SE BIN’s dance suits you?”

“It’s a competency to make a performance that suits you.”

“I don’t know what he said, but why are you pretending to be calm in front of us and talking behind my back? Are you the team leader of Team B?”

As soon as I entered, I felt the air entangled with malice and anger, which was as unpleasant as the smoky fumes.

Another human being with his mouth closed already looked pale, but now he looks like he’s about to fall back.

“Woo Bin, stop it. Ha Jun, you too.”

“Hey, Kim Young Bin.”

“Woo Bin, Ha Jun is right. We need to make a stage that suits all three of us. But the direction you’ve said so far is only the vocals, but Se Bin is buried. You can’t do that.”

I could see at a glance the faces of humans full of irritation and Ha Jun, who was stiff. If the contractor saw him, he would fight. I thought it was fortunate that he wasn’t there.

“Ha Jun, anyway, your team and our team have to compete. I’ll take care of the work here, so stop going. Let’s talk about it later.”

After sighing deeply at the opponent’s attitude of speaking more firmly than usual, Ha Jun left the B team meeting room.

Memorizing the names of humans was quite difficult. At least, a human named Ha Jun, who was often with Ji Hwan, and the names of humans who cursed at Ji Hwan were memorized, but the rest were still difficult.

Still, I thought I could give you a rough explanation of the situation, so I thought I should go back at this point, but Ha Jun went back to the A team’s meeting room, not the recording room with other members.

The role of the surveillance camera must not be over yet.

As he trudged along again, Ha Jun was petting a small human head.

That little man smelled like a flame.

It’s a small spark like a spark, but if you’re given something to burn, it’s a fire that can grow very big.

“Se Bin, the more unfair you are, the more you clench your teeth and tell the other person that your argument is valid. If you avoid it there, you run away.”

“I know, but I can’t do that.”

“Do you know what’s wrong with your team”?

“Not well-coordinated opinions?”

“No, you guys forget that this is being filmed.”

“Camera, we know…”

“I’m not telling you to just laugh in front of the camera. What would the viewers think if Woo Bin ignored you even though you explained a valid reason?”


“That’s how broadcasts are, Se Bin. If you’re too conscious of the camera, it’ll be more awkward, but you can’t forget what the camera is holding now. We’re the ones who said we’d make it a business.

Ha Jun, who patted his shoulder, got up from his seat, perhaps explaining everything he intended to do to a small human being.

“I know you rely on Young Bin a lot. Then trust Young Bin and watch how Young Bin does it, Se Bin.”


I could tell the Poing.

In the team drawn by a human named Ha Jun, Woo Bin has disappeared.

Kicking his tongue, he ran a little faster to find Ji Hwan.

I had to roughly explain the situation to the contractor who pretended not to be because he had a lot of troubles but lacked all his nerves about the work here.

* * *

Hearing the situation roughly from Poing, I sighed on my own. Woo Bin’s current behavior naturally has a bad effect on the team.

It was messed up as soon as there was an atmosphere. Wouldn’t it be weirder if a good result comes out in such a situation?

I could see why Ha Jun said that to Se Bin. Everything Woo Bin is doing now was not much different from the reason why his previous me could not melt into the team.

Kim Woo Bin seemed nervous.

Ha Jun would be able to orient the song well, and Kyung Hwan would have done enough to support Ha Jun. Him Chan thought he would choose the right performance for the dance song, and I was not specialized anywhere, but I could put it anywhere.

On the other hand, Kim Woo Bin would have thought that he didn’t like his team and was losing to Team A.

Wouldn’t it be the current situation of Team B that misunderstood that it would be better to create a stage that will stand out a little more? That’s what I thought.

By comparison, our team’s softies are….

“Se Bin will be okay, right?”

“Ha Jun will do well on his own.”

They will be a team in the future, but for now, they are rivals to each other, but there seemed to be no such perception at all.

Let’s make it cooler than Team B! There was that kind of atmosphere, but now it’s completely… to have none

“You guys are doing it first. Why are you just doing it?”

“What about Se Bin? Why did you cry?”

“Are you okay?”

As soon as Ha Jun entered the recording room, both Kyung Hwan and Him Chan were peeping like chicks. Having already heard the situation from Poing, I could look at Ha Jun with a calm look.

I thought it would be more dependent on Ha Jun to stay like this.

“Se Bin is frustrated and has a hard time because she cries when things don’t go well. It’s because of that personality.”


“Is it time for you to pay attention to Se Bin? Our team’s isn’t done properly either.”

I also talked to Kyung Hwan differently because I felt clearly that he was trying to change the subject.

“Since Ha Jun is here, please tell us what you’re going to do now. That way, Him Chan and I will take out the choreography and put it in.”

Fortunately, when I said so openly, neither of them said anything more about Se Bin, and opinions began to emerge again.

They are not sure how it works, but they would have understood the atmosphere that they should not mention it more.

He smiled at Ha Jun, who gave me a wink of gratitude.

Characters that can become buffer zones and change the atmosphere softens the team’s atmosphere in many ways.

So, in the past, I looked at other idol teams and thought that Ha Jun would have been less difficult if there was at least one character like that in the unables.

I can be that kind of role in the future.

I laughed a little to myself, thinking that I might be a little arrogant.

However, the reality was that I was caught by Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan before returning to my accommodation and squeezed like a dried squid.

“Strong people…”

“Save me…”

Unlike yesterday, we arrived at the accommodation first and were weak. Him Chan was wriggling on the floor, and Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan looked brighter than expected.

Fortunately, however, I had no theory of composition or arrangement at all, and thanks to the stent I got from the privilege, I understood a little bit of the various opinions presented by Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan.

It seemed to have played a part in my previous life that I was familiar with by picking up simple words while watching videos of my children.

Otherwise, how would I know what the chorus, bridge, verse, and sequencer are?

The most frustrating thing was what made me think that I didn’t even learn this basic knowledge properly.

ON Entertainment has always opened the window of opportunity for trainees to acquire basic knowledge.

In addition to group lessons, if I wanted to learn about writing lyrics, composing, playing musical instruments, and foreign languages, I could take all the basic lectures.

If I wanted to take more classes than that, I had to get a good score in the evaluation or join the debut group.

He’s wriggling on the living room floor, thinking about this and that out of frustration. Today, I washed first after Kyung Hwan and Ha Jun.

At that time, Woo Bin, Young Bin, and Se Bin came into the accommodation, and the atmosphere was not very good as expected.

It’s a relief that we didn’t grab each other by the collar right away.

“Great job. Take a shower.”

I roughly dried my hair and went into our room where the camera was set up to shoot today’s log.

“Everyone, I’m here. Oh, my hair is a bit messy because it’s not dry yet, right? I wanted to tell you what happened today as soon as possible, so I hurried a little.”

When I put a little service-like comment in my mouth, the back stings, and Poing, who was lying in my seat, didn’t seem to like the comment.

“From today onwards, we’re doing something together in earnest. You’ll know what it is when you watch the show later.I feel really strange. I realized that I could do this. What would the viewers think? Will you be able to see everything I want to show you? I thought about this a lot.”

I really thought a lot.

What is the best way for everyone to shine the most while receiving as much attention as their share?

The droplets flowing through the cheeks were stolen back with a towel and brought a little closer to the camera.

“I’m curious how I’ll look right now. Will I look ugly? Or wouldn’t it be different from when you watch it on TV? Oh, I shouldn’t look ugly to you. Those kinds of thoughts. I want you to look as handsome as possible.”

Fortunately, I didn’t have any trouble sweating through the intense choreography every day or just having tough skin, and my skin was white as I lived far from the sunlight.

“It’s going on in teams…”I’m in Team A. I’m working hard to make one serving in this team, but I regret it a little. I think that if I had worked a little harder in the past, I would have been more helpful to my team members now.”

As if talking to a friend about today’s daily routine, he calmly refined and refined the numerous emotions that had been lingering in his head all day and handed only the most substantial over the camera.

The raw emotions I felt were so vivid, heavy, and thick that I couldn’t give them to my fans as they were.

It was only after I experienced it myself that I learned a little bit about why UNRAVEL tried to say such pretty and grateful things to their fans in my previous life.

It must have been because of the desire that precious people would not be hurt, misunderstood, or become heavy together because of my feelings.

Thanks to already experiencing how fans watch my idol beyond this camera, I felt like I realized it a little faster.

“I can’t wait to meet you all. I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to sing and dance together. Haha, I’ll work harder to make you happy and have fun. I’ll always be careful not to get hurt, so don’t worry. You all worked hard today.”

At least I’m the one who knows the affection of fans the best among the members now, so I finished the video with gratitude.

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