For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 10


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The team leader, who told several rules, left the meeting room to tell the same story to Team B, and silence fell for a while among the members who were lost in thought.

“Hey, why don’t we talk about what comes to mind and organize it?”

“Yes, anything is fine. Let’s gather some ideas.”

When I opened the door first, Ha Jun found the paper and pen next to me and handed it over to me. Suddenly, I felt like I was the secretary of the meeting. Then suddenly, I thought of a way to relieve the rigid atmosphere.

“What’s your name?”


“What should I write for you?”

As soon as I received the paper and pen, I gave Ha Jun a sincere smile.

Ha Jun, who noticed my prank, looked absurd at the moment and smiled quickly, and Him Chan, who understood what I had done, shook his shoulders and laughed, and he also stood behind Ha Jun with a paper and pen.

“The person in front, please move on quickly.”

“Please write, “Jun, I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Kyung Hwan, who didn’t understand the situation and was glancing at us, burst into laughter only after I wrote my name on a white paper and wrote, “I love you Jun.”

“It’s my first autograph, so please cherish it.”

“Please write ‘Chan, I love you’ too.”

“Wait a minute.”

When Him Chan finished his autograph on the paper he was holding, the scene looked quite pleasant in contrast to Ha Jun, who was looking at me with a coy look, and Him Chan, who had already failed to manage his facial expression.

Satisfied with the more relaxed atmosphere, I opened my mouth imagining the future.

The real fan signing event of UNRAVEL that will be held one day. And Ji Hwan and I who are laughing in there.

“One day, we’ll be able to sign autographs for our fans, right?”

“Until then, Ji Hwan, let’s practice writing. What is this?”

“What’s wrong?”

“JI HWAN, I can’t read what you wrote.”

“Wow, Chan! How can you do this to me, too!”

When I was teased for the shape of the letter I thought there was no problem finding out, I felt unfair and took the paper to take notes for no reason.

But on the one hand, I thought it was a relief.

Because my body remembers Ji Hwan’s handwriting well.

Kyung Hwan, who was smiling happily at us, patted me on the shoulder.

“It’s a relief that you seem to be energized.”

“What? Kyung Hwan suddenly pretended to be an adult! Hurry up and come back to your normal hyung!”

“What did I do?”

“That’s right, Kyung Hwan. That’s what you have to say.”

If the camera captures a lot of nervous mistakes even before the start of the competition, you can live with sympathy, but that’s it. It was a joke that we started because we thought it would be helpful in many ways to joke around and deliver good relationships to fans.

It was an unexpected action that I thought and did purely alone, but I breathed a sigh of relief secretly at the sense of the members who responded well.

In the previous video, Team A was under the pressure to take the lead in something, and of course, the appearance was not well received. Should I say that I had a strong feeling of being confused because I couldn’t find what to do.

Young Bin, who led the team at the time, was busy caring for Woo Bin, who was running like a foal, and Him Chan wanted to focus on the choreography, but failed to beat Woo Bin to focus more on singing.

So in the end, I was devastated when I heard that the original song was better because it was such a boring arrangement to the company.

I don’t know what the atmosphere will be like because the team has changed now, but for now, I decided to focus on my current team. Since the cameras in the conference room were running all the way, I thought that Ha Jun and Him Chan’s nucksal performance, who responded well to my actions, could receive a good response. Gyeonghwan Island, who showed a strange appearance there.

Guys, I’ll make sure you don’t have to suffer, so just trust me.!

* * *

When the full-fledged idea meeting began, the members, who were relaxed, began to come up with all kinds of ideas. At one point, Ha Jun, who pointed out my handwriting, took away the paper and pen.

Was it that bad? This makes me cry..

“This is an exciting dance song. It’s one of the two directions we can go in the end.”

“Arranged it like a ballad at all, or arranged it with hip-hop elements in it. Right?

“Right, it seems like Ji Hwan studied a bit.”

“No, I just know everything.”

And I was going to stop this song from being arranged into a ballad. It was originally an exciting song, so you may think that if you make it in a completely different atmosphere, the impact will be strong, but the song itself was already a familiar song that was popular in the first place. Jukdo less than rice and not touch.

Of course, I don’t know anything about the arrangement, but I was the one who had already seen the result of failure.

“As Ji Hwan said, it’s one of the two. Which one do you think would be better, Kyung Hwan or Him Chan?”

“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to compete with Team B as a vocalist. Wouldn’t it be better to arrange the song in a hip hop way and have more fun?”

Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan had experience making songs, and in the case of Him Chan, they were slowly leaning in the direction that they thought it would be better to be excited because they were good at dancing.

They responded that it would be beneficial to go in a more familiar direction.

“I’m in an ambiguous position. The dance and vocals are in the middle, too. I think it would be more natural for Jun and Kyung Hwan to be the main players and Chan and I to support them with vocals. “Fortunately, since Chan is good at making choreography, I think the performance will be a picture.”

Write down, erase, and repeat pouring opinions. When I summarized my opinions that I had been thinking about all the time because I thought they were ripe to some extent, the three people’s eyes on me became very mysterious.

I feel like I’ve been receiving this gaze for days now..

Did I eat something wrong? Is that Ji Hwan? That view.

“No matter how much I see a strange creature, I get hurt.”

I felt a little strange, so I scratched my cheeks and looked elsewhere, but the three eyes were very persistent.

“Hmm, there’s something I talked about with Jun.”

When I sent Ha Jun a look, Ah, I kicked my tongue with a small sound of the wind falling out. If I left it like this, the misunderstanding would deepen, and it was time to lay the groundwork.

“I’ve forgotten so much that we’re like an organism. Since we’re a team, we have to cover and match everything we’re good at and look like one. But I was only thinking about myself.”

The atmosphere in the conference room subsided a little, and only Ha Jun, who had already talked to me, was looking at me with a little praise.

And suddenly the word reliability came to my mind. Ha Jun was pretty high, but the explanation of the section was… [70+: While clapping believing that there would be a reason for you to suddenly dance on the street] Haha…

For the first time, the skill seemed to help me. Judging that the atmosphere did not seem to be bad, he triggered the “internal friendship skill for Kyung Hwan and Him Chan.

“Then I thought about what I could do for the team, and I thought it would be perfect if I played a cushion-like role in the middle.”


Kyung Hwan, who was listening to the story with a little serious eyes, asked back. Yes, cushion. That cushion position was also the position I wanted to play in the Unravel.

“Yes. Each of our members stands out in their own color, but I tend to get a little smeared. When the color stands out, it sets the background so that it stands out, and when it needs to be gathered, it becomes the basis for lumps. “I want to try black like that.”

“But then it might not work out for me either. Do you know that?”

Him Chan asked with a little shaky eyes why. At the comment that seemed to touch the “Should I stop I heard earlier, I knocked on Him Chan’s shoulder without realizing it.

“I know. It’s hard to survive without any characteristics. But I think the cushion position where our members can blend in may be the most unique position. On the contrary, I can go well with anyone. It’s going to be useful.”

“Now that I see it, Ji Hwan was very greedy.”

“Haha, did you get it now? I have a lot of desires!”

It was fortunate that Ha Jun cut off the atmosphere that could have become heavy at the right time and saved it playfully.

“Then, I and Kyung Hwan will watch the arrangement, and Chan and Ji Hwan will watch the performance. I think we can ask the A&R team and the choreography team for help only when we set a rough atmosphere.”

“Yes, shall we all pick a few of their performances?”

Since we decided on what to do in a friendly atmosphere and finished dividing the roles, today’s meeting seemed to have been successful.

“But what about Team B?”

Ha Jun seemed to be a little worried as the team’s composition was Young Bin, Woo Bin, and Se Bin.

Even if it’s a structure of dividing teams and competing now, Ha Jun was still worried and trying to take care of everyone.

“Wow, Jun. Are you worried about other teams in front of your team members?”

“No, I was just asking what you guys were doing!”

“Wow, Ha Jun is so mean!”

I wanted to focus a little more on this situation, so I poked Ha Jun’s side and played around, and Ha Jun, who was secretly prickly, jumped. Him Chan, who caught the number of cases, also poked and played with him next to him. Ha Jun sent a helping look to Kyung Hwan, but even he smiled brightly and shook his head.

“Okay, okay! I can take care of you more until the end of the competition!

“Wow, it’s obvious, but I’m angry. Kyung Hwan, what do you think?”

“It’s Ha Jun’s fault.”

“Yes, it’s my fault!”

Poing, who entered the conference room, was looking at us with the trivial expression he sent to Ha Jun after leaving the park.

Meow-caught fairy?

When he glared slightly, Poing, who snorted, jumped up and down and put his body on my shoulder. It was a little strange because I couldn’t feel the weight because I was a fairy.

Ha Jun, who was excessively loved by the three, washed his face skinny for 10 years in the meantime, and we looked perfectly satisfied.

“Let’s stop joking around and report it to the team leader and ask for what we need.”


We, who were moving after Ha Joon, gave eyes to the conference room where Group B was located and followed him.

“Poing, do you see the meeting room over there? The place where it says the meeting room of Group B. Go over there, look at the situation, and let me know.’

“What in the world do you think of me?”’

“My talented, talented, and kind fairy?”’


Although he seemed to be bothered, Poing, who jumped off his shoulders, easily disappeared into the conference room. I almost screamed as I passed through the door, but I pressed my palm while clenching my fist.

It’s a free pass wherever it is, right?

There was a very happy future that Poing could help me more than I thought.

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