For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 9


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I have to meet Sergeant Park again?

At a time when he was floundering in a sense of shame that he couldn’t get out of, Ha Jun jumped in as the door to the practice room opened.

“What’s wrong with you?”


I had no energy to answer.

I can’t believe I have to go to the army again. What does this mean?

“What’s wrong with Ji Hwan?”

“I don’t know. Is he crying?”

I felt the children holding and shaking my body, but the blow was too big to hold my mind.

He’s a master who died and survived, but he has to go there again.

I couldn’t hear what people around me said, so I let myself shake for a moment, but eventually I got dizzy and grabbed Ha Jun’s wrist.

“Hey, I’m dizzy.”

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying all of a sudden?”

He seemed to have tears in his eyes because he was so unfair.

The eyes were only slightly teary, but the members’ reactions were surprisingly intense, so it was strange.

I sat down on the floor for a moment and took a deep breath to get my senses together. Taken together, the stories I heard in the meantime were said to have hit my head into the mirror on the wall as if I had suddenly lost strength while doing the dance moves as I saw through the door.

Surprised by my appearance, Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan rushed in and grabbed me, but my eyes were wet, so everyone seemed to be embarrassed.

“It’s okay. It’s nothing.”

Thank you for your concern, but it was my own secret that I couldn’t tell them the truth. He replied in a locked voice to swallow tears, but it didn’t seem to resolve the misunderstanding.

For no reason, everyone looked at me with a serious look and saved my words, so I thought I should disperse the shock of re-entry into other things.

I thought it would be nice to use the skill that was activated as I wanted yesterday.

Many people can’t do it at once, but I used my skill with the thought of turning it off after watching it briefly..

[He’s crying since the morning. He’s so annoying.] [He must be having a hard time, too. Phew… I’ll just say I’m quitting first.] [Should I ask him to send me to the hospital?] [What should I do? I think you’re having a hard time. What should I do?] [He pretended to be okay, but it was hard to go out alone. I should pay more attention to it.] [He acted like he was okay all night, but I think he was under a lot of pressure because of the talk of getting kicked out. Sigh… I should comfort him well.]

After checking all of them in the order of Kim Woo Bin, Him Chan, Kyung Hwan, Se Bin, Young Bin, and Ha Jun, he took a big breath and exhaled to make up his mind.

The expressions were all anxiety and anxiety, but the sequence of letters that came to mind like speech balloons told me more. Based on my last experience, I didn’t know what had happened in the meantime because I kept changing the subject of skill use after seeing just one word each, but fortunately, I wasn’t cursing myself except for one person.

Kim Woo Bin, this guy is very consistent.

“I’m sorry. I ruined the mood a little bit. It’s annoying to cry and wind in the morning, right?”

I already thought of something depressing in the world and felt like I was sinking to the bottom, but I couldn’t help but get angry without saying a word to that human horsehead.

“What are you talking about? Don’t say that. You can cry.”

“Are you sure you don’t have to go back to the hospital?”

“I cry when I’m so upset. He’s a human horse species who says something like that.”

When Young Bin and Kyung Hwan and Ha Jun comforted each other and added a word, Woo Bin’s face, which had already hardened, was distorted, perhaps because I felt like I had seen what was in his heart.

Idiot. The shoot was starting the moment all the members entered the practice room. If he changes his expression so obviously like that, it was obvious that broadcasting stations that liked the streets would use it somehow.

Conflicts and moderate disputes between trainees serve as a good basis for ratings.

Anyway, what Him Chan said was so meaningful that it stuck in my head. Are you thinking about quitting your trainee life?

“I’m really okay. I guess I was a little upset because I couldn’t move as much as I thought for a second.”

“No, you’ve improved a lot. Don’t think like that.”

When he smiled with moderate excuses to change this atmosphere, Baek Kyung Hwan, who was usually calm to everyone, said something unexpected.

Kyung Hwan, even if you didn’t express it, all the Somungchis knew that the members were thinking hard..

Unknowingly, a fluffy mind popped out and grabbed Kyung Hwan’s hand.


“KYUNG HWAN, thank you. For saying that.”

“What? Let’s just practice.”

At the moment, Kyung Hwan, who was looking at what’s wrong with him, smiled, knocked on my shoulder, and moved to take his place.

I also started spinning my head as I moved to settle down. Overall, the atmosphere of dealing with “me was not very sharp.

The sharp atmosphere I felt yesterday must have been because I acted unexpectedly at a time when I was already sensitive, and I kept reflecting on myself, acting friendly, cleaning, and cooking, and it seemed to have eased a lot.

Both the company, the broadcasting station, and the viewers consider the chemistry between the members quite important. In particular, some fans send a lot of sympathy and encouragement and support for the good relationship between the members and for each other.

I was one of the fans who had a firm belief that there was no word for dismantling in Unravel, watching numerous gifs and videos about Ha Jun and Young Bin’s true friendship and Tuvin’s (Young Bin and Se Bin).

That way, I was able to decide what to do in the future.

If I check the members’ confidence in me with generous wooden skills and use a little internal friendship skills, I thought I could create a good situation for a week, even though it was tight.

After warming up with his head tight, he spent a violent practice time and was taking a breather for a while. At that time, as I saw in the video, the door to the practice room opened and So Hyun came in with an expressionless face.

In the video, it was just a scene that was flowing casually, but I couldn’t help but be nervous as I was in a position to wait for the team leader’s mouth to open here.

“From today onwards, we’re going to split into teams. You all remember, right?”


The progress of the program was already over the middle. The final story of the program was the two upcoming warm-up matches and the confirmation of the debut members.

Finally, full-fledged practice for the first evaluation stage will begin today.

The people who were divided into the first team had to talk about specific things such as song arrangement and choreography restructuring and plan future operations well.

The most important thing before that is to team up.

Looking at the faces of other people, everyone looked nervous.

“I’m 100% going to make a random team. Each person come to the front and pick this.”

In the small box held out by the team leader, paper with numbers from 1 to 7 was folded finely, and a huge ladder ride was drawn on the blackboard drawn from outside.

At the top of the ladder, A and B were written in order. There were four in Team A and three in Team B.

When I think of the time when I watched idol creation, Kim Young Bin, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Him Chan, and someone unknown who would have been in the positions of “Me were in Team A. And Team B was Min Ha Jun, Baek Kyung Hwan, and Kang Se Bin.

I didn’t want to be on the same team with Kim Woo Bin even if I died, but is that what I want? I pulled out the paper with a half-giving heart, and names began to be written one by one on the blackboard.

But I had no choice but to doubt my eyes with the results that followed.

“Now, Group A is Ha Jun, Kyung Hwan, Ji Hwan, and Him Chan. Group B is divided into Young Bin, Woo Bin, and Se Bin. You guys do everything on your own, starting with choosing a leader separately.”

What? Why did the results change? Did luck affect this part?

“Everyone, follow me.”

Like ducklings following their mother ducks, we followed team leader So Hyun and entered different conference rooms for each team.

Now that we’re on the same boat somehow, we ended up smiling at each other. We randomly picked paper and played ladder games, but it was quite exquisite that the team members were divided.

The big brothers who would keep the balance were divided into each team, and the number of members who were confident in dancing and singing was also well divided without being driven to one side.

The difference between Group A and Group B was that Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan were rappers, but no one in Group B knew how to rap properly.

“I think I know how groups A and B will change.”

“Right? I think so, too.”

Now that the composition of the members has changed like this, I secretly swept my heart because I thought the results of the first evaluation may be different from what I saw.

After a while, team leader So Hyun entered the conference room, and smiled as he looked around us sitting firmly. Every time the team leader laughed like that, everyone’s faces were tense again because they knew nothing easy happened.

“This time, the team that draws the help of the A&R team and the choreography team is more likely to win. The company told the team leaders of each team in advance. “Do well.”

“Do we have to go and ask for it ourselves?”

“Yes. Is there anyone who doesn’t know which song should be the base?”

The song we had to prepare was ‘tracker‘ by Limitless.

And I already knew the most important point of this mission.

Guys, I’ll let you win. Trust me!

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