For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 8


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“Why aren’t you talking? When did you learn how to write songs?”

The director was staring at me in a scary way!

I couldn’t tell you the truth, so I was very anxious. I’ve always read all the articles, and I’m sure you’ve heard episodes about this song.. I tried to recall the episode of this song in my head.

“These days, idols who release their own songs have good reviews. So I studied little by little.”

I looked around for a plausible reason, but I felt like I could hear the sound of my conscience crumbling and crumbling.

Oh, I remembered.

It was said that it was a song that lyricist Ethan, who was quite famous, met his first love at the reunion and worked on after drinking a lot that day.

So, this song was very fresh and exciting, but the follow-up song that will come out later was a song about the speaker parting with her memories through the bitterness and pain she experienced at her wedding.

“Hmm, who knows this?”

“Other than me, only the director knows.”

“Okay. Don’t tell anyone else and bring it to me later.

If you have such a talent, you have to appeal to the manager or team leader. Why are you hiding it?”

I wasn’t good at it before. I don’t have it now either!

Unfortunately, the cry of my heart was not delivered to Jeong Yoon, and I had no choice but to nod while maintaining a clumsy smile.

Regardless of whether it is possible or impossible, the inside of me, who was forced to steal other people’s creations, burned black.

And then suddenly, the notification window sparkled.

– Update history exists. Check the status window.

Looking blankly at Jung Yoon’s back, he rubbed his slightly shaky legs and moved to the practice room where the other members would gather.

If you go home later than the members after checking this, it won’t look good. I thought it would be better to go first even if I was in the corner.

“Check the status window.”

[Status window]

Name: Gong Ji Hwan.

Job: Trainee who felt the limit of his talent.

Lv : 6

Characteristic: Living or dying (1), Giving Tree (1)

Skill: I Can Hear Your Voice (1), Monologue (3), Inner Friend (1).

Why did my level go up?

The question was also briefly in the place where the word “mijung was located, and a new characteristic of “living to die was created, and both the giving trees and living to die were shining brightly.

I thought there would be a dangerous explanation for mental health like last night, but I couldn’t resist the sparkling light as if to check quickly.

“The Giving Tree.”

Nothing changed in the first part of the skill description, but something unusual appeared at the end of the explanation.

*Currently, it’s

Min Ha Jun (63), Kim Young Bin (48)

It was hard to tell whether it was 100 out of 100 or 100 out of 1,000, and I suddenly thought that.

A reasonable doubt that the explanation can be seen according to the method of use so far.

“Explain the reliability.”

[Trust level]

A numerical representation of how much I and the other person believe in each other and how far the other person can give up for me. This number is very flexible and is affected by everything I see for the other person.

Less than 10: Your words are unbelievable even if you use soybeans to drink fermented soybeans.

40+: While giving some credibility to your words and thinking about logical flaws,

60+: Finding validity in your words and understanding some suspicious things.

70+: A relationship where you will clap believing that there will be a reason to dance on the street.

100: Someone to trust even if you’re an astronaut.

However, if you are a person who takes your sacrifice for granted, your credibility, not credibility, increases. Be careful.

What’s this?

When I asked for an explanation, the explanation really came out.

I can’t believe such an unfriendly and arbitrary and unkind system.

Wouldn’t the developer have made it with serious dissatisfaction with the world?

Rational doubt has become a reality. After checking the figures, I suddenly had a strange thought.

Ha Jun’s credibility was understood to some extent.

Since we have had a quite deep conversation, as explained by being very flexible, reliability may increase today.

However, Young Bin did not know why it was an ambiguous figure of 48. No matter how much I think of the memory of “me, we haven’t talked for a long time.

No way, it’s not because of the rice..

It was a conclusion that didn’t make sense even if I thought about it myself, but trust means that the other person believes in me, so I decided that good things are good things.

And when I checked all the reliability figures, a new notification window appeared.

– The user recognizes how to use the system and all characteristics are ignited to trigger perks. The user’s current status is digitized and marked, and 30 points are given as a perk-inducing effect.

Suddenly, the status window began to change.

[Status window]

Name: Gong Ji Hwan.

Job: Trainee who felt the limit of his talent.

lv : 6

Characteristic: Life-or-death (1), Giving Tree (1)

Physical strength: 22.

Agility: 35

Vocal: 40.

Lyrics: 15.

Composing: 7.

Acting: 5.

Luck: 51

Skill: I Can Hear Your Voice (1), Monologue (3), Inner Friend (1).

There was a status window that could only be seen in a real game. Oh, the numbers that hurt my eyes just by looking at them. I just want to quit everything.

In the meantime, it was strange that the luck was so high, but when I think about it, I was living with my favorite idol after dying and reviving. I didn’t think I would have anything to say even if it was higher than this.

Still, I had to write a song and carry it, but I was glad that he gave me a point, so I tried to comfort myself and took it with all the points on the lyrics and composition.

Since I sang a plausible song with a vocal of 40, I thought I would be able to go to the head of the department with something that makes sense only if I made a similar number.

It was said to be a privilege, so I don’t know when this will happen again in the future, but if I show up here right away, it was obvious that I would be far from the Unable in this life, and Gong Ji Hwan’s dream and my life would be ruined.

Ten in the lyrics and 20 in the composition were put together to create a number that was barely worth seeing.

Starting today, I have to forget about sleeping and sell lyrics and composition. I felt like I was going to cry because it was dark.

“Sigh… My life…”

I stole the moist eyes and raised myself to see myself reflected in the mirror.

An idiot who couldn’t hold anything properly with his own hands and spent two years under the label of a trainee stood there.

I can’t say I tried less than other trainees, but I didn’t try more.

I didn’t even know what I could do better. He did not sharpen his special talent by differentiating himself from others.

Being a trainee itself is a place where only children who shine with talent or talent, whether it is singing, dancing, etc., are gathered.

I lived without any characteristics. That time in the past was such a waste.

I guessed that the reason why only physical strength and agile vocals were high was that “my in the past repeatedly danced and sang.

In games, japkara is often a mangkara, but in old games, where any freedom was high, all the old characters were japkara.

I had to be such a miscellaneous character.

I had too many thoughts. Rather, I think moving my body a lot will be effective in shaking off distracting things, and now I have begun to practice dancing that naturally comes to my mind.

If he couldn’t perform the choreography, he would look relatively worse among the other members, and it seemed to viewers that he would look like a perfect ugly duckling.

At least I should have been able to finish the movement modestly.

Several times, I looked at the same movement in the mirror and slowly checked it, and Se Bin, who looked the best, tried to follow it, recalling the movement.

At the time when he consoled himself thinking, “Have you ever done a disciplined movement in the military? One very important fact came to mind as I passed by.

“Oh, my gosh…”

Now I didn’t finish writing.

* * *

Meanwhile, Poing, who had been busy elsewhere, frowned, recalling the contractor he took charge of.

“What? Are you having fun?”

From the beginning until now, he was consistently clumsy and had little room to look at, but if there was only one thing he was good at, he knew how to pet me quite a bit.

So I was proud of him….

Poing was really very busy.

He was still a beginner fairy, Poing. Gong Ji Hwan, who signed the contract this time, could be promoted only when he was satisfied with his life.

Until now, as with other novice fairies, it has been active only for creatures with little or no intellectual level, such as animals and plants and monsters, which are relatively easily satisfied.

However, from intermediate fairies, they will be in charge of creatures with high intellectual levels.

As a result, the number of information to be learned increased exponentially, and the basic manual alone lacked understanding. In particular, there were many things I didn’t know yet about the characteristics or skills that pop out according to individual tendencies.

During the early hours of Gong Ji Hwan’s adaptation to his new life, Poing also had to constantly study for the new target.

Humans who did not know the life of this hard fairy had many complaints.

The cat fairy was already a sleepy species, but she gave up all that sleep and grumbled without knowing herself.

Poing diligently teased his feet, determining to set a date someday and scold him.

It was time to go for further training on the system.

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