For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 6

I’ll be there(2)

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There was a moment of silence, and I recalled the reason why Gong Ji Hwan was so frustrated and struggling.

“I thought I was really good. But when I came out into the world, it was nothing. Whether it’s singing or dancing, how many people are better than me…”

This time, Ha Jun was focusing on my voice. These words I’m bringing up now were the biggest reasons why the previous “me did not fit the team and shoveled alone.

“I couldn’t even make up my mind, but when I was lying down in the hospital, I thought of that. I feel like I’m going the wrong way.”

“In what way?”

“If these people aren’t here, can I stand on my own right now? That’s what I think. I thought I could do it before.”

I think I thought that some of the members now hold themselves back. I think I was a little jealous, too. You really lived with useless thoughts.

“I want to debut in the team where you are. All together.”

“Are you really okay? After being hospitalized, you look like someone else with Ji Hwan’s face.”

“Hahaha, I guess I’m just grown up.”

“If I grow up because I’m hospitalized, I’ll hospitalize all the kids for a day.”

Even in the broadcast, no one confirmed Min Ha Jun’s debut and said it individually, but everyone in the company knew.

Ha Jun will debut no matter what happens this time.

The company was almost certain of Young Bin and Ha Jun’s debut, and the program was actually a process of building the group’s awareness and improving their skills by choosing members to be with the two.

So there was no need to pay more attention to ‘me’.

I’ll be able to go on stage easily just by taking good care of those who are in good harmony and follow well like now.

So I was more curious. I was wondering why they were doing this.

“Jun-i hyung, why do you care about me?”


“That… I’m likely to be eliminated. It’s not you.”

“Hey, Gong Ji Hwan.”

“I heard about it, so I know. The team leader told me honestly, too.”

Ha Jun, who jumped up from his seat in frustration, dragged me and put me on an old swing.

“If I had lived with that in mind, would I be doing this here?”


“I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just the one that I have to take care of right now. I don’t know about the company’s situation or anything.”

“Who knows if you don’t know?”

He also got on the swing next to him and started stamping his feet. For some reason, I laughed because it was cute.

“Why are you laughing? Are you ignoring the swing?”

“No, it’s just that you’re cute. I thought you were a scary person.”

“It’s annoying. Let’s swing in. You really can’t go out by yourself anymore.”


At some point, Poing returned and was looking at us with a pathetic look on the other side of the swing, but he pretended not to know and rode the swing excitedly.

I wondered when I would ever swing again with Min Ha Jun in my life.

And the trivial conversation that started with the premise of a few small stories and debuting together made me forget a day like a war that will start again tomorrow.

Then, suddenly, the contents of the magazine interview I read in the past came to my mind, and I suddenly got goosebumps on my arm.

It was an episode that Min Ha Jun revealed. He said that there was a member who almost left suddenly while filming “Idol Creation. At that time, Ha Jun took him out separately and talked openly for quite a long time in the park near the accommodation, and they comforted each other and ended well.

If I put this interview into my current situation, wouldn’t Ha Jun have called anyone like this and talked about it separately before his debut?

If so, it seemed that even if there were new variables in the country, the activities of the Unable I knew would not change significantly in the future. However, I was a little worried because I didn’t know how far that variable would be allowed and where and how it would change.

I think I watched a movie similar to this, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

I think this is called a time paradox. No, Poing said that this is the same world as I used to live in, but it’s a different world, so isn’t it?

Also, thoughts stretched out countless times. After rolling for a long time, I thought my head would be overloaded, so I gave up on everyone.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I thought about it from now on and thought about what to do. I wondered if this is why people call me positive.

Suddenly, everything became annoying, so I muttered while looking at the sky.

“Jun, the moon is so pretty.”

“That’s right. It’s pretty.”

I think he was spacing out, too.

We returned to the accommodation after swinging a little more in a daze, and a new notification window came to our eyes when we lay in our respective beds.

– Update history exists. Check the status window.

The kitty fairy, who was lying next to me leisurely and grooming, glanced at me and began to focus on grooming again without saying much.

Seeing it like that, I don’t think there will be a big problem, I shouted inside the status window.

[Status window]

Name: Gong Ji Hwan.

Job: A trainee who is motivated.

Lv : 5

Characteristic: (undecided), Giving Tree (1)

Skill: I Can Hear Your Voice (1), Monologue (3), Inner Friend (1).

There’s something weird!

I tapped the Poing and pointed out to look at the status window, but I didn’t care, so only my heart burned.

‘Poing, explain this to us.’

‘Poing, please explain this. Can’t you hear this?’

‘Poing! Please explain this! I suddenly used up my skills before.’

Nim, stop it. My head is ringing!’

The first time, just in case, the second time, I talked to him, wondering if he was ignoring me, and the third time, I shouted with a desperate heart.

‘Cat… You’re my fairy. Help me. You abandoned me all day and went out to play. What are the characteristics and skills?’

“Speak slowly. If you ask one at a time, who will eat it? And who did you play with?’

“It’s because you don’t answer me.”

“Since you’ve used skills, you probably know, right? Just use it. It depends on your disposition, but it’s like a passive skill.”

How can a generous tree be a skill? What is this? It’s scary.’

Say the name of your skill and say it’s an explanation. Then you’ll see the explanation. “I’m tired, so don’t call me.”

My cat, who had been playing with me all day, turned his back as if he was making a sound of a stroke and rolled up as if he were really going to sleep.

Seeing him lying down like that, he looked pitiful for some reason, so I was patting him without realizing it. I don’t know where and what did the cat, who had been fine, came back with green onion kimchi, but seeing him singing purr, I think this was the answer.

The most important thing now was to understand these characteristics and skills. I thought I would not be as embarrassed as I am today if I knew what this was until I fell asleep.

“Explaining the giving tree generously.”

[Characteristic – Giving Tree]

Characteristics for you who generously give away what you have for your people.

Please designate two people and help the target.

If you exceed a certain level of reliability, you can get skills or bonuses that help both the other party and yourself.

5 The number of people that can be designated increases by level 5.

What is this? How do you know the reliability? What’s the benefit?

No matter how much I read and read, it was too vague. Could it have been possible to explain more intuitively?

Who made this? Wow, really. If you’re lazy to make characteristics, you shouldn’t have just made it..


“Ji Hwan, why?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t think about anything else and sleep well today. Your body will still have to rest.”

Young Bin, who thought I was sleeping because my sigh was loud, talked to me.

The room I was lying in was clean because it was a room for three people, Kim Young Bin, Kang Se Bin, and I. Kim Young Bin was definitely on the side of cleaning up his area, and “I also lived as a driving force because her sister’s cramming education shone.

I was not surprised by anything and decided to go to sleep after quickly checking the contents of the skill. The description of the characteristics is at that level, but they won’t even explain the skills. Really, no way.

[Skill – I Can Hear Your Voice]

Aren’t you being too conscious of the people around you?

You’re wondering if I’m bothering you, or if my crush has a heart for me.

Try this skill now. You can see the other person’s feelings.

However, once you use the skill, it lasts 30 minutes unless you end it directly, and the opponent who has already used the skill will be given 3 hours of cool time.

If you stare at the other person and say the skill name, it will be activated.

The number of people who can be checked at once increases through rank-up.

[Skill – Monologue]

You don’t let go once you bite.

Skills for you who are more persistent, patient, and never forget Eun-won.

It makes your body and mind stronger for your success.

Use it at the right time.

There may be side effects of indiscriminate use.

The holding time increases when ranking up.

[Skill – Internal friendship]

Is it hard to get close to others?

This skill helps the other person feel as close as you feel to the other person.

Excessive use can lead to wrong encounters.

Rank-up increases the number of opponents who can build internal friendships.

I read the manual, but I feel like I need a manual for the manual. That was how I felt right now.

Do fairies not know Korean well? Is there a problem with the translation? Fairy who fell asleep with a happy smile, is this really helpful to me?

The round back of Poing’s head, which fell asleep with an even breathing sound, could not look so cheeky. I thought something was wrong with this. Isn’t there a fairy attached to explain?

I thought I couldn’t do it like this, so I decided to ask for the proper content even if I shook the arch fairy when I had time tomorrow.

Looking at the content alone, it was good, so I thought that if I adjusted it appropriately, it could help me change my position now, but I was worried that the warning phrase was very insincere.

I clicked on the job advertisement to find a part-time job, and it felt like I saw something that said, “Pay consultation, family-like work atmosphere.”

When you leave home, you say it’s hard, but nothing is easy because you live with a different body.

I was scolded, scolded, and my mind and body were overworked.

I was frustrated because I didn’t know when I could put petals under my children’s feet. Above all, I had to change the minds of people who viewed me negatively and get good scores on the website vote that influences the decision of the debut member.

The first evaluation is a week later. Will I be able to do well?

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