For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 5

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Practice, and the practice that followed.

It was 7 p.m. when I came back to the dorm after finishing practice.

The company, which judged that the hospitalization and discharge of a member affected everyone, including me, considered us to go home a little early today and rest.

I was in the hospital and went in, but everyone else was always at the company from morning. So, I can’t believe they said this as considerate.

Baek Kyung Hwan and I were the only ones who seemed to be able to stand up.

Everyone lying looked like ripe green onion kimchi, as if the dorm floor was a kimchi container.

“Team Leader gave me a card to order chicken today, so wash up.”

“Ooh… Chicken!”

Hyung wash up first….”

Ha Jun was called by So Hyun for a while earlier and it seems they talked about this and that.

I said I’d wash first because everyone told each other to wash first because they don’t want to move a finger. The last person who washes up had to clean the bathroom, so the first was better than the last.

Apparently, after washing up, I checked the mirror and now I looked a bit human.

If the agency posts something like a practice video, there were fans who shouted ‘I really like our sweaty Ravels!’ in the last life. I want to show them these green onion kimchi.

Do they feel sorry for them or their fan heart crashed?

The memory of this place was slowly rising in my head. What was really fortunate was that once I thought of it, it was imprinted naturally, so I didn’t have to think of it every time.

Of course, every time I acquired a memory, I was a little tired because I felt the emotions of those times.

Because of those parts, I thought it was unnecessary to think that memories were not flooding in at once, but absorbed little by little by little.

‘I’ was a second-year trainee and now recognizes these members as competitors rather than a team. Furthermore, the sharp face played a big part in ruining the first impression, so the relationship with the members rarely narrowed.

Yet, the close people are Baek Kyung Hwan, Kim Woo Bin, and Choi Him Chan.

Kyung Hwan was so soft and reliable kid that he was a good fit for everyone….

The body’s emotions could not beat my fan’s heart in Unravel, and all of Ji Hwan’s previous feelings were burned down.

I saw Woo Bin’s heart earlier, so I don’t think we need to pretend to be close.

After washing up, there was a time to go into the room for three people one by one and leave a short video about today.

The first time I went in, I was awkward and unfamiliar, blinking for a moment.

I haven’t taken much selfies in my life of less than 30 years, but I have to leave a daily log.

I knew that the logs taken in spare time were posted on the homepage created by the production team of ‘Idol Create’.

I heard from senior Sommungchis that this short video influenced the final members’ vote more than expected.

I already filmed a short interview video shortly after I returned to the company, but it was only a simple answer given to me as if I was really working. It was less awkward because it come out for reality.

“Uhm… I’m sorry, guys. You were worried, right?”

Idol Create is broadcast three times a week, so fans don’t know what happened to my accident yet, but by the time they watch this video, they must have heard from the broadcast or the company.

I began to talk slowly, thinking about what it would have been like if I knew the member’s accident when I was a Sommungchi.

“There was a little accident, but I’m fine. Here, will you believe me if I show you like this? Haha.”

He briefly lifted the camera and showed his whole body carefully so that it could not see the inside of the room well, and fixed it back in its original position.

“The company took good care of me, and the members were really worried, so I was touched. Especially, Jun-i hyung scolded me with a straight face, seriously. Hahaha… You know that Jun-i hyung ‘s unique expression, right? A cold expression that comes out when you’re really angry. But since he’s speaking in a stiff manner, people who don’t know he look really cold, but actually… I could see that he’s were worried. I was so sorry and grateful.”

I could feel myself smiling unconsciously because I remembered Min Ha Jun’s sincerity that I could see for a while thanks to the skill.

“Ah, Jun-i hyung shouldn’t know this. He’s going to nag again. Ah, and Se Bin also gave me a candy. Aigo, this was a secret to the company. You’re going to keep it a secret, right?”

When I remembered how I felt when I saw Ravels’ log, I spoke more fluently than I thought. I had a few more talk and said goodbye after seeing that it had been more than five minutes.

“Today’s stories are a secret between you guys and me. Got it? I won’t go anywhere, I’ll be here safely. Here, promise! Haha, then I’m going.”

He put on a pinky motion and ended the video.

I was nervous when I stood in front of the camera, but I couldn’t find it. Am I surprisingly the type of person who does it?

While other people woke up one by one, went to wash up and went into the room to pack their luggage, I, who washed first, started cleaning the floor of the living room.

Being at the same dorm as my kids makes me happy, and being in the same dorm is another thing.

The dorm has two quite large rooms and a little of kitchen and living room. There was also a bathroom.

There were two bunk beds in the room, which was hard to climb up.

I know that a regular cleaner comes, but why is it like this?

I thought a piece of cloth was rolling on the floor, so I was wiping with it from the kitchen to the living room, and Baek Kyung Hwan said something when he saw the mop I was holding.

“That’s not a mop, Ji Hwan-ah.”

“…Keum. It’s a mop from today.”

“I guess you were sorry? Gong Ji Hwan, you clean up.”

Him Chan, who had a bad expression all along, came up and tapped his shoulder and laughed. Fortunately, you seem to be feeling better.

“No, it’s just… Hey go away, I haven’t wipe it.”

I was embarrassed and wiped the floor and started nagging everywhere.

Even those who don’t even wipe the water properly, those who walk everywhere even those who don’t wipe everywhere.

“Se Bin-ah, dry your hair then lie down!”

“Kim Young Bin! I told you to wipe off the water properly!”

Water droplets were dripping from the tip of Kang Se Bin’s hair, moving back and forth from one side to the other, leaving traces. at the same time Ha Jun shouted at Young Bin, thinking that he could catch a cold.

And in a strange atmosphere, all the members took turns looking at me and Ha Jun, and Young Bin, who was quietly watching, added a word.

“There are two naggers now.”

Oh, I miss Noona so much.


The little fuss passed and the chicken was finally delivered.

Three chickens were far too small for seven boys at the age of eating a lot, but I was just grateful for this because it was a time when greasy food was banned.

Se Bin was holding a chicken leg with a big smile for the first time in a while, and Him Chan was beaten on the back by Ha Jun while trying to take a picture of Se Bin saying that he was laughing so hard.

At the end of the exciting chicken party, each person spent a little loose time with his or her bed or listening to music for the first time in a while.

While Baek Kyung Hwan and Kim Woo Bin, who lost in rock-paper-scissors, suddenly found a hat and put it on, Min Ha Jun gave me a hat.

“Let’s get out.”

Hyung, I promised Department Head that I wouldn’t go out….”

“I’ve got permission in advance. I need to talk to you.”

I didn’t see it, but I could feel the eyes that the rest of the members glanced at. I guess we have to talk without the members.

Hyung, bring this while you’re out.”

Baek Kyung Hwan, who is the only carefree one, put out a chicken box and trash to recycle. Unexpectedly, I followed Ha Jun in slippers on my feet.

When I put down the box and arrived at a small park a little away from the dorm, Ha Jun sat on the bench and tapped the seat next to him.

“Are you sure you don’t need more rest?”

“Yes, I’m really fine.”

I was so nervous that I was sitting side by side with Min Ha Jun that my toes got tense. What are you trying to say? You were told to just give me up? While countless thoughts crossed my head, I heard a sound of laughter that seemed to be dripping.

“Do I eat you?”

“No, it’s just… Since I’ve done a lot mistake.’

“Do you know what’s wrong?”


While the silence of the moment passed, a fairly cool wind passed along. An out-of-control old swing was creaking and I was only looking at it.

Looking straight ahead, Ha Jun turned his body and looked at me.

Honestly, I didn’t recognize it when I was busy taking lessons, but Min Ha Jun was originally my bias. I should have thought at least in dream about sitting side by side, making eye contact with bias like this.

“Ji Hwan-ah, how desperate are you for this?”


I couldn’t answer hastily because I couldn’t guess Ha Jun’s intention to ask in a calm voice. I thought about using the skill, but I held it in because I thought I would become a cheap person if I used it now.

“You know that Young Bin and I met at our previous company and came here together, right?”


” Young Bin tried to quit when he fell at the last company, but I dragged him here. I said I really wanted to debut with him.”

He was always neat and hard, so he didn’t think he would get stabbed easily no matter who stabbed him. He was misunderstood that his personality would be soft because he looked so sweet, but in reality, he was also a person who did not allow others to cross the line and hit him with a single stroke.

That was the leader Min Ha Jun I’ve seen as an Unravel fan.

But now in front of me, he was a little worn out, a little more than that. He had the face of a normal 20-year-old who didn’t know what to do with his immature troublemaker brother.

“Why didn’t I just stay with the crew’s brothers? I’ve been thinking for the past three years about whether I should have continued my activities on the underground.”


Before Ha Jun was a trainee, he had been absorbed in the genre of hip-hop since he was 15, so I knew that he wrote songs and rapped by himself while learning how to handle the equipment slowly from his acquaintances.

Then, a small agency that happened to see the performance persuaded him to make a hip-hop idol and started his trainee life.

“But I dragged Young Bin here. So I’m really clenching my teeth. I promised my mom this would be the last time.”

I just wanted to say that you’re going to debut and that you’re going to do really well.

“Do you know my past stage name?”

“It’s D.P. Done is better than perfect….”

“Oh, you know? I thought you weren’t interested in me because you didn’t like me very much.”

“That’s not it, it’s just hard for me to get along with people….”

“Yes, I’m a bit of a sharp talker. Hu. I tried to fix it, but it didn’t work out.”

“It’s okay, hyung doesn’t say empty words.”

The inner self seemed to shout ‘my bias is you, so I looked up all your old songs and listened to them!’.

No, don’t go overboard right now. Seriously… If I make a slip of the tongue now, I think I’ll have to give up.

Strangely enough, I didn’t turn on the skill, but I could see what Ha Jun was trying to say.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve seen it as a kid somewhere, and I’m stuck in that sentence and use it as name, not motto.”

“Ei, that’s cool. I’ve seen hyung’s rap a few times, too.

“Hey, don’t speak about that because I’m embarrassed.”

In a fairly soft atmosphere, I and Min Ha Jun’s voices were filled with laughter.

“Let’s go to the end, Ji Hwan. No matter what happens to either of us, it’s the start for now.”

“…Yes, hyung.”

“If you want to debut as an individual instead, tell Team Leader now.”


“Whoever remains of us, whoever leaves, it’s a team at the end. I’ll put the team first. That’s why I wanted to ask. What do you think of the team?”

This must have been the biggest reason why Min Ha Jun prepared this meeting today.

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