God of Blackfield 006

1-3. Bullies?

This chapter is an unedited MTL, and will be updated with proper translation gradually.
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At the beginning of the afternoon class, Kang Chan was sitting inside the counseling room with Seok Kang-ho.

“That’s true.”

Kang Chan’s sighs, Seok KangHo noticed.

“Do you have a cigarette?”

“We can’t smoke in the consultation room…”



“Don’t talk to me.”

Seok Kang-ho raised his angled chin, and when he saw that Kang-chan opened his eyes sharply, his appetite again turned his gaze away.

It’s crazy.

Dayeru was Seok KangHo, no. Should Seok KangHo be said to be Dayeru’s alter ego?

Anyway, that guy was this guy.

The timing was also similar.

Except that while Kang Chan was in the hospital, Dayeru was in his wife’s arms. Thanks to that, he would have been walking in Hong Kong every night with his wife, but Kang Chan suddenly became sarcastic.

“Is it okay?”

“What…is it?”

“It’s in your wife’s arms.”

“I am old and water is not so good, but that’s why Asian women have a strange taste, and they say that even if my wife dies, there is no time.”

“Era, you idiot.”

“Oh, who hears.”

“It’s fucking damn good.”

As the situation was twisted like this, Seok Kang-ho seemed to want to change the topic quickly.

“Are you really going to quit school anyway?”

“I said I’ll be going to France!”

“You want to enter that hell again?”

Kang Chan gathered her lips and smacked the table with her index finger.

“Strange. There must be someone who can talk. But if you don’t reveal the reason and why, you can’t stay still because those who have died unfairly are hit by your eyes.”

“Let’s go on vacation.”

 Seok Kang-ho was rolling his eyeballs, following his old habit.

“It’s a vacation in a month and a half. Then let’s go with me. Even during the vacation, I will be of strength.”

“Are you going on a picnic?”

“Then what? I won’t accept it because I’m old.”

“You just live here. There must be a wife, a stable job, what is the problem?”


Seok Kang-ho wiped his head with his big hand, as if frustrated.

It takes age, but rather than that, it was clear that as Kang Chan said, he was attached to this place.

To his wife and children, this guy has already lost his mind to what he has now in that short moment. Well, he was a lonely man.

“Do you remember Algerian words?”

“I was very embarrassed at first because I spoke Korean naturally, but the Algerian language was still intact.”

I will.

“No, let’s go on vacation. I wanted to take care of a few people, so it was about to explode, so if you solve them a little, the time will be right.

Seok Kang-ho struck his heart a couple of times with his palm.

“Because the guys we saw today are originally united. But there were young gangsters behind it, so even if it wasn’t, I was trying to catch me.”

Kang Chan laughed.

“uh? It’s not a joke.”

“shut up. Are you saying you’re dealing with kids because you have nothing to do?”

“You saw it today. They’re a student, and what they’re doing is a gangster. So, it’s just good until vacation. how is it?”

“You said you were going to do it?”

“That’s because I’m a teacher, and the moment it gets caught, isn’t it right to be a detective for the harsh act? I have to wear a mask. There are a lot of things that take this or that.”

Kang Chan tilted his head.

“Are you really Daeru?”

“why? Otherwise, how do you know God of Blackfield?”

“But why did you become so alive?”

“I don’t want to be born again and go into prison. So it is.”

That could be it.


“Will you help?”

“Bring a cigarette.”


Seok Kang-ho got up from his seat with a happy face.

“one month?”

There was no problem with the period.

That didn’t mean he was going to fight chicks.

As Kang-chan looked at the window in the counseling room, Seok Kang-ho came back and pulled the sofa to block the door.

“The counseling room is a place where girls also come in and out, so the door cannot be locked.”

“Oh! There’s a bitch you hit me earlier, did you handle it well?”

“It’s like she’s going out of the bar, right?”

“It was the same as that.”

“Since it has become a daily life, there will be no big masks. The other guys I looked around and sent them to the hospital. They have weapons in the group, so they won’t be able to use evil too much. When I said that, as a teacher, it seems like I want it to be rough.”


Kang Chan asked to smoke a cigarette without a word.

“Because I’m going to go on vacation after a month.”

Kang-ho Seok’s expression was so sorrowful that he couldn’t refuse.

“If it’s not cut, let’s do it. Instead, I’ll stop dealing with kids.”

In front of Kang-ho Seok, who was regretful, Kang-chan again emitted a long cigarette smoke.


No matter where life is going to be solved.

Seok Kang-ho’s efforts were all in vain due to a report from the hospital. He had so many wounded patients that he reported it as prescribed in the emergency room.

It was already the second time that Kang Chan came to school and a patrol car was dispatched. Seokgang-ho wrote a guarantee that he had to be taken to the earth, so he was able to get a record at the counseling room.

“What the hell are you doing?”

The policeman, who had received the record, frowned on him with a tired expression. I know that ten people who waited with weapons lured him to the rooftop, but it was difficult to believe what happened next.

He tasted bitterly and looked at a fellow seated by him.

“Do you pass each other?”

“Then this guy is cut off. There are many unfair corners.”

“If you’re wrong, you could get hurt because you tried to cover the case.”


It was then that Seok Kang-ho, who was looking at his notice, came out.

“Hospital expenses will be borne by us, and I will take responsibility as a teacher so that victims do not sue. Please be good.”

“I know you mean, but the time when people enter the bathroom and when they come out is different, so if I don’t, my throat will run away. There are so many injured children and their parents don’t know what to do.”

“Which parent would you like my child to be cut off from school? And as you can see if you look at the life records here, Lee Ain was originally an introvert and nice guy. He’s been in the hospital for over a month in an accident, so she’s said to have delusions. When you were in school, wouldn’t there be a teacher you really appreciated?”

The two policemen tasted again and looked at the record.

“It’s retaliatory assault, there are many, and the children who are hospitalized are so-called Iljin guys, so there will be no separate charges. If it matters, I will quit teaching.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“How would you abandon these disciples and call them a teacher?”

Seok Kang-ho’s cheek was slick as if he had clenched his teeth in the angled jaw.

“Hmm. Can you really make me not sue?”

“The warden?”

“I will take responsibility for that. Nothing would have happened if the hospital had not contacted me.”

Even in the gaze of an afflicted subordinate, the police in charge was staring at Kang with his lips tightly closed.

“Can you promise never to do this again?”

Kang Chan bit her teeth to resist the laughter coming out.

“Yes, man. Seeing the teacher understands it, right? The teacher saves you and makes rice and rice cakes? Do you know I’m sorry?”


Rather than wanting to go to school, it was the answer I was sorry for Kang Dae-kyung and Yoo Hye-suk.

“Teacher. Then I will go to the hospital to meet the victims, and if the children sign that they will not sue, I will do it. Instead, I’m not injured by fighting, but please make some other suitable excuse.”

“Thank you. thank you. Then I will go to the hospital first and put the children in full. Thank you very much.”

“Aren’t it difficult to teach the fortress children? Seeing the teacher reminded me of the teacher who cherished me in the past, so today I was determined too. Please be sure to avoid any problems in the future.”

As the police stood up, Seok Kang-ho also stood up. So what would be the atmosphere?

Kang Chan stood up from her seat with her gaze away, standing by Seok Kang-ho.

“Be patient, child. In the future, even if someone bullies you, you will be patient with the teacher’s grace. Okay?”


What will the police look like when they hear Seok Kang-ho’s request to beat the Iljin? Kang Chan replied seriously, biting her teeth again.

“Then I trust you. I’ll be going to the hospital in about two hours, and I have to tell him that it’s not an assault because it was reported to the central center. If that doesn’t work, I can’t do anything.”

“If I was going to report, would the children stay there until the hospital called me? You really don’t have to worry about that. thank you.”

“I am impressed that there is someone like a teacher. Now, then.”

After the two cops left, Kang Chan sat down.

Seok Kang-ho went out to see the two off and returned after a while.

“Go to class.”

“Take class?”

“I have to go to the hospital, and above all, have you been here too long?”

“Your words are getting shorter and shorter?”

“Hum. We have age, and let’s just go over this.”

Kang Chan grinned. Hagiya was one year older than him, even as it was. He didn’t even want to hear more respect.

Kang Chan was forced to head to the classroom.

He was in class, so the classroom was quiet.


As he opened the door and entered, his eyes raged at once.

Hojun Lee was quickly turning his angry face.

Even a female teacher, who is around the middle of her thirties, couldn’t say anything and was looking into Kang Chan’s gaze. He slowly sat down to his seat and looked at his teacher.

“Oh, let’s class.”

She conducted classes as if the teacher woke up from hypnosis.

She was a Japanese class, but I thought it was about raising the owner by asking for the price of udon and set meals that Cheolsu would not eat in a snowy village.

It was much better than math, but it was stupid.

Class is over.


After the teacher hurried out, a male student stood up in front of her, and the sound of the chair sounded loudly.

The break time was also stiff.

Kang chan tasted his appetite again and leaned back on the chair.

The children who went to the toilet moved with a solemn and majestic attitude, like the priests of the monastery.

At that time, Lee Ho-jun came to Kang Chan’s side.

When he looked sharply, he put a can of juice and bread on his desk.

Is he really rotten to the bones?

Kang Chan looked at Lee Ho-jun with a ridiculous gaze.

“After class, first and second graders will greet you.”

Without worrying about Kang Chan’s gaze, he said what he wanted to say.

“Take this.”

Confused Lee Ho-jun moved to the place with the juice and bread pressed by Kang Chan’s eyes. As everyone was watching, a great sense of tension crushed the classroom.

It was time to let out a small sigh because Kang Chan was also feeling cramped.

Feeling the attention of the children, Kang Chan looked back unintentionally.

They were female students.

One of them is an acquaintance.

She had a swollen left cheek.

“Hey! Kang Chan!”

A girl who walked completely ignoring Lee Ho-jun stood by his side. She wore three female students with childish makeup on her forehead, as if it was written ‘flying’ on her forehead.

“After you finish, take some time.”

“Don’t go overboard.”



Kang Chan got up from her seat and stood toward the girl. There was a hook and smell of cosmetics.

Since the students’ rags and the lives of Kang Chan are completely different, she has only a resentful face for a girl, but she cannot open her mouth.

The girl’s gaze was clear and he looked at Kang Chan’s right hand. He was afraid that he would surely throw a smack.

There were many things like this in France.

There was also a time when the beaten up guy’s lover approached with the shoring on her hand hidden, and a woman took off her clothes with her finger-length awl stuck in her head.

If you look at it, you will definitely get sick.

‘Should I make this without any backsliding?’

When I saw wearing a school uniform, my heart was strangely weakened.

‘This is not a battlefield.’

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a little?

However, Kang Chan decided not to do that. It was because I knew how much a girl like that was bothering the same girls.

He hardened his mind.

Just one more word… … .

But the girl turned to her short knife as if she had eaten Kang Chan’s thoughts. She praised her with the eyes that the three weren’t the same, but that’s about it.

‘I’m tired?’

Kang Chan sat down with his appetite again, and eye contact with Snow White’s bangs wearing his melon chest.


He wanted to quickly go to France to take the steps and go to Africa. He didn’t know he would miss the dust and bullets in his life.

The class ended after another two hours, the time of reading.

“After the holiday.”

It was when Kang Chan exhaled a sigh of relief.

Dozens of stupid children rumbled through the front door of the classroom. They immediately lined up in three rows in front of Kang Chan, then bowed to the waist in order from the front row to bow.

I wanted to cry.

It was even more so for these guys to go to school and to be greeted like this.

“Turn off.”


No matter how much they beat, they disappeared after saying the same greetings to his words, like muzzles waving their tails.

I missed the house.

Kang Chan got up quickly and put his bag on his shoulder.

“Go together.”

Then a careful voice was heard.

At a glance, it was Snow White.

“Aren’t you going home?”

Are the directions the same?

Kang Chan said nothing. He didn’t know how to use public transportation properly, so he thought it might help.

Kang Chan walked ahead and his melon chest Snow White followed.

It was time he left the back door.

The girl who had been hit by her leaned against her wall, folded her arms, and she stared at him. The three folding screens standing in the back glanced at the top and bottom of Snow White.

It was Kang Chan, there was no reason to care, but Snow White was terrified.

“You’re down.”

It was a warning clearly heard in Kang Chan’s ears.

Snow White couldn’t even lift her eyes properly and looked at her bottom.

However, it wasn’t something that was quarreling with Kang Chan.

I don’t know why the girl who was beaten is catching up like this, but you can’t beat the girl just standing.

While going down the stairs, the children who recognized Kang Chan hurriedly clung to the wall and opened the way. There was even a guy pulling a friend who hadn’t seen him to go ahead.

He’s not an infectious disease patient.

Although my appetite was bitter, Kang Chan pretended not to know and went down the stairs.

As he exited the building, there was a long procession of children next to the playground.

“Are you going to a academy?”


“On the wall. Are you not going to go?”

Is the school’s name Byeoksang?

As she walked toward the front door, Snow White seemed to feel at ease. It was clear that he did not know that Kang Chan’s nerves were on the brink.

“I think Eunsil filmed you.”

“What else is Eunsil-in?”

“Eunsil! The girl who was waiting in the hallway.”


“be careful. He says he sleeps with boys.”

Is that something to be careful about?

‘You will faint when you see the French kids.’

The idea was there.

As he turned to leave the front door, four large men in black suits were staring at him.

A kid in a school uniform was next to him, and quickly disappeared between the children.

‘This is better than Africa.’

Kang Chan checked the black car on the road and saw the four again.

“Hey, come here.”

One large crumpled up a thick cheek, crouching, raising his hand and clapping his index finger.

Kang Chan first walked in front of him.

Snow White couldn’t even move, and students were crowded around him.

After glanced over the students with an annoyed face, he glanced at Kang Chan.

“Are you Kang Chan?”

“By the way?”

“It’s not that the fuck is good.”

It was the look of a person who had broken people.

The gang is careful… … .

‘Oh yeah! Korea doesn’t have guns.’

My mind became easier.

“It’s nice, but I’m going to go, man. Be quiet.”

The man looked up and pointed at the car.


“Fuck. Don’t be annoyed and don’t burn fast?”

It was a time when Kang-chan fled and smiled.


The smell of cosmetics he had smelled twice passed by his side.

It was a girl named Eun-sil.

If you don’t do the post-processing properly, you will get sick like you do now.

The girl named Eun-shil twisted her pelvis strangely and stood with paired legs. It means I am confident.

He looked at Eun-sil and pointed at the car.

“This bastard, you too go in right now!”

Then he growled towards Kang Chan.

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