Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 38

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“My head… My head’s on fire!”

“Eii, what a drama.”


The hair designer lightly brushed off Jo Tae Woong’s fuss. Jo Tae Woong’s hair was coated in bleach.


“Noona! My head is burning!”


When Ian shoved the vlogging camera1셀프 카메라 (self-camera). There’s no proper name for this kind of camera in Korean or English. Most probably refers to Canon Legria/Vixia Mini. It has a compact size with a screen that can face the front. When in action it looks like a compact powder case. Commonly used in Korea for vlogging. in, Jo Tae Woong put on a cool expression as if he had never been like that.


“Why suddenly acting cool? I’ve been filming you for a while.”



Jo Tae Woong relaxed his expression.


“Does it hurt that much?”

“I mean it. No joke, really.”


Jo Tae Woong will be performing with purple hair in this album.


“I want to dye my hair too.”


If it weren’t for the drama schedule, Ian might have bleached his hair too. Now that he’s done filming Jo Tae Woong’s painful scene, Ian turned off the vlogging camera.


“I heard you’ll be filming today.”

“Not my scene, but I have to go later.”


When Ian drank a coconut drink, Jo Tae Woong frowned as if hating it.

The drink Ian was holding was a drink that was strongly divided between likes and dislikes along with the pine needle tea drink.


“Do you drink that too?”

“Why? It’s delicious.”


When Ian offered the drink, Jo Tae Woong avoided looking at it as if seeing a bug.


“The female lead is Lee Seo Hyun, right? Be careful.”

“Did you get hit, too?”


Ian had already worked hard to reject Lee Seo Hyun’s proposal for a blind date during the previous drama filming.

Too? Jo Tae Woong raised one eyebrow.


“Did you get hit already?”

“Now I’m a master at avoiding her.”


Of course, it was possible because of Jin’s help. Park Dong Soo entered the shop and called Ian.


“Ian, let’s get going.”

“I’m going.”

“G’luck. You know we’ll meet later, right?”

“I know.”


Jo Tae Woong sent him off by just waving his hands. He was frowning as if his head was still burning.


Ian arrived at the filming site of the drama in a van.

It was the scene where Kim Seo Hyuk, who played Seong Min’s child role in the play, and Jung Hee Eun, who played the role of mother, were acting.





The nearby staff uttered a blank exclamation when Ian appeared at the scene while preparations for filming were still underway. Ian approached Director Choi and bowed down.



“Here, is this my seat?”


Ian pointed to the vacant seat next to the director, and Director Choi nodded.


“But, I planned to watch quietly in the back like before.”

“It was a pity that I couldn’t see Ian’s face back then. So since you’re already here, let’s see in the front.”

“Thank you.”


Ian immediately sat next to the director. He opened the script and read the scene for today’s filming.


“Omo, why did my big son come here? Isn’t there no filming for you today?”


Jung Hee Eun, who came to shoot, kindly talked to Ian beside the director. Ian stood up again and bowed down.


“Hello, Sunbae nim.”

“What sunbae nim, that’s too stiff. You can call me mom.”


She made idle remarks.


“I’m not used to it yet. It’s my first drama as a leading role, so…”

“Oh yeah? But didn’t you say you were busy?”

“Today is an important scene, so I’m also going to watch and learn a lot.” 


Jung Hee Eun’s eyes sparkled. In fact, she had a prejudice against young actors.


“The child actor’s name was Seo Hyuk, right? He did so well during the reading.”

“Right, he was good….”


Nowadays, there was talk among veteran actors about some young actors who disregarded the sense of realism and stayed cooped up inside the van, only coming out to act mechanically during filming.

Acting requires coordination between the staff and actors, but they eat separately in the van and leave immediately after filming.

Whether it’s an actor’s disease or something else, that doesn’t mean their ransom will go up.


“My big son doesn’t seem like the kids these days.”

“Yeah? Is that a compliment?”

“Of course.”


Ian was even handsome at that, so it seemed like she unnecessarily flaunt her pride.

Jung Hee Eun, who had completely eradicated her prejudice, smiled kindly.


“Let’s start filming soon!”


The staff became busy at the assistant director’s shout.

Leaving her regrets behind, she approached Kim Seo Hyuk and talked to him. It was her routine to immerse herself before filming.


“Stand by!”


After all the filming preparations were completed, the actors were captured on camera. At the director’s cue sign, Jung Hee Eun took Kim Seo Hyuk’s hand and placed it on her neck.


“Aah- Can you feel the vibration? This is sound.”


Kim Seo Hyuk made a curious expression while feeling the vibration felt at his fingertips.


“My Seong Min, let’s try ah-?”


Jung Hee Eun pointed at her open mouth and touched Kim Seo Hyuk’s lips slightly.


“Good. Ah- hold mom’s neck.”


Kim Seo Hyuk opened his mouth as he felt the vibrations in Jung Hee Eun’s neck.

Jung Hee Eun breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that her son followed her lead well despite such a simple behavior.



“That’s it!”


After feeling the vibration for a while, Kim Seo Hyuk let out a sound.

At that moment, cheers spread across Jung Hee Eun’s face like ink spreading through water. The trembling voice and delicate facial expression, it was a different level of acting from the reading.


“Cut! That’s great!”


The director also signaled cut with a satisfied expression.

While Jung Hee Eun and Kim Seo Hyuk monitored the footage, the staff began removing the props one by one from the set.


[Why take them out?]

‘…For details.’


No matter how well this country’s medical insurance system is running, raising disabled children costs a lot of money.

In a society where dual income has become essential unless you are a golden spoon, it is a reality that one guardian must take care of the child and it costs a lot depending on the required education and environment.


‘That’s why it shows the audience the disposed home goods one by one.’

[The director is also not an ordinary pervert. The guys who watch the broadcast and catch those are also perverts.]


As expected, those who will succeed in the future differentiate themselves through such details. Ian silently appreciated the actors filming the next scene.


“Put strength on your stomach, Seong Min.”


Jung Hee Eun placed her hand on Kim Seo Hyuk’s stomach and pressed it slightly. Kim Seo Hyuk frowned as if trying hard.


“Strength! More strength! Open your mouth! Make sound!”


Kim Seo Hyuk was on the verge of tears at Jung Hee Eun’s stern expression. Suddenly, he began hitting his ears.


‘What’s this?’


The script didn’t have an action note for hitting the ears. It was purely an act of Kim Seo Hyuk’s immersion.

Immersed in the role of Seong Min, Kim Seo Hyuk thought that the reason why ‘Mom’ was so angry was that he couldn’t hear.


“Seong Min-ah! Don’t!”


Also immersed in the play, Jung Hee Eun grabbed Kim Seo Hyuk’s arms in embarrassment. Kim Seo Hyuk made struggling sounds and writhed.


“Seong Min-ah! Mom is, Mom is sorry!”


An adult can fully control a small child’s struggles. However, Jung Hee Eun felt weak and let go of her grip. Kim Seo Hyuk ran into his room and slammed the door shut.


“Seong Min-ah…”


Jung Hee Eun looked at the bedroom door in despair. Tears filled her eyes. The tearful expression showed remorse and regret.


I wanted people to feel that when they see my son, he is no different from others and just can’t hear.

I thought it was for you to go this far. But did I use that as an excuse to push you too hard? Did I vent my anger?

I’m still young, and I still wanted to do a lot of things. Will it all be over if I work hard now? How long do I have to do this?

She shut her mouth tight.


‘I can’t give up yet.’


Jung Hee Eun, who opened her eyes wide, swept tears with her arms, and got up to open Kim Seo Hyuk’s door.


“…Cut! Thanks for your hard work!”



It was a scene that was achieved without a single NG2No Good. Mistake in the shoot. The main reason a scene is taken multiple times. . The staff exclaimed all over the place. Ian was also no different.

Jung Hee Eun cried a lot because she couldn’t get out of her immersion. Kim Seo Hyuk approached and hugged her legs.


“Wow… Really amazing.”


Kim Seo Hyuk was smiling brightly as if he had never done so. As expected, the future genius actor. It’s a different level from the sprout.

Ian greeted Jung Hee Eun who came to monitor with a tissue.


“At least use this.”

“Huh, thanks. I thought of my daughter for no reason.”


Jung Hee Eun pulled out a tissue and wiped her eyes.

Ian approached Kim Seo Hyuk, who was drinking orange juice from his guardian, and crouched down to meet his eye level.


“Hi, Seo Hyuk. Do you remember me? We met at the reading.”

“Hello. Adult Seong Min, right?”


Kim Seo Hyuk greeted with a belly button bow3Formal bowing where you put your hands together above your navel and bow. . Ian laughed at the gesture, finding it cute.


“Hyung really likes your acting. But can you tell me why you hit your ears in the middle?”

“When the TV broke, my mom just hit it! So I thought I could hear if I hit my ears, so I hit them! It’s because of me that ‘mom’ gets angry!”


Kim Seo Hyuk’s mother, who was standing in the back, swept the child’s back embarrassingly while saying ‘this kid’.


“Wow… That’s it? Seo Hyuk is really good at acting.”


Kim Seo Hyuk ran around the set laughing as if in a good mood at Ian’s praise.


“I’m not saying empty words, but I think he’s amazing. A genius.”

“What. It’s all because the kid is good at it.”


Ian raised his thumb in admiration.

When a child is praised, it’s only natural for the mother to also feels good. Kim Seo Hyuk’s mother blushed.


‘It would be nice to be close to a future genius actor.’


On the other hand, it was a pity that he didn’t get to act with Kim Seo Hyuk.


“By the way… Could you sign for me? I’m a fan.”

“Of course. I’d like to take a picture with Seo Hyuk too, is that okay?”

“I’d like to ask you a favor.”


Kim Seo Hyuk’s mother replied with a delighted expression. Ian signed with a smile.

In the next shoot, there would be a scene where Jung Hee Eun expresses anger about Kim Seo Hyuk being bullied, but Ian didn’t have time.


“I’ll take the photo.”


Ian took a picture with Kim Seo Hyuk in his arms. The photo was posted on Mystagram a few minutes later.




Our Seo Hyuk took a picture together with Awy’s Choi Ian!

I’m a fan of him personally, but he’s very handsome in person.

Please watch the one-act drama on Station K which will air soon!

ㄴSo heart-warming!

ㄴIs it good to make money by selling your child?

ㄴSeo Hyuk Mother! Please ignore above! Thank you so much for posting the picture!

ㄴThere’s no bite during hiatus so thank you for posting the picture!

ㄴSeo Hyuk is so pretty!


The malicious comments were swept away by the stormy comments from Awydom.

* * *

After watching the filming, Ian had to go shoot additional footage for the music video. There was some time left before the MV shoot, so Ian visited the entrance of Hongdae.

When Ian arrived at Hongdae Station, the other members were waiting for him. 


“You’re here?”

“Not late, right?”

“Just in time.”


Kim Hyun welcomed Ian. As they became more comfortable together, the half-formal conversation between brothers was changing to informal speech.4In here Ian doesn’t use formal speech anymore. Before he used half-formal speech, which is a more relaxed formal speech but still keeping respect towards the opponent.

Jo Tae Woong tapped Ian on the back. He was covered with a wide bucket hat and a scarf warped his face.


“Ah, that surprised me. Are you a robber?”

“It’s a spoiler-proof look.”


Other members were not much different from Jo Tae Woong. Ian also fixed the hat and mask prepared in advance and went down to the subway.


“Where’s it?”

“I think it’s this way.”


Members looked around. Ian looked at Jin in the air.


‘Go, Jin! I chose you!’



Jin whined but still disappeared somewhere.


[Over there.]

“Not that way.”


Ian showed the way skillfully.

Members completely trusted Ian’s instincts and followed him without complaint.


“Uh? Found it!”



Awy came to a stop in front of an electronic display and stared at it.

On the display, there was a photo of Awy posing for a group photo at a fan signing event. It was an advertisement created by fans to celebrate their comeback.


“We still have a long way until our comeback… But, it’s already up.”


Lee Joo Hyuk said blankly.


We miss you guys!

Love you! Congratulations on debut and first comeback!


In addition, traces of fans who came for the electronic display tour remained as post-its.

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