Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 37

With The Legend. (3)

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Kim Hee Sang stretched out his hand to the left and flicked his finger.

As the light turned on at the left side of the stage, four members who had been using the dancers as a structure to sit on stood up and danced softly.

As the undisturbed hem of the dopo1도포. It’s also a Korean traditional coat similar to durumagi. But the difference is the very wide sleeves. fluttered, they showed an elegant dance line as if they were dancing a modern dance.

There was a buzz in the audience.


“Aren’t they good?”

Next, Kim Hee Sang bounced his hand to the right. Three people -Ian, Jo Tae Woong, and Kim Ju Young- lightly jumped over the bowing dancers and began to dance.

“그대, 너무 많이 돌아왔소.” You’ve, gone too far.2The lyrics used old-fashioned Korean expressions. So it’s a bit poetic too, but since it can’t be translated well to English… I’ll just put the hangul and the meaning. I’ll probably adopt this system to write lyrics.

When Kim Hee Sang sang one verse, cheers erupted from the audience. It was the first verse of Kim Hee Sang’s greatest hit song, ‘Don’t Give Up When It’s Hard’.

Led by Kim Hee Sang who sang in the center, the members of Awy assembled one by one to a triangular formation.

Kim Hee Sang threw off his gat while dancers held flags and stomped in place behind Awy.

The way they walked solemnly as if on a march gradually heightened the atmosphere.

“It’s like a demonstration.”

“Wow… Is it the 1st of March?”

“The concept is clear here.”

There was also admiration from the studio watching the scene.

The members of Awy sang one line at a time. Then as Lee Joo Hyuk’s rap ended, the atmosphere reversed with a ‘bam!’ sound.



The people marching were bewildered by the pre-recorded sound effect. Kim Hee Sang signaled them to go first. The dancers went out to the side while Awy hesitated before running away.

The dancers dressed as Imperial Japanese Army officers surrounded Kim Hee Sang. He struggled as if resisting, but eventually the officers made him kneel down and the stage went dark.

Heok! Get caught!”

“Wow… It’s like a movie.”

One of the M.O.M. members sighed and said. The stage composition was solid, taking one theme and leading to a story format.

The light in the center of the stage shone on the kneeling Kim Hee Sang.

“고생하신 이여 삶을 포기하지 마시오.” Don’t give up life, you who have suffered.

Kim Hee Sang, who lowered his head, slowly raised his head and continued to sing.

The audience’s immersion in the increasingly elevated music and Kim Hee Sang’s singing ability reached its peak.

(Who’s it!)


As Kim Hee Sang slowly stood up, the sound of people fighting fiercely was heard.


Clatter! On both sides of the stage, officers fell down one by one.

Creaak! With the sound of the door opening, Awy entered and stood on both sides as if escorting Kim Hee Sang. The dancers also rushed in and followed Awy.

As the powerful music arranged by Kim Hee Sang and Lee Joo Hyuk started, a wonderful group dance began.


“Wow… Even dancing? How can we beat this?”

And in the center, Kim Hee Sang danced.

Kim Hyun and Kim Ju Young used a trick here. They intensively taught Kim Hee Sang how to ride the rhythm.

When looked closely, Awy and the dancers danced violently as if running, but Kim Hee Sang could be seen swaying up and down as if only his upper body was running.

In that state, the timing of stretching out hand was not fast or slow, and the picture was perfectly placed.

There was the effect of dispersed attention when there were more people on the stage. Also since the rehearsal was conducted separately, the camera director tactfully only showed his upper body for the broadcast.

“Wow, it’s no joke….”

Park Sung Soo, who had performed with Pluto, let out a smacking sound as if disappointed. Watching Kim Hee Sang’s performance following M.O.M and Lee Seong Ho’s performance, he was truly disappointed with his performance.

As Kim Hee Sang took two steps back, he disappeared as if swept away into the crowd. In this state, six members of Awy and the dancers bend their waists forward.

Only Kim Hee Sang and Ian stood tall in the climax of the music, gazing at each other and delivering explosive high notes.


After the high notes, Kim Hee Sang and Ian stared at the camera in front of them, and the camera took a close-up of their faces.

The eye shadow applied to Ian’s eyes reflected the light and glittered just right on time.



The people in the audience seats were left in awe by the thrill of the high notes and Ian’s shocking visuals.

Then as Kim Hee Sang and Ian bent their upper bodies down, the six members raised their upper bodies.

With hands covered in powder prepared in their pockets, they put their arms high above their heads and clapped.

The scattering dust fluttered in the strong wind turned on in front of the stage.

As a result, the dopo they wore above their stage costumes also fluttered beautifully.

There was nothing but silence in the studio.

“This… We lost.”

Lee Seong Ho’s low-key words penetrated through and everyone sighed as if they agreed. The audience’s reaction was in a different dimension.

“사랑하는 이여 포기하지 마시오.” Don’t give up, loved ones.

Kim Hee Sang, who sang the last verse, stood at an angle in the middle of the stage. Awy stood on either side of him. It was the ending pose of a typical boy group.



After a brief moment of silence following the end of the performance, the audience screamed explosively.

Even after Awy and Kim Hee Sang disappeared from the stage, the applause continued.

“…The heat at the scene is very hot! It was the stage of the legend Kim Hee Sang and Awy!”

The on-site host also looked blank as if he was in a lingering mood before hurriedly reading the script at the PD’s hand gesture.

“Let’s hold the on-the-spot voting!”

The on-site host said so, but thought to himself, ‘I think the winner has been decided anyway, is there really a need to hold a vote?’.

* * *

As expected, there were no surprises.

Nearly 80 percent of the on-site votes chose Awy and Kim Hee Sang team.

“With overwhelming votes, Awy and Kim Hee Sang team win the championship!”

Poof! The pollen flew. All the cast on the stage smiled and clapped.

“Please tell us how you feel!”

The host handed over the microphone.

“I had so much fun working with Sonsaengnim. I want to be together again next time.”

Lee Joo Hyuk replied and turned the microphone over to the side. Park Seo Dam received the microphone.

“We were able to decorate the stage well because there’s Sonsaengnim who listened to even small opinions. And I think the fact that we were able to be on this stage as rookies was also largely influenced by Sonsaengnim. Thank you very much.”

Park Seo Dam said his thoughts straightforwardly. Ian and Kim Ju Young ruffled his hair.

“Our legend! Hee Sang Sunbaenim, please say something too!”

Kim Hee Sang took the microphone that Park Seo Dam politely handed over.

“I’m happy to be with our cute grandsons on a new challenge and comeback stage.”

At his words, Awy cheered loudly.

“As expected, the performance was perfect as much as the team atmosphere was perfect!”

The host laughed. He finished the stage by staring at the camera in the front.

“As we wrap up the Lunar New Year Special ‘With The Legend’! We will say our goodbyes!”

The camera lights went out, and all the cast members shouted.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

Awy also bowed like greeting robots. After the end, the production team and the cast were scheduled to gather and have an after-party3A bit of clarification here. This is not a literal party but has a similar social context. Usually, this refers to going out for dinner and then drinking alcohol after an event. , but Awy was busy preparing for the next album and would be absent.

The senior singers went down first. The junior singers greeted each other as they followed them down.

“Wow, it was so cool.”

“Thank you, Sunbaenim.”

M.O.M came near and said. Their powerful sanpaku eyes4삼백안. Three White Eyes. Sanpaku eyes refer to people with smaller irises so there is more white space around the iris. The common one is additional white space below the iris, so “three white sides”. But in this case it refers to the impression Sanpaku eyes give that’s sharp, cold, and sexy. on the stage with Lee Seong Ho were gone somewhere and replaced with innocent expressions.

“From Black Rush’s company.”

“Oh, really? As expected… Their stage completion was different.”

M.O.M went down the stage while talking among themselves.

Awy also exchanged greetings with Pinky Lady and Triple Man, then bowed to Pluto at the end. Although they were both rookies, Pluto debuted two months earlier, so a senior was right.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“Ah, yeah. Good job.”

Pluto gave them a curt greeting and passed by them, then went down the stage.

“Ah, what’s this.”

“With Kim Hee Sang… Isn’t that totally unfair.”

“We became complete bridesmaids.”

While the other members were embarrassed, Ian snorted inwardly. If that’s the case, why don’t you guys try to team up with Kim Hee Sang.

* * *

“Ah. We want to go to the after-party, too!”

“Wah, I’m surprised.”

“Give us a heads-up then come inside.”

As everyone sat exhausted in the van, Jo Tae Woong suddenly let out a scream. The other members trembled in surprise.

“…But it’s true we want to go.”

“If we go, we’ll eat meat, right?”

“We’ll eat chicken breast.”

All the members laughed as if out of their minds.

“I think I’ll get sick just from looking at chicken now.”

“What about fried chicken?”

“Fried chicken’s an exception.”

“Ah, I want to eat fried chicken.”

“Dong Soo Hyung! Let’s humanly order fried chicken today!”

As all the members sang ‘fried chicken! fried chicken!’ together, Manager Park Dong Soo sighed.

“Guys, you really can’t.”

“Hyung. We even won the competition.”

“That’s true, but….”

As Park Dong Soo trailed off as if thinking, the members’ eyes lit up. If they keep pushing, won’t they be able to tear some chicken legs today?

“Hyung… We only have 300 grams left until our target weight.”

“You know that 300 grams are just for one person, right?”

“Just for one day! Only today!”

Ian also said earnestly and grabbed onto the back of the driver’s seat tightly.

“…Okay! Only today!”


“Guys, I’m driving now. It’s dangerous.”

Who cares? We’re so excited! Awy screamed and jerked their shoulders up and down.

“If you keep making a fuss, there’s no chicken.”

At Park Dong Soo’s firm words, the members shut their mouths. Everyone’s cheekbones were up at the thought of eating chicken.

* * *


“Yeah, this is it!”

Upon arriving at the agency, BHL Entertainment’s Director Seo Su Ryeon treated them to fried chicken upon hearing about Awy’s victory. It was a whopping one chicken per person.

“Ah, I want some soda.”

“No. That’s the last conscience.”

There was no coke in a dieter’s conscience.

“You know we have to practice the choreography after eating this, right?”

“Ah, Hyung. We’re still touched by this.”

Ian groaned at Park Jin Hyuk’s words. As expected, Park Jin Hyuk was the master of awkward silence.

“Sorry, I’m a bit impatient.”

While preparing for the album, Park Jin Hyuk was also preparing for ‘Idol Rapper’ hosted by N-net.

“It’ll be alright.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s final ranking was known, but it wasn’t that he didn’t understand the feeling. Ian offered comfort and took a bite of chicken.

Sonsaengnim said we can come to the studio anytime.”

“We need to contact first at least, but we don’t have a phone, right?”

Park Jin Hyuk poured water again. The other members booed.

“Let’s go there when we get our phones later.”

“But, we’ll be ruined this time, right?”

The company building was bright even though it was time to leave work because their comeback clashed with Mydea. This was because everyone was working without time off or weekends. Entertainment employees were no different from the 3D industry53D 업종. It’s a kind of slang(?) that refers to jobs that are Difficult, Dirty, or Dangerous. Some main examples are production, construction, and environmental jobs. Often related to jobs that have low applicants, low pay, but high job intensity. .

“Let’s just hope for the Rookie Award this year.”

“Will we be able to get the Rookie Award?

“We have to prepare for our comeback right after this promotion.”

“Wow… Such a great extreme schedule.”

Still, it was good that the album was steadily scheduled. Park Seo Dam started to lift the mood in the increasingly sagging atmosphere.

“But today’s performance was really great.”

“Right, it was fun.”

They felt attached to the performance as it was created with their own hands from beginning to end.

“But I can’t do it twice.”

“Right, it was so hard.”

“If it didn’t clash with comeback, we could have done it better.”

[These guys. Are you sad about the performance or the chicken?]

Before they knew it, the members who ate the chicken only sucked their fingers as if disappointed.

“Now, let’s take a 10-minute break for digestion, and practice again.”


Everyone answered Lee Joo Hyuk’s words without energy.

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