Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 34

That, Went To The Academy.

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-iLympics’s epic group open for sale

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No long explanation, just watch the kids playing games

ㄴCrazy lololol That’s not running track&field, right? I’ve never seen anyone sprint like that lololol

ㄴI’m another group’s fan but they play enjoyably

ㄴDid you see them kneel because they failed archery? lolololol 


-Wasn’t I-One Kim Young Jun originally in Awy debut group?

Now that I look at it, they didn’t seem close lol

ㄴCuz he suddenly overturn debut and went out lololol Even if I’m Awy, I’d hate Kim Young Jun

ㄴLook at above trying to drag him down lololol Kim Young Jun and they are close you know?

ㄴAlready rushing for those people? lol it’s a fact so I’m saying this. Cuz of Kim Young Jun, all the plans were pushed back and the kids went around busking lolol

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ㄴWho’s fussy, on the subject of a damned fking mangdol fan

ㄴHuh~ that Young Jun’s limited-time group lol




A few days after the recording of the iLympics, Awy proceeded to shoot ‘With The Legend’.

Kim Hee Sang and Awy tried to select candidates for what kind of stage they will perform each by themselves, and later gathered together to gather their opinions.


“We and Kim Hee Sang Sonsaeng nim can’t win by singing.”

“That’s obvious.”


Other members agreed with Kim Hyun’s words.


“So we have to focus on performance.”

“That’s right.”


Lee Joo Hyuk thought deeply and then spoke.


“But there must be teams that think the same way as us, so won’t it overlap with other teams?”

“No Hyung, it doesn’t matter if it overlaps. This is a contest. In contests, you must go strong.”


Kim Hyun, experienced in survival contests, strongly insisted. Ian also nodded.


“That is why I suggested dancing to Sonsaengnim.”

“But I didn’t know he’d really do it…”


Kim Ju Young and Kim Hyun stood up at Park Jin Hyuk’s words. Coincidentally, the shooting location was the agency’s practice room.


“We’re not asking Sonsaengnim to do difficult moves.”


Kim Hyun waved his hand in a proper rhythm. At the right time, Kim Ju Young leaned his back.


“Like this. It’s more like a routine dance than a complete choreography.”

“Don’t you think it would be a killer if we put a lot of dancers in here?”


Lee Joo Hyuk gestured for everyone to get up.

Assuming that Kim Hyun is Kim Hee Sang, six members surrounded him in a circle.

The picture was pretty good when they matched the movements after some adjustments. 


“I think we should only go in this way.”

“Well, it’s also Sonsaeng nim‘s comeback stage. Viewers turned it on to see Sonsaeng nim, but we kept coming out. That’s also weird.”

“So. Let’s take our positions as backup dancers who sing. Is that it?”


Everyone slapped their knees at Ian’s one-line summary.


“That’s it. More like a featuring than a collaboration.”

“If we can secure the dance break part in the middle, there we put an impact ‘baam’!”

“Then how do we put the overall concept?”


When they couldn’t speak up easily, Ian said what he had in mind.


“1st of March1삼일절 (sam-il-jeol). Independence Movement Day. .”



‘With The Legend’ is scheduled as a special program and will be aired once a week for three weeks, including Lunar New Year. And there is the 1st of March around the last broadcast date.


“Because Sonsaengnim has a dandy image, we don’t just wear hanbok simply, but wear a suit and a durumagi2두루마기. Korean traditional overcoat. The modern version is quite fashionable and often used as an alternative to a long cardigan. on top of it.”

“That… Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?”

“Doesn’t it make patriotism3국뽕 (guk-bbong). A slang referring to overwhelming patriotism, excessive sense of pride in country/culture, or simply Korean Pride(?). just bubbled up?”


Everyone’s eyes shone.


“But will Sonsaeng nim listen to this?”




“That’s good!”


Kim Hee Sang gladly accepted. He presented the part distribution list he had prepared in advance.

Awy approached the performance side while Kim Hee Sang approached the song side.

When they lightly skim through it, Awy’s stake was considerable.


Sonsaeng nim, our part is quite… A lot, isn’t it?”

“Still, you should have your parts.”

“We are going to focus on performance, sir.”

“Because I want to sing together, that’s it.”


The writer laughed lightly at the heartwarming scene where they were doing things for each other.

Awy’s eyes were shaking at the more parts than expected. Lee Joo Hyuk came to his senses and said.


“We have something in mind about how Sonsaeng nim should dance…”


When they stood up and showed the movements practiced in advance, Kim Hee Sang was noticeably pleased. 


“Actually, I said I’ll do it, but I was worried a lot.”

“Did Sonsaeng nim think we would just ask to do something like back tumbling?”

“Wasn’t that your plan?”


Awy laughed at Kim Hee Sang’s joke.


“We will give you all the guides. Let’s practice together, Sonsaeng nim.”


Park Seo Dam acted cute.

At the grown-up boy’s aegyo, the members were extremely disgusted inwardly although they laughed on the outside.

Kim Hee Sang burst into a roar of laughter in a good mood because he had a grandson of Awy’s age.


“Then there’s only the song left… I’ll have to rearrange it for the dance to go in.”


Lee Joo Hyuk’s eyes shone when he talked about the arrangement. Ian, who had composed a bit in the past, also sneaked to Lee Joo Hyuk’s side.

The broadcast crew watched their practice with bated breath.




“Ah, I’m dying.”


Most idols come to the practice room early in the morning and practice until dawn and go home exhausted.

Naturally, they had to continue practicing except for mealtime and rest time in between, but all electronic devices were prohibited.


There is a CCTV in the practice room, so even if they slacked a bit, a company employee comes running and whips them telling them why they don’t practice.

Awy also had to follow the schedule because it was their first comeback since their debut and prepare for the competition separately.


“Wow. But if we keep dancing like this, won’t our joints go bad later on?”

“I think we should take supplements from now on.”

“I heard that Black Rush Hyungs go to the hospital, too.”


There are actually many singers who suffer from joint problems around the age of 30 and end up having to go to the hospital.

After seeing the parkour moves that Ian used to overtake Jo Tae Woong somewhere, the planning team suggested including acrobatics in the dance moves. Awy felt really uncomfortable with that.


“I have to go.”


Ian, who was spread on the practice room floor, rose like a zombie.


“Reading4리딩, (script) reading. One of Konglish(?) words used in Korean drama and movie industry. The English counterpart is called ‘table read’. It is a gathering of the entire cast of a drama or movie, where they read through the script together before filming begins. Also used as a way to promote the work. ?”

“Uh… I’ll be back later.”

“Good work.”


The members lay down in the practice room and only raised their hands to send him off.

Ian departed for the reading of the one-act drama ‘I Want to Hear Your Sound’ in Park Dong Soo’s car.


“Still, it’s your first reading. Isn’t it better if we go to the shop first?”

“There’s no time to go to the shop, Hyung. Did you bring that?”

“Uh, the seat next to you.”


Ian picked up the pink pouch next to him and took out the contents. In addition to Ian’s separate request, it was also filled with other miscellaneous cosmetics.


“But, why is it a pink pouch? Hyung got girlfriend?”

“No, it’s Director Seo’s pouch.”

“Why is Director Seo’s pouch coming out here?”

“I had a lot of things in my hand then. So she told me to put it in her pouch. She said you can use what’s there.”

Eii. But using Director Seo’s cosmetics is a bit…”


Ian took out the BB cream and hair wax that he had asked for.

During Kim Yong Min’s time, there were times when he drove alone without an agency. That’s why he had to do the styling by himself.


[Not enough on the left cheek.]

‘Oh yeah?’


Of course, the skills are clumsy.

Ian completed a moderately neat appearance with Jin’s help.


When Ian arrived at the broadcasting station’s reading site, a couple of minor actors who were sitting in advance stood up and greeted him.




When Ian was bowing down and trying to find his place, a minor actor gasped.


“I… I am a fan.”


The minor actor smiled shyly and covered her mouth with the script.

I came early and there’s plenty of time, so it’s okay, right? Ian approached the minor actor.


“Really? Thank you.”

“I also joined the fan club.”


“So that’s why… An autograph please.”


Ian picked up a computer sign pen on the table and signed on her script.

An autograph wasn’t enough, so he also took a selfie with her.


“Wow… Star disease.”


Ian turned his head to a small voice suddenly heard while taking another selfie for the other minor actor beside her.




Pretending as if he didn’t hear him, Ian greeted him with a smile. It was Jo Joo Hyun, an actor playing the role of someone who had a crush on the female lead Yu Ra and was jealous of the male lead Seong Min.


‘You know him?’

[Him? Dunno. I don’t remember much, so probably not a famous guy.]


When Ian stared at him, Jo Joo Hyun smirked.

Jo Joo Hyun only thought, ‘I said for everyone to hear, but did he really have bad ears’.

This is because Ian’s expression changed sharply, and he was scared for no reason.


“You played the role of Sang Min, right? I look forward to your cooperation.”

“Oh yes…”


Ian held out his hand. Jo Joo Hyun grabbed his hand and shook hands.

Ian gave it a lot of strength. Jo Joo Hyun’s face slightly frowned.

I gave strength moderately, but he’s already exaggerating. Ian smiled broadly and loosened his hand.


Each actor’s name was written on the table. Ian sat right in front of the writer’s seat.


[Uh? You’d better avoid her.]


It was Jin’s voice while looking at the name of the female lead actor in front of Ian’s seat.

Lee Seo Hyun. A former child actor who turned 20 years old this year.

Ian was busy preparing for the contests and comeback, so he didn’t know the actors who would act together in advance.



[Hm… You’ll know if you experience it yourself.]


Jin turned his head. At the end of Jin’s lens, Lee Seo Hyun was seen entering the reading site.

Ian stood up and bowed.



“Hello! Omo, Choi Ian? Awy? Right?”


Lee Seo Hyun came to Ian with a fuss.

So full of energy. Ian smiled for now.


“I heard you from Luna Girls’ Unnies!”

“Uh… They did not happen to curse at me, did they?”

“Huh? No~”


Lee Seo Hyun giggled.

She seems like someone a bit carefree, but why is he telling me to be careful? Ian responded moderately.


When the writer and director arrived, all the actors were busily seated.

Confirming that everyone was seated, the director stood up.


“Hello. I’m Choi Jong Min, the director of ‘I Want to Hear Your Sound’.”


When the director sat down after a short greeting, everyone cheered and applauded.


“I’m the writer, Park Joo Yeon. It’s finally my first work as the main writer.”


Even if it was the first main, Park Joo Yeon was previously an assistant writer for famous writers. Therefore, she had experiences that could not be ignored.


“It’s an honor to be with good actors.”


When Park Joo Yeon sat down, the actors clapped.


‘Yeah, everyone looks superb.’


Even the other actors were veteran middle-aged actors and the actor who played Seong Min’s child role was Kim Seo Hyuk, who was later called a ‘genius actor’.


‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen Seo Hyuk too.’

[Have you ever worked together? As far as I remember, there was no contact point with Kim Yong Min…]

‘I’ve seen him a few times before Cuckoo.’

[Ah, that movie you were cast in right before you died?]



If he hadn’t died in the car accident, he would have acted in harmony with the grown-up Kim Seo Hyuk.


[Wow. Seriously, Kim Yong Min was so jinxed.]

‘Isn’t that a fact we both know best?’

[That, went to The Academy.]


[Best Picture.]



“Seong Min-ah. Look at Mom. Mom doesn’t understand if it’s sign language.”

[Isn’t she quite a good actor? Why is her reading so bad?]


Ian avoided eye contact and used sign language.

Jung Hee Eun, a middle-aged actress who played the role of Seong Min’s mother, was an actress who was rumored to be very bad at reading.


“Mom… Mom had taught you oralism… But why…”


Jung Hee Eun smiled awkwardly while spitting out her lines.

Lee Seo Hyun and Ian laughed together as if they were trying to melt the atmosphere.

The writer and director also laughed dejectedly but did not point her out.

This is possible because she is an actor whose acting skills have been proven even if she is bad at reading. 


‘There is such a type.’

[Oh yeah? I thought actors with good acting skills were good at reading too.]

‘It’s just she can’t get immersed by sitting down and reading. She’ll probably fly around when we go to the scene.’


By the way, to think that Cuckoo swept the International Film Festival. Ian was sad at the futile regret.

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