Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 28

Does Sonsaengnim Also Think That Kind of Things?

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‘We’re already followed by sasaeng taxi1사생택시(sa.saeng taek.si). In this sentence, Ian used the abbreviation form 사택(sa.taek). ?’

[That’s why I’m also skeptical. You guys are indeed a rising2Referring that they’re getting quite the attention and are on the rise to popularity. , but you didn’t have that one impact yet, right? Sasaeng might follow in that case usually, but yet to get followed by sasaeng taxi.]

Hyung, do you see the taxi behind?”


At Ian’s serious expression, Park Dong Soo swallowed his saliva vainly.

“That feel suspicious, so how about shaking it off a bit?”

“You, perhaps…”

Park Dong Soo repeatedly looked at the taxi in the side view mirror and Ian in the rear view mirror.

Eii, no way.”

Hyung, seriously. Please believe me just once.”

Ian grabbed the backrest of the driver’s seat tightly. Park Dong Soo wondered why Ian was suddenly like this but thought he would not have done this as a joke.

“Does everyone have their seat belts on? How about you?”

Ian went through everyone quickly. Everyone put them on even amid the mess.

When Ian answered, Park Dong Soo turned the steering wheel.

“How about it?”

“It keeps following. Let’s go around and see.”

Park Dong Soo’s expression hardened. He didn’t take the road to the dorm and took a detour.

‘Didn’t you say you saw them in front of the dorm? But why follow… Aren’t such kids usually going and waiting in advance?’

[Maybe they think you guys have other schedules.]

When Park Dong Soo roughly turned the steering wheel, Lee Joo Hyuk, who was sleeping against the window, bumped into the window and woke up.

While rubbing his head, he moved his eyes around to grasp the situation. A serious atmosphere of unknown reason.

Looking at Ian who held the van’s top handle tightly, Lee Joo Hyuk said.

“What’s going on?”

Hyung, we got a sasaeng taxi behind.”


“Yes, Hyung. It’s dangerous, so just sit down.”

Lee Joo Hyuk got up and tried to look behind, but then he sat back upright. He opened his eyes wide. It seemed that he was very surprised by his puzzled expression.

“Are we up to that level to be followed by that?”

“That’s what I want to know.”

As expected, the doubts of ‘were we that popular?’ came first rather than feeling anxious. Of course, they said it because they trusted the manager who was driving.

[The driver and sasaeng are fighting. It seems the price wasn’t negotiated well.]

Jin repeatedly appeared and disappeared, relaying the situation there.

[I think it’s their first time trying sasaeng taxi? The sasaeng is half-assed.]

‘Then, won’t it fall off soon?’

So that’s why the taxi, which had been stuck close to the tail, was far behind. When the manager shook them off with his dazzling driving skills, the taxi that had been seen diagonally was not seen anymore at one point.

“Looks like I shook them off. Don’t worry, go back to sleep.”

Park Dong Soo took a deep breath and started driving safely again. In the meantime, the members except for Ian and Lee Joo Hyuk still slept well.

‘How it turned out?’  

[I don’t think the taxi is specialized in this and the sasaeng also gave up in the middle because of the high price. Usually, taxis like that cost more than 300,000 won.]

‘Wow, what the…’

[That’s why there are a lot of sasaengs who use private loans to follow around.]

The world is wide so there are many strange people. Ian relaxed and leaned comfortably on the backrest. As if he was relieved too, Park Dong Soo said with a smile.

“Ian, how did you know?”

“It just felt that way.”

“Did you find it? Wow… Become a shaman later.”

Lee Joo Hyuk let out admiration and looked out the window at the Han River. Ian drove a wedge in.

“Come to think of it, I felt something in front of the dorm too. Can Hyung take a look?”

“Oh yeah? It’d be a big problem if you really got sasaeng… This hyung will take good care of it.”

Park Dong Soo, who believed Ian’s words perhaps because of what he experienced earlier, looked serious. He nodded as if telling Ian to be reassured.

“…I got on the wrong road to get rid of that. Tomorrow’s schedule is tight, so make up your sleep.”

Come to think of it, tomorrow was a day when there were consecutive schedules. Ian closed his eyes to sleep even for a few more minutes.

* * *

“We got followed by a sasaeng taxi?”

Eishi, that’s dirty. Clean it all up then speak.”

Ian rubbed the splattered toothpaste foam on his shoulder hard. Jo Tae Woong said sorry and quickly finished brushing his teeth.

“So, what happened?”

“What are you asking for. We slept well last night because Dong Soo hyung filmed Fast and Furious.”

“Oh, indeed. Dong Soo hyung has even caught them directly before.”


Ian and Jo Tae Woong entered the room and changed their clothes. They wore clothes that looked as neat as possible.

Today was the day of the meeting for ‘With The Legend’. Since it was a seat with Kim Hee Sang, they even sprayed fabric deodorant that they usually do not use.

“I also heard from a staff, that sasaengs were following Black Rush after they won first place.”

“I think there’s still a lot of them there, tho?”

“Maybe that’s our future? Anyway, it’s said that when Dong Soo hyung was Black Rush’s manager, sasaeng taxi kept following so he lured them to a remote place and raided them with Se Jun hyung.”

“After getting out of the car? Wow, awesome.”

Se Jun hyung, who Jo Tae Woong mentioned, was the leader of Black Rush. As expected of the future music king, very merciless.

The passing Kim Hyun added an explanation to Jo Tae Woong’s words.

“What’s even more awesome is that Dong Soo hyung stole the sasaeng’s wallet, robbed their ID info, and even stuffed the sasaeng into the blacklist.”

“Woah shoot. Such a movie.”

When Ian admired it, Jo Tae Woong nodded. He looked proud as if it was his own story, but he seemed to boast ‘That’s our manager’.

“However, isn’t that a crime?”

Everyone looked at Park Seo Dam’s worried words. Of course, he said it out of concern for Park Dong Soo. Although he was a hardheaded maknae, he had a soft side.

“Stalking is a worse crime. They also knew it, so they couldn’t do anything and let go of their wallet.”

“Seo Dam-ah, you don’t need to worry about sasaeng.”

[What advice on the subject of only a year older.]

Jin mocked him, but Ian ignored it. What Kim Ju Young said is right.

Even though everyone washed up and finished getting ready after chatting, the manager did not come for a long time.

“Why doesn’t Dong Soo hyung come?”

“Shall we go out, Hyung?”

“Yesterday, Hyung told us not to come out until he comes. Remember?”

[Your manager caught the sasaeng.]

Park Dong Soo didn’t just listen to Ian’s words yesterday. He went undercover with an agency employee and caught the sasaeng.

Ian peeked at the video that Jin had recorded. They were engaged in a quarrel with the sasaeng until the police were dispatched in the end.

‘He’s taking care of it well.’

It was pulled out from the roots before suffering from sasaeng. Ian felt more at ease.

* * *

Park Dong Soo left the sasaeng issue to the employee and took Awy to the place where Kim Hee Sang’s studio was located after going through the shop.

Originally, the meeting was planned to be held in the broadcasting company’s meeting room, but Kim Hee Sang decided on the location. As expected, when it comes to a legendary figure, the broadcasting station bows its head.


“Look at the painting, daebak. Isn’t that expensive?”

“Everyone, don’t touch carelessly.”

The fruit basket they brought because it was awkward to come empty-handed did not fit well inside the dazzling studio. Lee Joo Hyuk grabbed the basket tightly, wondering if they had brought it for nothing.


“Hello, Sonsaeng nim!”

Awy bowed their backs. It’s been a while since they worked together, so the greeting was also synchronized. Kim Hee Sang chuckled.

“You don’t have to be nervous like that.”

“We will set up the audio first.”

A broadcasting station staff, who had been waiting first, handed them belt packs and pin microphones.

They couldn’t let Kim Hee Sang wait, so they quickly wore the mic with each other’s help.

“Today you can discuss with Kim Sonsaeng nim how you are going to set up the stage.”

The program’s writer spoke softly.

Aura seemed to be felt from Kim Hee Sang, who was sitting leisurely on a chair. Ian was amazed again that he had sung together with such a figure.

“First of all. Kim Hee Sang Sonsaeng nim strongly said that you would not do this unless with Awy. Can you tell us the reason?”

When Awy was seated, the writer helped proceed.

“I saw these friends’ performance on the year-end stage, and they did well. Who rearranged the song?”

The members, who didn’t expect much because they thought Choi Ian won it with his singing, corrected their posture.

Lee Joo Hyuk and Park Jin Hyuk said “We did it, sir” while raising their hands.

“Their tone is also good. I was paying attention to it. Didn’t you sing my song at the end?”

“You even sang the duet until the end back then, sir.”

The writer replied while scribbling something on a paper.

“That’s right… They’re better than I thought, so I thought it would be good to perform with these friends.”

“Woah… It’s an honor, sir.”

Lee Joo Hyuk replied in a daze. Everyone had a pleased expression.

“Since I suspended my activities, I feel like I’m becoming more and more obsolete.”

Eii, Sonsaeng nim. What do you mean by obsolete? We sing Sonsaeng nim’s songs a lot.”

“That’s right, sir. Sonsaeng nim’s songs are a must-sing song in vocal classes.”

Ian and Jo Tae Woong spoke brazenly. Kim Hee Sang smiled calmly at the cute tricks as if seeing big grandsons.

“I wanted to try something new. I wanted to get inspiration from young people.”

Kim Hee Sang’s eyes were still full of passion.

“Artists like us tend to be forgotten if we don’t work steadily.”

“Does Sonsaeng nim also think that kind of thing?”

“Of course.”

That was Kim Hee Sang who was actively promoting albums until Kim Yong Min died. Later, he was bedridden due to health problems, but he would have really died on the stage if he was healthy.

“You have to keep performing even if only one person listens.”

Ian suddenly became ashamed of the shallow and wide3Thinking too shallow and too wide, so his focus is all over the place. days of Kim Yong Min in his previous life. At the same time, he thought he wanted to grow old like that.

When Kim Hee Sang opened up about himself with complaints, Awy also relaxed their tension. They freely expressed their opinions about the stage.

The stage proceeds with the songs of each legend. The stage time was free without limitation because it was a stage conducted under mutual consultation without anyone’s help.

“Of course, Sonsaeng nim will do the killing part.”

“Since you guys also rap, there should be time to rap too.”

“Perhaps, would you like to arrange the song together, sir?”

Lee Joo Hyuk was excited about the time to arrange a song with a legend. Kim Hyun struck Ian with a question.

“Our team’s main vocalist, do you have anything to say?”


Ian gazed blankly at Kim Hee Sang. Although he had quite the age, his well-managed face and the seemingly exercised body looked much better than his age group.

“It’s a legend comeback stage, so shouldn’t we spread the word all over the place? Isn’t that right, sir? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one big hit?”

“Of course.”

Kim Hee Sang chuckled.

“How much money can we spend on our stage, Writer nim?”

[Oh, what you just said will be used as the preview aggro. 100 percent.]

The writer widened her eyes wide to Ian’s realistic and secular question.

The writer agreed to do whatever they wanted because she thought a good picture would come out.

Anything if together with Kim Hee Sang. The Director-General will gladly accept it.

“What do you think about going with a musical feeling?

“That also sounds good.”

By chance, the lyrics of the song meant not to be afraid of failure and to get up to fight. It was a song released to encourage people in difficult times.

“First of all, wouldn’t it be cool if there were more people on stage?”

Ian raised his head at Kim Ju Young’s words. Even during Imjingak’s stage, the picture was okay since many dancers gathered. It’s the rule that you look cool when you gather in a group. Above that, one thing that’ll hit more strongly.

Sonsaeng nim, do you have any thoughts about dancing?”

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