Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 27

A Sasaeng Taxi Is Following?

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“Here, there’s a reason why we turned on the live broadcast.”

We wasted 40 minutes just on a feast of saying whatever. Park Seo Dam clapped once to evoke the atmosphere.

“We’re going to announce the name of our fan club today.”


-We finally get a name?

The company rowed on the rise of Awy. After the announcement of the fan club name, paid fan club members will be recruited from tomorrow.

Already recruiting paid fan clubs means that there is a concert pre-booking, which means that the concert will be held this year.

In addition, there are benefits such as receiving a separately produced fan club kit or priority to attend music show’s public recordings if you join the paid fan club.

“We tried to make it, but there were so many overlapping things in the world.”

Park Jin Hyuk overturned the business card-sized paper.

“Ah, Hyung!”

“You shouldn’t flip it over already!”

“Ah, not now?”

It was like the group’s official tactless. Originally, we were going to announce it after making people nervous while drumming together.

[There’s not even such a thing as making people nervous.]

‘Well, that’s right.’

It was not a special name to present the reason in a lengthy manner.


Adding the suffix -dom, Awydom. Roughly it’ll be like Awy’s territory.

In fact, the story of birth was also roughly.

Many idols came out and also many fandoms formed these days, so it is very fussy if the name is similar or the same.

Wonderland? Existed. Out.

Galaxy? It seems hard to look up on the internet, out.

It is a name that came out after Kim Ju Young said ‘Why not just put something on the back of our names?’ at the end of a long meeting because even this and also that are already used.

[There were a lot more teams with suffixes.]

Put destiny so Awytiny? Who wrote this, out.

Put -ity so Awyty, who wrote this again?

Then, they accidentally found an advertisement on the building across the company. ‘Kingdom’.

All the members shouted ‘That’s it!’ at once.

‘We made it too sloppy for sure.’

Still, the comment window exploded because of the joy of having a name.

And Awy has decided on a fandom name but did not clearly decide on the official color.

For similar reasons as when deciding the fan club name, there will be a fight between fandoms when the official colors overlap.

-That color is ours u know? We used it first, u know?

-Damned funny, are you guys pantone? Are all colors in the world yours? Why don’t you get a patent?

So these days, it is basic to use two official colors or even three colors together.

The fan club name was barely decided after a long meeting, but it is a headache to also decide on the official color.

So, it was decided to leave it as Awy not having an official color. Since made-up controversy also arises over similar colors.

“And we have good news. Our official fan club is recruiting, starting tomorrow!”

“Maybe by now, a notice has been posted on the fan cafe.”


-Going right now!

While giving a fan club guide, Jo Tae Woong suddenly looked back.

“What the? Why?”

“No, it’s just someone wrote there’s something behind. Wow, I was freaked out.”


Ian was visibly flustered and looked back. If asked why it’s because Jin was floating behind. He heard that ghost photos come out a lot, perhaps Jin too?

[You’ve been fooled by Y-App villains.]

‘What? What’s that?’

When Ian and Jo Tae Woong looked at the screen again, some comments were laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ in a row.

[First, inquiring villains. Blabla-ya, where’s the other member? What’s he doing? When does he sleep? I have to sleep but at the same time. They keep inquiring about other members when someone else is doing a broadcast.]

They weren’t present currently because it was a group broadcast. Will they come out if I do a personal broadcast later? Ian nodded his head slightly.

[Second, please villains. Call my name, please. It’s my birthday, so congratulate me, please. I’m taking an exam, so cheer me on please.]

‘Isn’t it better to give congrats at least?’

[Birthday? Exam? It’s all nonsense, after all, they’re just trying to get attention. And when you feed them once, they’ll probably continue after that you know? You did it for her, why don’t you do it for me? It could be like this.]

Oh, that’s a bit. He wouldn’t like it if the chat window was covered about that.

[Third. Aggro villains. What’s behind? There’s a ghost behind. A cockroach behind. The curtains are moving behind. These days, foreigners who ask Eng plz aren’t even villains and just a given basic option.]

‘Wow. But it was so exquisite since you were behind.’

[I can never influence this world. Unless it’s related to you. I can’t even have a negative effect on you anymore.]

‘The fight between me and Kim Ju Young? As expected, it’s your fault huh?’

[Yeah… I’m sorry.]

Ian raised one eyebrow.

“Ian’s turn.”

At Lee Joo Hyuk’s words, Ian came to his senses and stood in front of the mobile phone used for broadcasting.

The broadcast had to end now, so they laid the board for fans to capture pictures.

Hiyah, handsome.”

“Does he look cool even on the phone camera?”

When Ian posed several times, the members made a fuss even more. Following Ian, Jo Tae Woong and Park Seo Dam who sat next to him went out in turn and posed.

“Now, the last capture time is over. We have to end the broadcast now.”

-Gaaiis don’t go ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Can’t you do a 24-hour broadcast? ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

Seeing the number of hearts rising rapidly, it seems that the fans are gathering and laboring on pressing hearts. It’s a pity that they couldn’t collect 100 million hearts, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Then, so far!”

“Always by your side! This has been Awy! Bye!” 1Uhhh how to translate this… A closing greeting roughly like “You’ve been with Awy so far. Bye!”.

After the group greeting, Lee Joo Hyuk rushed and pressed the end button. Yet still not relieved, he turned off the phone.

“Then, did we have the audio transmitted when the screen turned off at first?”

“Is not that so?”

“Wow… We didn’t talk any bullshit, right?”

“No. We were all quiet because Hyung told us to be on broadcast mode.”

Thinking back, it was a dizzying broadcast accident. If he hadn’t warned them, they could have been put to shame on broadcasts as slanderous remarks were exchanged. Lee Joo Hyuk’s complexion was not good whether he thought of that throughout the broadcast.

“If we said bullshit, wouldn’t Dong Soo hyung come running and tell us to turn off the broadcast?”

“It’s going to be okay.”

And the clip video was uploaded.

-Idol who had comic talk without knowing that the broadcast is on

Jin Hyuk’s nickname is Yongpal2Actually a derogatory nickname for bad merchants in Yongsan Electronic Market. But, the one for Jin Hyuk is just for fun since it’s more catchy for a nickname. from now on

ㄴAre you crazy???

ㄴWhat bullshit is this??

-It’s cute that the kids are sitting and waiting, thinking the broadcast is on ㅋㅋㅋ

After a long time, it’s off? Was so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought the broadcast stopped ㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴHey me too ㅋㅋㅋ It stay still, so I closed it and came backㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴDid you see Seo Dam’s eyes shaking ㅋㅋㅋ

Still, there was no serious situation as Lee Joo Hyuk was worried about. The most reactions were that everyone was cute while turning on fans mode.

* * *

After the broadcast ended, Ian and the members immediately went to the gym located in the company building. Of course, diet meals were also prepared in advance.

“Is there anything left to lose from this, asking us to lose more.”

Jo Tae Woong stabbed the fork in the dry chicken breast. He looked like he was eating the most tasteless thing in the world.

“How much did we have to lose until comeback?”

“I’m 3 kilos.”

Ian replied and chewed the last remaining cherry tomato. Rather than starving later to lose weight, it’s better to prepare from now on for health.

“I’m 5 kilos.”

“You too? I’m also 5 kilos, that’s too much.”

Kim Ju Young and Jo Tae Woong frowned at each other. It was fortunate that Ian had been exercising like a habit. But the other members were dying.

“Honestly, we’re in a growth period. Isn’t dieting too much?”

“But the camera is too much.”

“It was dismissed for triple too much.”

Three 19-year-olds laughed. There was no soul in their laughter. Dieting ruins people like this.

The actual appearance tends to be different from the camera. There were cases where it came out wider on normal broadcasts.

Naturally, besides diet management, the agency attached a moving PT3Usually PT means Physical Training or Personal Training. But, in this case, referring to the trainer. to them and went into intensive body management.

“Everyone calls you pigs just because you got double chins. This is baby fat, tho!”

“Won’t we not grow taller if we lose weight like this?”

“Well, you’re all grown up if you’re 19.”

“Nope. My mom said men grow up until 25. Anyway, of course.”

“If it’s mom’s words, I’ll admit it.”

While exchanging useless words, Ian leaned against the wall. It was because he thought it would be hard to get up if he lay down like the other kids.

“Now, shift! Three of you! Please come here now!”

At the trainer’s words, the three of them got up faithfully even while weeping and went to start exercising.

The four members who were training first stretched out on the floor panting.

“Joo Hyuk hyung, are you okay?”

“I’m dying…”

Lee Joo Hyuk was so patient that he was nicknamed Buddha. If Lee Joo Hyuk is like this, it means that it is a confirmed trip to hell. The three stood in front of the trainer, horribly hating it.

‘We’re struggling like this, so it’ll come out pretty on camera, right?’

[Of course, you’ll look pretty when you lose weight. Although all idols become paper sheets because of that.]

‘What paper sheets, that’s too harsh.’

[This is the fact, sir.]

Ian grunted and started the Buffett test. The trainer shouted enthusiastically for one more.

‘Still, I don’t think there were such skinny male idols in the past.’

[Even when you’re Diamond, there was an idol called beast idol or whatever who came out taking off their shirt4Ehemm. When I was 12, I was a Hottest so… Hahaha! right. The music broadcasting regulations have changed, so that’s not possible these days.]

Come to think of it… No such unconventional idols come out these days. At best it is to expose the abs, but it will backfire if you intentionally expose abs frequently.

[Even in the past, there were a lot of antis if you gain weight. But especially in this era, there are a lot of people who fret even if you look a bit swollen, so there are a lot of kids who come out completely dry.]

‘I wish the camera lens would change a bit.’

[There’s no such thing. Anyway, it should be good if you lose weight like that even with a good natural skeleton, but how many of those kids are there? You… have it all.]

Envy you, jerk. Jin grumbled.

[It’s right to lose weight like that because there are a lot of things seen on camera. But if you see it in person, you’ll think it’s thin for sure.]

‘Really… It’s hard to match people’s tastes.’

Ian sighed. Although he thought it was the fate of a person who chose celebrity as a profession, he couldn’t help but resign himself to the damned lookism.

* * *

After all the exercises ended, manager Park Dong Soo came to pick them up.

Hyung, I cannot get up.”

“Cannot we just sleep in the practice room?”

“Don’t be exaggerated. Let’s hurry up to the dorm and sleep.”

Park Dong Soo raised the fallen Park Seo Dam and patted him on the back.

The seven idols walked to the underground parking lot, dragging like zombies. Everyone was exhausted, so they got in the car half-awake and set off to the dorm.

[Huh? Hey, wake up.]

When the van carrying them left the company building and was waiting for the light signal, Jin woke Ian up.

‘Why wake me up when we just set off?’

[I’m also confused, you know? I thought there was no way you guys got it already.]

‘So what?’

[That taxi behind, suspicious.]


Ian got up quickly. Jin dispersed like smoke and soon reappeared in front of Ian again.

[I saw the kids inside the taxi in front of your dorm this morning.]

‘Then that’s…’

While everyone collapsed as if dead, only Ian hurriedly looked back and then Park Dong Soo asked.

“What’s wrong? Anything left behind?”


A sasaeng taxi is following?

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