Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 25

People Don’t See The Results.

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The photoshoot of Awy’s trio, who were called the Triples and Donggaps1Same-aged. Referring to Ian, Tae Woong, and Ju Young who were born in ’99. The term ‘99 Liners’ probably will be more familiar. by fans, was in full swing.

Their concept is the mafia. They dressed nicely in uniform and coats and were posing as directed.

Oppa is cool!”

MyKit’s Kim Cheol Min and Park Se On shouted in thick voices. The photographer and the staff all had a pleasant atmosphere, so no one stopped them.

This is because the trio also teased MyKit a lot on the police concept shoot earlier.

Kim Ju Young couldn’t manage his expression and frowned at the continued teasing of Kim Cheol Min and Park Se On, but the photographer liked that the sensitivity was expressed well.

“Still thanks to you, we’re also shooting a pictorial.”

MyKit’s leader Jung Ji Soo was watching them next to Lee Joo Hyuk.

“It’s not because of us.”

“We wouldn’t be here if you didn’t ask us to play Mafia.”

“Cuz you guys did a good job.”

“I heard that the kids call you Buddha? I know the reason now. Such a perfect fit.”

Jung Ji Soo laughed haha. MyKit and Awy were able to get close quickly because they were of the same age.

“It would be nice if we can keep in touch. But, you guys don’t have phones either, right?”

“Uh. I hope we can get it after comeback this time, but well.”

They couldn’t contact each other personally because they couldn’t get first place on music shows.

Jung Ji Soo shook his head as if he was also not confident in this comeback. He asked back.

“You’ll also go to iLympic, right?

“We should. We even went to Imjingak.”

iLympic is Idol Olympics, a program in which idols gather and hold sports competitions every holiday at Station M.

It was one of the programs that fans hated because of the so many teams that appeared and the measly screen time on top of the many injuries that happened.

However, it couldn’t be helped because the director was the music show PD of Station M.

“How ‘bout Idol Rapper?”

“Well… I think Jin Hyuk wants to go out. For me, I’m not sure.”

Lee Joo Hyuk smiled as if in trouble.

It’s not enough for established rappers and also high school students to come out to film survival programs 2Shout out to Show Me The Money and High School Rapper! Well, I never watch them in full. Only a few episodes. The harsh atmosphere and editing full of aggro are really not my things. on N-net, so they were preparing a program where idol rappers competed.

“You’re not forced to go, huh? For us, Se On will come out.”

“Oh yeah? Our CEO really hates survival. He said it’s up to us.”

“Jelly. Honestly, such programs made us bleed right.”

Jung Ji Soo sighed.

“Now let’s take overall group photos!”

Jung Ji Soo and Lee Joo Hyuk put off their backs from the wall at the words of the staff. Lee Joo Hyuk was thinking about how to comfort this but eventually decided to say we should create a group chat room later. Jung Ji Soo laughed when he heard that.


“I want to go out on Idol Rapper.”


At Park Jin Hyuk’s words, Jo Tae Woong dropped the chocolate snack he was eating on the floor.


“No, I just told manager hyung that I will do it.”

“Will it be okay, hyung?”

Worries poured from Ian’s words. He was more concerned because he had the experience participating in the P.I nightmare.

The view of idol rappers is already bad3Idol rappers are dissed heavily by rappers especially from the underground scene because it’s far from the ideal of rapper and many felt just like a position given to members who can’t sing. It’s better these days since many talented rappers also come out from idols. , but it is made into a contest program.

Obviously, even a minor mistake when appearing would be stuffed into the whole community and be ridiculed.

“It’s okay. I’m tactless, right.”

There’s no way Park Jin Hyuk was unaware of that worry. He stroked Ian’s head roughly.

The opponents are all idols, but you will be completely ousted if you made a mistake in the diss battle. What’s the relationship between being tactless and being cursed at.

‘Did Jin Hyuk hyung also go out there in the past?’

[Uh. Still, his skill is good. So, he also got a lot of screen time.]


Well, Park Jin Hyuk wrote the lyrics for the B-side songs, and the lyrics were also quite good. Not to mention the rap skills, he is good at it.

[Uh. He’s at the top. Was it 2nd? 3rd?]

Ian leaned comfortably against the chair at Jin’s words. However, the other members were worried.

Hyung. Really, it’s not too late even now.”

“CEO Lee said he wouldn’t say anything even if you didn’t.”

Oddly, all Awy members were good at web surfing. They even created Blue Bird accounts to keep an eye on fans’ accounts. That’s why they were even more worried. They are afraid he will even take nonsense seriously.

“No, I really want to do it.”

Park Jin Hyuk looked serious unlike usual.

“Joo Hyuk’s songwriting work is going well, Tae Woong and Ian are acting, Hyun and Ju Young come out on YouTube a lot. Seo Dam cable MC, right?”

“That MC work is a one-time event. Hyung is also working on songs, right.”

“Anyway. You’re all looking for a way to live, but it’s kind of weird for me to play alone.”

It was expected that he would say about everyone who took their places and made their name known yet he was the only one who couldn’t, but the nuance was strange.

“I have to prepare something from now on if I become a pigeon later4When coming out of the group. , right?”

“Ah hyung!”

“You know I’m kidding, right?”

“We were completely serious though?”


Park Seo Dam threw a cushion at Park Jin Hyuk’s silly smile. Park Jin Hyuk fell back and responded with an exaggerated reaction.

‘Even if he said it like that, he’s probably trying to promote the group.’

Ian shook his head. He thought he should comfort Park Jin Hyuk by his side if he was having a hard time.

Just as the pillow fight was about to begin at Park Seo Dam’s lead, the manager opened the door and came in.

“Guys, you’re cast on a variety show.”

Everyone squeakily screamed ‘kiyaaat’.

* * *

PD Kim Hyun Sik, who was in charge of Station K’s year-end stage, will launch a new program.

It will be tried in a pilot format for now, but the broadcast time was on a holiday evening.

The program name is ‘With the Legend’, where legendary singers who dominated their era and current generation singers perform in pairs.

And it was a contest-type broadcast in which viewer votes and on-site audience votes were combined to select the winner.

“Did Kim Hee Sang sonsaeng nim named us?”

Originally, the process of meeting and pairing was also scheduled to be aired, but Kim Hee Sang informed that he would not come out if he was not going with Awy.

“Uh, you guys will go out as a wildcard. Superb, right?”

“What did you do after the broadcast that Kim Hee Sang sonsaeng nim named you directly?”

Naturally, the company welcomed it with open arms. Later, even CEO Lee came and behaved embarrassingly.

“Ian overwhelmed everyone there with his singing, sir.”

“We just worked hard to greet, sir.”

Keeeuh! CEO Lee gave a cool reaction as if he had eaten a spoonful of rice soup.

“Good job, good job. Kim Hee Sang sonsaeng nim along with your skills, it’s enough to win.”

“Aren’t you putting too much pressure, CEO Lee?”

It’s a word that didn’t really mean it. It’s hard not to win using a cheat key called Kim Hee Sang.

There was another news that made the members happy.

“And watch the broadcast at each of your homes. It’s Lunar New Year vacation.”


When everyone jumped up and shouted, a company employee passing through the hallway was surprised and looked into the conference room.

Eigh, idiots. It’s good to be working on holidays instead of going home.]

‘They’re still rookies.’

[What about you?]

‘It’s kind of vague to go home all the way. I’ll just rest at the dorm, yeah.’

Ian stayed quiet because he didn’t want to cloud the atmosphere vainly. The manager beckoned to Ian. Ian followed the manager to the hallway.

“You’re cast in a one-act drama.”

“Am I? What about Tae Woong?”

“He goes into a web drama.”

[The company is doing well inquiring about jobs.]

Ian nodded slightly at Jin’s words. He skimmed through the script the manager gave him.

Station K Drama Special ‘I Want To Hear Your Sound’. I think I’ve heard it a lot before? Ian tilted his head.

“It’ll be confirmed right away if you just say okay, you know? Decide today.”

“Eii, decide is just in words. I’m still a rookie, so why would I choose works.”

“No. I also saw the script and it seemed difficult. CEO Lee also told me to leave it up to you.”

Read it and decide. The manager patted Ian’s shoulder.

Ian immediately went into an empty practice room and read the script slowly.

“It won’t be easy…”

Ian’s role is a person with a hearing impairment. This is because he needed time to learn sign language separately and acting without lines requires more attention.

However, it was also a work that can prove his acting skill in a short time if he is good at acting.

The drama was about a returning student5I’m not sure about the English term, but referring to students who come back to study again after a leave of absence (officially recognized by the academic office). , Yu Ra, fall in love with each other while becoming a transcribe helper for someone with a hearing impairment.

[This… It could be a little pain in the ass.]

‘Why? The script is okay though.’

It would be rude to them if they were misrepresented, but the script rather contained the purpose of improving awareness while pointing out discrimination and social prejudice against the disabled.

[The script is also okay and it will be pushed well since it’s been a while since Station K go all out. All writers and directors that will become famous later are from here…]

‘I know that.’

All one-act plays aired on this year’s Station K Drama Special bring a lot of buzzes. The script is so good that one play was re-produced into a feature film.

It also casts various actors, and some top stars also appear. That’s why the ratings are much better than before.

The reason why Ian remembers this is because there was also a scenario that he refused when he was Kim Yong Min. Kim Yong Min refused? Then it will succeed 100%.

[But someone makes this work controversial, you know.]

In the N board, which is famous as netizen’s teacher’s room6Refers to that one stigma that if you’re called to the teacher’s room, there’s something wrong and you’ll be reprimanded for something. So, this community board or forum is where people criticize others. The IRL counterpart of this forum is Nate pann. , a real deaf aspiring actor posted.

I was cast in Station K Drama Special but suddenly they told me not to come out.

I’m an aspiring actor. I have a hearing impairment.

I applied because deaf was the main character, so I applied because I thought this was just my role and even got cast, but two days before filming, I was suddenly notified not to come.

It turned out that an idol was in my place.

‘It’s Pann Literature7 판춘문예(pan.chun.mun.ye). A compound word from 판(pan) from Nate pann mentioned in the previous footnote and 신춘문예(sin.chun.mun.ye) which is a name of a literature award in Korea. An internet term referring to posts filled with stories that do not exist to win the public’s favor. Those writings are like novels, so the name of the most prestigious literary award is coined because those writings are well made that people say that’s enough to win an award. , huh?’

[Uh. He was eliminated in the final casting stage, but after that, he became delusional that an idol is in his place and posted on the board. Wanted to give you all a fck.]

Although the industry’s perception of idol actors has changed a bit, the general public still viewed it with prejudice. This was especially the case for aspiring actors.

[So of course, netizens got up and it came out on the news. Disability organizations also asked for statements.]

‘It’s a pain in the ass indeed.’

Ian skimmed through the script again. It was a scenario attractive enough to endure controversy.

[And the original author deleted the post and disappeared. Do you know why? He wasn’t even disabled.]

‘What a crazy punk.’

Ian sighed heavily in frustration.

[It’s all resolved later, but the fact that it is controversial is a problem.]

‘But I’m still going to do this. The scenario is good.’

[People don’t see the results. You also know, right.]

Ian paused while flipping through the script.

[Even if it’s later concluded that everyone is innocent, the first controversy is already the correct answer to them.]

When an actor is accused as a scammer and becomes controversial, people do not believe him even if the actor claims his innocence. Even if there are people who say they want to stay neutral, they are a minority.

Even if the actor turns out to be a victim of a scammer, people have already branded the actor as a scammer.

[The idol who entered here in the previous life was also bombarded with malicious comments. Even after a few years had passed since the results came out, there were still malicious comments asking if life is fun after taking away the seat of a disabled. Even if the fans struggle to correct it, would a guy who read that write such a comment from the beginning?]

‘Tsk… It’s hard.’

Ian tapped the script with his finger.

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