Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 21

Are We Really Standing Here?

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-If you like mafia game, watch here


Awy and MyKit are in soul battle right now lolololol doing whatever they want lolololol

ㄴCrazy mafia game fk

ㄴWho are they? Is it fun? Shall I see too

ㄴSo friggin fun lololololololololol

ㄴDid they get along well? You look like a real best friend lololololol

Employees of each agency smelled the noise in the waiting room. Seeing the mafia game full of their own jokes and slapsticks, it was an entertainment sense too waste to watch alone.

So, the employees consulted each other and broadcasted their games on each group’s Y-app channel.

“I have an objection!”

“Defendant, your argument please.”

“I grew up with harmonious and loving parents…”

“Are you writing a CV with your mouth? You are out, sir.”

Ian conducted the event skillfully. Numerous acting experiences in the past have been demonstrated in the mafia game. As he gradually mixed situational plays, all kinds of memes and jokes were rampant.

“What are you doing? Looks fun.”

Sunbae nims, please come too.”

Due to the commotion, two members of Black Rush played the game too and members of other senior groups also participated.

“We’re going now.”

“You guys are fun. Call me later.”

It was rumored from somewhere to be a game hotspot, so there was also an opportunity to get acquainted with popular mid-high tier seniors. Even one member of a top 3 boy group played a game with them.

Before they knew it, their waiting room served as a stop where almost all performers participating in the song festival showed their faces once.

Taking this momentum, Ian thought they would get tired of playing the same game over and over again. Then from the next game, he joined the mafia side, manipulated the game, and even added new rules to make the game more fun instead of proceeding normally.

“What are they doing here?”

“Woah, looks fun. Should we do it, too?”

Fans who were waiting for the music festival stopped by Awy and MyKit’s channels in case their singers would come out, and the number of viewers exploded as they continued to watch it because it was fun.

The behind camera of the broadcasting station also filmed them due to the hubbub.

Other teams benchmarked Awy and MyKit then turned on their personal broadcast, but there were none as frenzy as them, so they quietly ended the broadcast.

* * *

Time passed quickly as they played as if they were on an MT1Trip or camp, in a mountain villa usually. But more formal and usually with a group of people like a college club or a department. Often to build group’s solidarity so there will be small events like games and even a drinking party. It’s fun! . In the first part of the year-end song festival, Awy started the first verse wearing bulky vinyl clothes2I want to put a good example here but I couldn’t find it! I only found JYP’s legendary transparent pants… Just imagine our kids wearing colorful plastic-like bulky clothes. from the end of the century.

Then, from the second verse, vinyl clothes that had been cut in advance were easily torn to reveal slacks and shirts that fit perfectly. Ian and the members finished the stage without mistakes even though it was a live broadcast.

If someone asks if they leave work right away after the given stage, that isn’t the case. At the end of the broadcast, all performers will go on stage and sing along with big senior singers in the music industry. Last year was trot3A genre of Korean popular music which Korean folk music influenced with Japanese, American, and European music. For those who know, it’s similar to dangdut, especially the rhythmic beats that make you wanna move your body. Popular with the elderly. , this time was lyrical ballad.

“How tall?”

MyKit’s Kim Cheol Min looked up at Ian and said. Kim Cheol Min, who became close while playing games in the waiting room, was the same age as Ian and was the shortest in MyKit.

“Perhaps over 180?”


“You’ll probably be taller, too. Some people grow up even after they are 20.”

“I’m doomed.”

Kim Cheol Min is MyKit’s main dancer, and he grumbled that the average height of those who have been dancing since childhood was short. Well, seeing that Awy’s two main dancers are in their late 170s, wasn’t he just born small?



Almost everyone passing through the hallway glanced at Ian. Some of the friendly people approached Ian and said hello. Not only that, some even whispered with each other while going on stage.

When Ian stared at Jin, Jin continued to inform him of the contents while grumbling about what he was trying to confirm.

[Everyone who looked at you said you’re so handsome. They said they want to get your number.]

It was always pleasant to be treated like this. This is what a handsome life is like, thrilling.

While the pre-recording of Mydea4Not sure with the romanization. Which one is good? It’s probably one of these: My Dear(the one I had in mind when reading but not when tling), Midea(can’t use this, a brand name), My Deer, or idk… , one of the top 3 boy groups, was broadcast, all the cast members came up to the stage.

Since the most recent debut here is Awy, they greeted like a flip phone to every performer they made eye contact with.

Of course, the rookie’s position on the group stage was at the back.

The most front, where is well captured by the camera, was already occupied by singers with a lot of seniority or popularity.

As soon as Awy was about to go back, the staff rushed up and led them. When they came to their senses, they were on the edge but at the most front.

“Are we really standing here, sir?”

Lee Joo Hyuk’s pupils were shaking. So did the other members. The staff nodded and held out a mic to Ian.

“Hee Sang sonsaeng nim5Teacher. Here to refer to someone very senior and respected in the industry. Some ‘titles’ like this are hard to translate, so I’m sorry for the inconvenience of not being consistent whether to use Korean or English. will go around the stage and sing, you know? You can sing it in a duet format when Hee Sang sonsaeng nim approaches.”

“Me, sir?”

“Yes, aren’t you the main vocalist? It’s the PD nim’s order, though.”

The staff said that for the last time and went to other groups to give out mics. Ian stared at the microphone in his hand in bewilderment then looked at the members.

When he made ‘for real?’ with his mouth shape, the members nodded blankly.

The broadcasted Mydea’s stage came to an end on the monitor. All performers stopped speaking and looked at the camera.

The camera was lit and two hosts in charge delivered their final greetings and the song began.

Kim Hee Sang was a senior in the music industry who led the heyday of Korean ballads from the early 80s to the late 90s. When he sang the intro, all performers were in awe.

Even when he got older, it can be clearly felt that he took good care of his throat. It’s really a singing ability that chews CDs.

When he sang, the main vocals of each group holding a mic sang softly as if singing the chorus.

[But then. It’s good for you to be caught on camera, but isn’t this going to cause a little made-up controversy since a rookie came out in the front?]

‘Is it?’

At Jin’s words, Ian glanced at the members while singing. It was nice to see them enjoying the stage and singing with each other.

Even if it is a made-up controversy, a controversy is a controversy. In the process, malicious comments cannot be avoided.

Besides, they’re members who surf the web often… He doesn’t like to see shadows on the faces of those kids.

‘Then just put it to sleep with the song.’

[Hey. That’ll backfire.]

‘I know well. I’ll have to sing it well as if it’s bouncing yet not bouncing.’

Still, how many years have I been singing. Ian listened carefully to Kim Hee Sang’s song.

Kim Hee Sang, who had eye contact with Ian, was approaching Ian after finishing a duet with a member of a group beside them.

“This moment together with you~”

When Ian sang the song that showed off his singing ability in moderation while adding harmony, Kim Hee Sang who was singing together exclaimed ‘oh’ with admiration.

After singing a few verses together, he took off his mic and gestured to Ian to continue singing.

As Ian took over the baton and sang powerfully, Kim Hee Sang sang in harmony. The light did not go out from the camera in front of Ian.

‘Why not leave?’

As the duet time became longer, Ian looked at Kim Hee Sang’s countenance even while singing. Doesn’t he have to go to the other side and duet with other performers now.

Kim Hee Sang did not move as if he was nailed next to Ian, perhaps liking singing the song with him. Ian seemed to feel stinging gazes from his surroundings.

“Yes, the broadcast is over. Everyone thanks for your hard work.”

When the camera lights went out and the PD said it was over, greetings poured out from all over the place. Ian and members also bowed their upper bodies continuously saying, thank you for your hard work.

“This friend, you’re good at singing!”

Sonsaeng nim, it is an honor.”

Of course, he didn’t forget to approach Kim Hee Sang once more and say greetings to him, who took care of his portion. Kim Hee Sang chuckled and patted Ian on the back.

Sonsaeng nim, thank you for your hard work. Thank you so much for coming.”

Producer Kim Hyun Sik rushed up to the stage. Kim Hee Sang recalled a mistake as soon as he saw the PD.

Aigoo… Come to think of it, I should have also gone over there and sung. This friend sang my song so well that I forgot somehow.”

“That is not it, Sonsaeng nim. As long as the picture came out well, that was enough.”

Kim Hee Sang, who thinks of the PD without being bossy despite the PD’s sweet-talk, was not stubborn and kind even when he is advanced in age.

Sonsaeng nim, then the activities…”

“I’m thinking about starting next year. I rested for too long.”

PD Kim Hyun Sik’s expression brightened up. This is because Kim Hee Sang was absolutely necessary for the next program he was envisioning.

‘When are we going down?’

‘Can we go down?’

Sandwiched between a big senior singer and the PD, Ian and members couldn’t find an angle to go down and only exchanged glances at each other on the stage.

Several singers were hovering around Kim Hee Sang because they wanted to approach him, so they were more conscious. At that moment, Ian and Kim Hee Sang’s eyes met. Kim Hee Sang chuckled and patted Ian and members’ shoulders as if he was ashamed of keeping his juniors up.

“Handsome and tall young men.”

“I also watched their rehearsals of these friends, so I thought Sonsaeng nim would like them.”

Kim Hee Sang likes juniors who sing well. They shouldn’t have just sung well. They had to be better than others.

In that short time, Ian added harmony to suit Kim Hee Sang’s tone. So of course, Kim Hee Sang’s attention was drawn to him.

“Yeah, what’s your name?”

“I am Choi Ian of Awy, Sonsaeng nim.”

Ian replied with a smile.

“Choi Ian, Awy. Hope to see you again next time. Go in.”

“Thank you. Thank you for your hard work!”

Ian and members bowed 90 degrees and quickly went down the stage.

* * *

-Really, legend is a legend.

-Woah, he still sings so well like that brrr

-But the kid who sings together sings well too, handsome

It was the place where Kim Hee Sang, who had been out for several years, appeared on TV after a long time.

After the broadcast, keywords related to the song festival went up and down in real-time search terms, and of course, the community reaction was explosive.

Even the names of Awy and Ian sparkled up to 16th and 17th place on the real-time charts.

-But why was Awy in the front row?

-Is there something between their company and broadcasting station?

-If you’re going to do this, you should’ve put our kids in front too

Of course, there were not only good posts. In particular, fandoms of other groups that debuted around the same time have poured out suspicious words, but they are only a few.

Most quietly wrote at the voices asking to stop feeling inferiority, saying that Ian’s skills deserve to be put in front.

-Did you see the kids’ eyes shaking because senior isn’t going?


Ah lololololol they’re happy then look at their face after lolololol cute lololololololol

ㄴWat de they’re kinda cute, who?

ㄴThe kid with mic so handsome

-Guys, I’m about to become a fan, so what should I watch first?

I got hit while watching the stage earlier, please congrats me

ㄴWatch today’s mafia game. Legend.

ㄴIf you look at that, you can see all the kids’ personalities lolololol

ㄴI knew it, they’re going to be funny lolol

And of course, the awareness of Awy also increased.

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