Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 9

So This Is What Grim Reaper Warned About.

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There are such people. Those who can’t assert themself and get swept away. Kim Ju Young is such a person.

‘Our Ju Young dances so well.’

‘Ju Young, will you try to be a singer?’

He just did a little better than others. But his parents poured their expectations and attention to Ju Young.

Blind faith ruins the child. Either their habits get worse or stressed inside. Ju Young was the latter.

‘Mom, but I…’

He couldn’t say that actually, he didn’t want to. A pushily decided career path. Of course, Kim Ju Young had no intention.

He was happy with the compliments given when he won the award at dance competitions even with the burden on his shoulders. Ju Young struggled to get compliments.

‘What? They won’t make your debut? Let’s go to another company. Pack up!’

The words of his parents, dressed in a mask of concern, gradually constrict Ju Young. And he becomes silent on what he wants to say.

‘What’s so disappointing about my child that he is eliminated from the evaluation!’

Aigo, mother1 A bit weird in English right? Koreans address people with titles, even strangers. Like ‘student’ to adolescents or ‘uncle’ to middle-aged men. In this case, because she is present as the mother of Ju Young, she’ll be called ‘eomonim’ or ‘mother’. . Please calm down.’

Parents who were arguing with the CEO of the former companies and trainees looking at it while whispering. Ju Young was embarrassed and wanted to hide in a hole.

Then he came to this company. Debut group made of elites. Those left from filtered people who were already filtered out.

He felt comfortable at first because there were no strong-spirited trainees who lived with swearing or indecent gangs who wanted to attract attention by pestering female trainees.

From the oldest Lee Joo Hyuk who was kind and gentle, the tactless but simply honest Park Jin Hyuk and Kim Hyun, who communicates well about dancing. To the amiable Jo Tae Woong and the staunch younger Park Seo Dam.

Kim Ju Young has since liked these kids and this company. The trainee life, which had been pushed by his parents, became sincere before he knew it.

‘Hi. Kim Ju Young, right? How old are you? Oh, so we’re the same age?’

And among them, the closest one was Kim Young Jun.

But a few months later, Kim Young Jun flew to another company. Debut was already confirmed and even took concept photos, but the debut was postponed again due to Kim Young Jun.

‘Mom saw that there were some kids who debuted in their early 20s.’

‘Shall we move again, Ju Young? From what mom heard, P Entertainment there is…’

‘Stop it, please!’

Kim Ju Young yelled at his mom for the first time in his life.

He had been transferring only between large companies according to his parents’ choice. Just a few of the many trainees were really close.

However, after coming here, he got closer as everyone shared the same dorm and took classes together. Perhaps they were kids who understood him more than his parents. He didn’t want to leave the trainees who are like a real family.

Then Choi Ian joined the company.

At first, he thought Ian would be arrogant by believing in his handsome face. That’s because the half-hearted trainees who had been with him so far are like that.

However, Ian is rather polite and worked hard to make up for his lack of skills. Kim Ju Young helped him wholeheartedly with Kim Hyun.

Because they will get close soon as the handsome guy followed well and there was no dislike. He thought debut was just around the corner.

‘Wow, it took me a month to do that movement.’

But in Kim Ju Young’s mind, Choi Ian keeps getting on his nerves.

‘Not practicing more?’

‘Uh, I have a lesson right away.’

When Choi Ian follows well to some extent, he fills up the given lesson time but goes straight to acting practice after.

‘Everything is easy for you.’

He was born handsome and also with a good personality. He’s originally good at singing, he even follows well when taught to dance, but now he’s good at acting as well. In a way, it could be seen as a pathetic outburst of inferiority.

Even after the lesson was over, his face was filled with joy as he read the script and practice.​

‘Acting is more important than our debut for you.’

Is it possible if Choi Ian’s overwhelming appearance creates a sense of inferiority? However, if you live together, the other person’s minor weakness can become a big deal.

In the case of Kim Ju Young, Choi Ian, who was absorbed in acting more than anything else, was like that. So, he says something that gently scratches Choi Ian without realizing it.

And Kim Ju Young’s parents, who were calm about his first rebellion, put pressure on him again.

‘Young Jun went out to an audition program and debuted. But what did your company do? They should have let you out.’

‘Wouldn’t it still be better to move now?’

Kim Young Jun’s parents were also people who are overly involved. So, they contacted Kim Ju Young’s parents and heard about his debut.

“Yeah, it’s true that I’m raging with inferiority and I took it out on you. I really apologize for that. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, Ju Young. Well done.”

“I was going to apologize. I’m sorry I’ve been such a loser. Let’s do well.”

Kim Ju Young said with a bit teary-eyed.

“But there’s that time before. The practice room door was open, so I went to call you. But you were practicing moves without music.”


“Perhaps the moves were twisted and you lied down after a few times, so I was about to help you. But didn’t you say that to yourself.’


Ian was unable to answer. It was. He lied down in desperation because he couldn’t practice the moves well that day. And that’s when Jin said,

[Hey, just follow along moderately. It’s enough if you don’t mess up the overall picture.]

‘Is that so?’

[Yeah, idol is just passing by anyway. You only need to work hard for 2 years after debut.]

That’s right, he answered like that.

“You said ‘Right. If it doesn’t work, just become an actor.’”

That was the trigger for this fight.

“What? Did you say that? Choi Ian. Isn’t this a lump of crap?”

“Jo Tae Woong.”

Lee Joo Hyuk said coldly. Jo Tae Woong closed his mouth.

Those were not serious words, but very light-hearted words mixed with a bluff.

However, it was also an indefensible remark that could be offensive to Kim Ju Young or other members, who were sensitive to debut.


Ian felt bad. He was angry not to anyone else but himself.

He was following along in moderation so as not to disturb his trainee life, but he never thought about this group.

He just thought they wouldn’t have to worry about money because they would be successful abroad in the future.

It was the wrong idea from that point on. Do they think of debuting with overseas popularity in mind from the beginning? They are kids who wish to debut right away and appear in at least one scene on Korean TV.

He was happy to debut together, but he was ignoring the kids who would be together at the base.

He knows the future, so he decided on the limits of his group that didn’t even debut yet. He was thinking about becoming an actor in advance because he was looking for a way to live alone without thinking about staying alive together.

He was also desperate for a debut, there was a time when he was even thirsty for attention after debut, but he was oblivious about it.

‘You’re ruined because your abilities are just that much, that’s it. Why do you blame me? Would the company have come this far if you guys had done well in the first place?’

Ian suddenly remembered the words of the agency’s president when he was in Diamond. What’s the difference between that president and him?

Ian raised his head. A camera was floating in his sight.

Jin was shaking the popcorn if this was so interesting. A red light flickered and a strange haze enveloped Jin. Come to think of it, he felt emotional whenever Jin looked like that. It was clear that Jin affected Ian with something.

So, Grim Reaper’s warning not to be stained meant not to be stained by Jin. Ian swept his face with one hand.

“That was me being thoughtless. I’m sorry. To hyungs too.”

Ian made eye contact one by one and apologized. The last turn was Kim Ju Young.

“I’m so sorry.”


“If that made you upset, you should have told me right away. Even if you lash out at me with ‘What did you just say?’, I’ll admit it.”

It should have been put on the surface.

“Do you know how’s it like when you go for a minor role? Even though I’ve been holding up all this time. You came happily and said how’s it like there, sunbae nim is like that, how’s the director.”


“You look happier than when you’re with us.”


“How can I speak out in front of that? The mood will get weird.”

To talk about everything openly like a man perhaps means that he was not able to think about the tender sensitivity of someone who hasn’t graduated from high school yet.

“That’s why I needlessly irritate you. It’s not an excuse, it’s also not like I did well. But just…”

As Kim Ju Young shed tears again in sorrow, Lee Joo Hyuk refreshed the mood.

“Ju Young, Ian. It’s all gone now, right?”


He was about to cry loudly at the end. I thought it was a landmine, but this is just a fire hydrant. Ian scratched his head awkwardly.

“May I say something, then?”

Lee Joo Hyuk continued while patting Kim Ju Young’s shoulders.

“I’ve noticed it before, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I’m sorry, too. I should have intervened.”

Eii. It’s okay because it’s gone now.”

Lee Joo Hyuk nodded at Park Jin Hyuk’s words. A perplexed look has not disappeared.

“Guys, we’re already a team. What’s the use of keeping ourselves in check when our debut is just around the corner. We need to care about kids like them right now. Ah shoot Kim Young Jun! Seo Dam, turn off the TV!”

“Yup hyung nim!”

While Lee Joo Hyuk was talking, Kim Young Jun couldn’t read the atmosphere and popped out on TV. It was a cosmetic advertisement for I-One. Seo Dam was afraid of the Buddha-like Lee Joo Hyuk’s gradation anger, so he turned off the TV immediately.

“I also wish Ian wouldn’t have such a light thought. Of course, I’m not saying anything about you doing acting. It would be nice if you also could raise awareness. Still, I want you to put the group first. You know what I’m saying, right?”


Ian answered without hesitation. He was also reflecting on himself. He got an actor’s disease even though he didn’t even debut. It was embarrassing and shameful.

“That’s good. And you guys too, be careful. Don’t keep saying nonsense to Ian about why he’s not going to another company.”

“Yuup… But it can’t be helped. It’s all because he’s handsome.”

“Tae Woong.”

“Hup, understood sir.”

They also think that it wasn’t a good thing to do. It was a flaw caused by Choi Ian’s appearance beyond the scope of human beings.

No matter how many face geniuses there are in the same industry. They are just people passing by and it feels different when they live together. Especially among those who will become entertainers who need to attract public attention.

The children unconsciously thought ‘Choi Ian is not the same kind as us. He’s a completely different race’ and drew the line.

“Right, I know that I’m handsome. But I’d be sad if you drew a line with it.”

“Hey, it can’t be helped. Your face is convincing.”

Ian struggled to lighten the mood. Jo Tae Woong chimed in.

“And even if it’s a trainee contract, is it a joke? Break it at will and leave?”

“That’s true.”

Kim Hyun, the ultimate king of agency directors, rummaged through the cold chicken.

“Ah, but the chicken is cold. What should we do, Joo Hyuk hyung? The microwave hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Let’s order again, hyung. It’s on me.”

“Is there money? You said you couldn’t use your mom’s card.”

Ian took the card out of his pocket.

“It’s a lie, dude.”

“Ah. Choi Ian that prick. Whenever you open your mouth widely, it’s a lie.”

“Hey, when did I lie?”

Ian wrapped Jo Tae Woong’s neck and put on a headlock. Jo Tae Woong made a gagging sound ridiculously. The kids around laughed. The crying Kim Ju Young also slipped a smile.

[Hmhm. That’s it. Kids are supposed to grow up fighting.]

Jin nodded its lens at the unfolding scene of the youth drama forgetting the mess just before.

‘What did you do to me?’

[It worked out well anyway.]

Ian had a lot to say to Jin, but he held it in. Only me who’ll be frustrated even if I get angry. I couldn’t hit it because it couldn’t get caught. I have to get my act together even from now on.

‘I’m going to be serious from now on.’

[At what?]

Ian, who held back his anger, quietly vowed. Let’s not ignore the eagerness of the children who’ll be together. Don’t assume in advance that we can’t, but let’s try first.

The future of this group may have already changed when he joined.​

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