Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 8

Can Anyone Explain What This Is About?

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From vocal class, which he attends like a routine although confirmed as the main vocalist, and dance class. Foreign language class that all trainees take together to acting class.

Time passed while Ian was busy taking lessons.

Their practice didn’t stop even as P.I’s last broadcast ended and occupied real-time search terms.

“First of all, Joo Hyuk only studies composition. Jin Hyuk also followed Joo Hyuk and went to Se Jun.”


“Hyun and Ju Young are constantly filming in that dance studio. There are already 1,500 subscribers. They always put ‘With AWY’ in the video’s title.”


“Seo Dam is trying hard to learn Japanese. Tae Woong, you know right?”

“I know.”

Jo Tae Woong was put into a Mon-Tue drama through CEO Lee’s connections. He was chosen as the child counterpart of the main character.

“Ian is… trying a minor role for now.”

“For now? Is his acting not that good? Right, it’s a foul if he’s perfect in everything with that face.”

“No… It is the other way around.”

A lucky charm has come into the company. Seo Su Ryeon made a proud expression. CEO Lee got up halfway from the chair’s backrest.

“Other way? Is he also good at acting?”

“The acting teacher said he already looks like an established actor… But he doesn’t even have a unique habit. He had nothing to learn from the teacher.”

“Isn’t that good then?”

CEO Lee held on for a moment and thought ‘that’s not good for sure’ while shaking his head. No matter how much he snooped around to raise awareness, he had to look at the whole picture.

“Well, only Ian will float if we put him in more than a minor role… The sense of disparity with the kids will be felt.”

“Even though the existence of Ian himself does cause a sense of disparity.”

Seo Su Ryeon sighed. His beauty is a pain, so he was just put in for a minor role. They’re not going to suddenly give him lines, right? And Seo Su Ryeon’s concerns became a reality.


“You, switch places with him.”

High School 2017 shooting site. The trauma of the main character whose dream is to become a webtoon writer. It was the site of school violence.

Choi Ian, who originally played the role of Flower Screen #2 in the bully group that harasses the main character, felt conscious of the person next to him.

“Let’s take a break for a moment!”

The assistant director revoked the atmosphere. Ian approached with hesitation at the director’s gesture.

He only had eye contact with the director once, but immediately changed to a minor role with lines. As expected, face value was the best.

“Good morning, Director Lee!”

“Haha, don’t be too stiff. Which agency are you from?”

“It is BHL Entertainment, Director.”

Director Lee muttered that he knows there, that it’s Lee Byung Hun’s company. He handed Ian the script he received from the assistant director.

“You’re an idol trainee? It would have been better if you were an actor trainee.”

“Yes, but I took acting lessons.”

“Really? That’s a relief. That Bully #1 is your line, okay? Try it now.”

He didn’t ask back, “Now?”. He can’t miss this opportunity. Ian quickly scanned the lines and put them in his head. This body also had a good memory.

He pondered a few times and closed the script. Ian’s appearance closing the script quickly caught the director’s eyes.

“What about the swearing?”

“Oh, I’ll mute that later. So don’t worry and do it.”

“Hey, what are you doing?”

In an instant, Choi Ian went somewhere and a real ruffian came out. Ian had confidence that he would be good at this acting.

That’s because he referred to the behavior of a member who withdrew due to school violence controversy during his time as Diamond.

Ian takes three steps sideways with a swagger. The script he held already turned into the main character’s notebook.

The main character hugs the notebook with his whole body and curls up desperately so as not to lose it.

“Hey, what’s this bastard? You draw comics?”

Ian, who eventually stole the main character’s notebook, looks through it with the bully gang. In front of everyone in the classroom.

“Give it back!”

“Give it back, huh. If I don’t, what are you going to do?”

Ian mixed his breaths excessively as if sneering. Lightness overflows through each gesture.

“Ah, this otaku bastard can’t f***ing draw. You call this a comic?”

“Actually, you also… Eook!”

“It’s crazy damned cringy.”

They look around and hand it over to Ian. Ian lifted the notebook over his head as if he were teasing.

“Want it? Do you want it?”

“I said give it back!”

Ian, who has been teasing for a long time, throws the notebook outside. The classroom was on the fifth floor.

“If you want it, go off~ Otaku bastard. If you hurry up, hyung will buy you snacks.”

Another minor role pushes out his feet to the main character who runs to pick up the notebook. Udang tang. The sound of falling is loud.

It seems he truly fell. While Ian was worried, the Director’s cut was heard.

Ian quickly reached out to the main actor.

2nd-year idol, Jo Min Jun. Rubbing his knees and getting up, it looked like he hit the floor hard.

“You’re good at acting.”

“Thank you, sunbae nim.”

Although he said calmly, Jo Min Jun was actually scared by Ian’s acting. It reminded him of the group sitting in the back seat of the bus going for the retreat in middle school. It was such realistic bully acting.

“You’re not really a bully in the past, right?”

Ei, no way. I can’t debut if it’s like that, sunbae nim.”

“Ah right, you’re an idol trainee. Call me hyung.”

At first, he was surprised by Ian’s absurd appearance. The acting was also realistically good.

The despicable eyes he had shown while acting went away, leaving an innocent prospective junior.

Jo Min Jun thought he should be a bit nervous when Ian’s group debuted.

“Wow, I really wanted to punch you. So, by the way. Can I just hit you once?”

“That’s a bit…”

“Haha! Joke, just a joke.”

They have to start the next shoot, but the Director’s eyes chase Ian’s figure. The potential was seen from the acting that he demonstrated to the Director earlier, but it was different in front of the camera.

The brilliance that seemed to have eaten 100 reflectors alone disappeared and a lowly ruffian was captured on camera.

Gorgeous looks have many benefits in life, but it’s ambiguous in acting. Because there are cases when the appearance shouldn’t stand out more than the role.

To be honest, the Director only switched the role for his outstanding appearance to make headlines in the early broadcast. But there was an unexpected result.

“Give me your business card. What’s his name?”

“Yes? Ah, here you go.”

BHL’s daily manager Park Ju Min, who was waiting next to him, took out a business card from his wallet and held it out. This time it was a stiff new business card.

“Please ask me for that one. My name is Choi Ian. Director.”

Ian, who approached quickly, replied in a friendly manner. There was a slight smile on the Director’s face. It seems Lee Byung Hun brought the right guy.

“Choi Ian… Okay. Good job. See you next time.”


“That Lee Sang Hae1i-sang-hae’ means ‘strange’ in Korean.?”

“Yes, that Director Lee Sang Hyuk.”

“He laughed?”

Park Ju Min said with excitement. CEO Lee lit his eyes as if it was interesting.

Director Lee Sang Hyuk. CEO Lee Byung Hun personally thought that although his directing ability was a bit inferior, he was a friend who found a good writer because of his wide personal connections and good wits.

“Yes! He even said see you next time, you know?”

“Hoo… That’s great.”

Perhaps because of that, the filmography was good, and he was one of the directors who was treated well in the drama industry. The fact that he accepted the business card was also clearly intended to introduce Ian to someone.

And if Lee Sang Hyuk wants Ian for his next work, he will contact Lee Byung Hun directly. CEO Lee smiled softly.

“Thanks for your hard work, Ju Min ssi.”

When Lee Ju Min left, CEO Lee sent a text message somewhere.

<How’s it?>

That is to director Lee Sang Hyuk.

<Let him act.>

It was a heavy word with a lot of emotions.

<No. Our Ian will become an idol.>

<Such a waste, just let him act.>

The grinning CEO Lee turned off the screen.


[That’s what he said.]

‘Hehe good.’

[Like it? But then, I also just knew that you were good at acting. Why did Kim Yong Min fail? Is it because born in the wrong body?]

Ian was spying on the situation through Jin. Compliments are always welcome. Ian had to calm down the rising lips.

Heoh. I’m dying.”

Ian was covered in sweat from repeated dance practice. He was washing his face in the bathroom because he felt uncomfortable.

Kim Ju Young came into the bathroom and wiped his sweat with paper towels instead of a towel.

“Are you going to use the practice room more?”

“No. Going to dorm.”

“Yeah? Well, there’s nothing you have to do more now. Good for you. You dance well.”

A subtle irritation from his tone. If Ian replied ‘don’t be like that’,

He will say ‘What? I was praising you, though?’. It was a high-level vocabulary expression in which the person who said ‘don’t be like that’ became a strange person.

He ignored and accepted it a few times, and it’s now very openly sarcastic. And Kim Ju Young had already left the bathroom before Ian could say anything.

‘When will that blow up?’

[I know.]

Of course, Ian didn’t just standstill. He was just silently measuring the kill point.

When he first came to the company and looked at the trainees, Ian thought the group’s landmine was Kim Hyun.

Wouldn’t he be sensitive because of stress from frequent debut failures?

Wouldn’t he be impatient alone and make others anxious? He thought about it, but Kim Hyun was the type who quietly digs the ground by himself without releasing it to others.

He was a time bomb in his way, but it didn’t matter because he didn’t cause any direct damage to Ian.

And an unexpected ambush, Kim Ju Young appears. At first, it was seen that he was trying to get close to Ian since he’s someone who could confirm his debut.

He spent his personal time teaching Ian, who was struggling with dance, with the same position Kim Hyun as expected of a winner of dance competitions.

However, Ian gradually follows well and now he can dance live without any difficulties.

It was not long before Ian’s steady progress became known in the company that he slowly changed and now even ‘I’m raging of jealousy’ was written on his face.

[It’s gotten worse since P.I ended.]

If it had not been for Kim Yong Min’s accumulated years in Choi Ian, a real fistfight might have happened.

Ian put up with it though. Just thought of wanting to feed him back for a second.

[Won’t it be effective if you talk in front of everyone for that type of person?]


The opportunity came not long after. The beginning was when the blabbermouth Assistant Manager Park Ju Min bragged about what happened at the High School 2017 site.

Maybe because he was so impressed, he said that Choi Ian is so good at acting. An acting genius. That the lesson teacher said there’s nothing to touch.

Rumors are bound to be exaggerated.

Later on, there was even talk of making him an actor. Of course, for people in the company to babble silly comments has always been the case. It was just a joke no matter what.

Of course, some took it seriously. It was the trainees who became sensitive about their debut. Even though their debut was confirmed in December, they were conscious of Ian perhaps because they were nervous as there was a record of being pushed back.

“You’re not going to another company, right?”

Of course, the straightforward Jo Tae Woong spoke openly.

“If everyone keeps doing that, I can really leave.”

Ian’s words seemed to bring this to a close. But it can’t be.

It was the day when everyone gathered at the dorm and ate chicken2Korean specifically called fried chicken(like KFC) as 치킨 chicken. They love it so much. after a long time. The trainees, who heard from somewhere that I-One is debuting and breaking all sorts of records, went on with the talk of ‘what will happen when we debut’.

“But since we have Ian hyung, won’t we get a lot of attention?”

“Acting genius Choi Ian~ Mega agree3 킹정king.jeong. A slang word for very agree. for that~ Drumstick mine dibs.”

“What dibs, hands are faster than eyes.”

Andwae! Noooo

“Joo Hyuk hyung! Chicken is here! Come quickly! They’re going to eat it all at this rate!”

“Even if our debut is delayed again, you can still act anyway.”

Kim Ju Young, who ate chicken silently, quickly cools the mood with a word. At this point, Park Jin Hyuk should hand over the team’s sudden chill position to Kim Ju Young.

The taboo word of ‘debut delay’ and the drawn line of ‘you do act’. This is where I can get angry, right? Ian looked at Jin in the air.

There was a strange haze blooming from Jin. Jin’s lens was shaking violently up and down. Crush him!

“Why have you been messing with me for so long?”

The bodies of the surrounding members, who swallowed ‘Ah, that is’ inside, hardened. It seems they thought Ian would laugh it off like before. This is why you shouldn’t be caught like a fool in the beginning. Something was bubbling inside Ian.

“What did I do? I praised you. You’re good at acting.”

“You strangely teased me on the drawn lines. Isn’t it?”

“I didn’t mean to. Didn’t I say I was just praising you?”

Ho, look at this. Ian stared at Kim Ju Young’s eyes. Kim Ju Young is slightly avoiding his eyes.

Wow, I’ve only seen this trick by kkappa4까빠. A term for calling fans who strangely criticize their favorite star badly. Fans that both love and hate their star. before. Something like ‘I’m afraid of being sued by the artist, so I can’t do it openly. I didn’t mean to scratch the serious fans, sorry~’.

“Hey. You haven’t even debuted but you know the thought of haters so well? Hey. That’s why I told you so many times don’t be like that. You chewed it all up, but what? You don’t mean to?”

Ian picked up his index finger. It looked like he was poking around.

“I felt bad. I, from your words. The party. Who listened. Me.”

He poked into the air in time for each period.

“I ignored it because words don’t work, but it didn’t mean I just accepted what you told me, you know? Am I your emotional trash can? Huh? I’m so funny, that’s it?”

“Hey hey, why are you like this~ Let’s stop. Huh?”

“If you have any complaints, say it. Why are you scratching people’s insides? Hey, tell me. Don’t have a mouth?”

“Ian, calm down a bit.”

The scene of a noisy living room. Lee Joo Hyuk, who just came out of the bathroom because of the long shower time, had his eyes wide and looked at the members.

It was as if he had come home with pizza in a good mood but the house was on fire.

“Can anyone explain what this is about?”

Of course, the answer Lee Joo Hyuk wanted was not heard. This is because Kim Ju Young jumped up and shouted.

“Yeah, I was jealous! Jealous of you!”

“Let’s stop, guys.”

“But why are you venting your inferiority rage on me!”

Hyung. Don’t shout, please.”

“You have a lot to do even without us anyway!!”​

“Everyone shut up!!”

Lee Joo Hyuk yelled loudly. Banging was heard from upstairs. It was a small protest that the noise was flowing to the upper house.

“Now, can you explain?”

It was a gentle tone as if he never shouted.

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