Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 7

Isn’t That Kind of Rude?

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(Why are you looking for our Yong Min?)

“We were trainees at the same company. I was wondering how Yong Min was doing, so I found this number by inquiring. Are you inconvenienced with the phone call?”

(Ahyu~ It’s not. But Yong Min is currently out to work now. What should I do? I can’t change it to him.)

“No, thank you. So is Yong Min not going to be an entertainer anymore?”

(What kind of idol are you? He had been so upset about doing that, but he finally gave up and came to help with farming.)

“I see…”

(How is it? Please tell me your phone number. I will tell Yong Min to call you.)

“No, I… I will call again later.”

Ian hung up the phone in a hurry.

After being discharged from the military, he should have quit being an entertainer sooner instead of being stubborn. It took him a really long time to catch on that something didn’t work.

‘It’ll work this time.’ Useless positive thinking was turned on. ‘Although it’s like this, I still have experience. So, will I fall easily?’. He shouldn’t have that kind of complacency.

Looking back on his old life, it was a series of regrets. And the most regrettable thing was that he was an undutiful son to his parents.

His vision blurred. Ian wiped away his tears roughly. It’s been a long time since he heard the lively voice.

As the soul changed to its original body, Kim Yong Min went down to his hometown as his parents wished. Maybe his parents will be fine now.

Haigo~ What’s the point of regretting it now?]

Scolded Jin, when Ian felt relieved.

[Come to think of it, isn’t this completely a delegation of filial piety? You undutiful brat.]

That’s… true. I got nothing to say.

[Now let’s forget about Kim Yong Min and live as Choi Ian. Enjoy this fabulous life.]

“Yeah… That’s right.”


*BHL Ent. @BHL_Entertainment.Official


-Retweeted by BHL Ent.

*AWY OFFICIAL @Alwayswithyou_BHL

Always with you

Awy’s official account has been created. Considering that the debut was still a few months away, it was fast. The first post was a picture of 7 trainees.

In the practice room with their back to the mirror, some are putting a V pose and some are putting their arms around each other’s shoulders. It was a picture that contained the unique raw feelings before debut.

Foreign fans of Black Rush gave hearts showing that they liked it, but core fans reacted quite differently.

-Why not Black Rush? @dhlafidkslag

How about our kids?

-Haeju*Black Rush comeback* @qokrepjk

Byeong Hun f***ng doesn’t have sense, give out our kids. (fist emoticon x2)

Of course, there is a Black Rush’s comeback schedule before Awy’s debut, but it is usual for fans to argue with the agency and representative.

-I feel it, I’m adopting them ㅇㅇwho’s into crushyrush1 빻빻러시(ppa.ppa.ru.shi). A made-up mockery nickname referring to Black Rush that they’re so ugly that people want to crush something. these days

-This brat come up again, eaten for the resumeㅇㅇ

-Hey, but there’s one who’s seriously very handsomeㅇㄱㅈ go and see, it’s real

-What very handsomeㅋ they’re the next after Crushyrush, so they’ll be crushed too

-Got the ppt. Byung hun, please sue them.2Referring to fans who screen captured bad comments for evidence that’ll be sent to the agency’s email for legal procedure.

-But isn’t P.I. eating all the pie, yet a new group??? Take care of Black Rush you have fck

-Right, I mean

-But I’m going to change to P.I ㅋ Everyone, please choose Kang Joo Won!

Project Idol’s sales war is here too… Ian let out a sigh and turned off the pad.

Ian had made an idol debut once in his previous life, but Diamond debuted in 2010 and was considered 2nd Gen idol.

At that time, official accounts or other SNS were not active. There were no fancams or Y-apps. But recently, content wars using all kinds of SNS were in full swing.

You have to post pictures after the schedule, but this is getting late? Then you’ll be plastered with all kinds of swear words.

Of course, the parties are also concerned about the reaction. Ian scrolled down and frowned at the increasingly visible profanities in the agency’s hate comments.

‘There are a lot of people angry…’

Overall, the responses seemed to be stronger than in the old days.

[Hey, malicious comments are better than no response.]

There was not much expectation for the new group and all there were unfavorable reactions to the swearing at the agency. Should I show my face?

“I think the kids shouldn’t see this.”

[Tsk tsk. How can they be an idol when their mind is that weak?]

After the last comment, comments asking to choose their favorite trainees began to come one after another.

Please give your precious vote for 12th place Kim Young Jun! Ah, this Kim Young Jun again.

For other trainees, they hate Kim Young Jun because he went out and messed up their debut. But for Ian, it’s not hate but more of a loathe.

This is because Kim Yong Min of his previous life was eliminated in 12th place and Kim Young Jun would debut in 11th place. For that reason, just thinking about Kim Young Jun made him grind his teeth. If just there’s no you!

“Have you seen our official account?”

“Everything about us was buried and everyone only talked about P.I.”

“Jin Hyuk hyung, we returned our phones. But, where did you see it?”

Ian hurriedly hid his tablet pad. After their debut was confirmed, all of their phones had been confiscated by the agency. It was the industry’s rule to give it back if they got first place in music shows.

But according to Jin. Since Awy’s debut performance was not good enough, will it be possible to get it back in about a year? So, Ian had secretly hidden his pad.

“Se Jun hyung showed it to me.”

“Ah, that hyung. Really.”

Se Jun was the leader of Black Rush. Park Jin Hyuk made a sad face.

“But Se Jun hyung was smiling at it although there are also swears for his group. If it’s me, I couldn’t see it…”

Jung Se Jun is also a great guy. Perhaps because this mentality was hidden that he would become a Music King in the future and occupy the real-time charts.

[Did he read that and become like this? Won’t he collapse when malicious comments rip him off later?]

Jin’s words were harsh, but Ian also partly agreed.

As the community became more and more overheated, they let out words that were difficult to digest. Mental management is needed from now on.

“Excuse me… Your number please…”

“Ah, I am sorry.”

Ian pushed back the woman’s cell phone. Wow, it’s already the 8th. Mumbled Jo Tae Woong. The first busking place was on Daehak-ro3A popular arts & culture street in Seoul. The Korean version of Broadway. A popular place where university students hang out. It’s common to find people busking in here. . The subway rattled.

Going to Daehak-ro in a van for someone who hasn’t even debuted? It couldn’t have happened. They took full advantage of public transport. It’d be nice if someone posted a witness shot on the way.4Eg. Upload a post like “A Handsome Boy Sighting in Subway to Daehak-ro, Anyone Know Who They’re?” in idol or public forums.

Fortunately, the setting of the devices was done by the agency staff in advance.

Hyung… I feel like throwing up.”

“Me too.”

Seo Dam leaned on Ian and took a deep breath. It was the first performance as a complete group. Ian was also trembling.

“You’re nervous too, huh?”

“Did you think I won’t? So nervous, seriously.”

“Really? You somehow look relaxed, so I thought you don’t have that.”

[Isn’t that kind of rude?]

Ian raised an eyebrow at Kim Ju Young’s words. Isn’t it like scratching something before saying something he didn’t even think about?

“Guys, we’re here. Let’s get off.”

Something was bothering him, but it was an ambiguous situation to say it outright. Ian turned off his nerves and got off the subway.

Lee Joo Hyuk, who was the last to get off, had been watching the situation for a while. He had a vague look on his face on how to handle this.


People began to gather on a small stage in Marronnier Park5 A popular spot of Daehak-ro. As it’s a park, busking is concentrated here. . There were quite a lot of people because it happened to be Friday night.

​”Who is coming?”

“I don’t know too.”

Most of them were people who expected entertainers they knew to come and people who just gathered after seeing the crowds. Soon after, 7 trainees appeared.

“Hah, they’re not P.I kids.”

“It was said they’re in Incheon.”

“Really? Shit, I should’ve gone there.”

Some tried to leave their positions. In that atmosphere, Lee Joo Hyuk and Jo Tae Woong advanced with each of them grabbing one of Choi Ian’s arms.



Give You




Ian.6 Not sure why it’s like this in the raw. Will check if there’s any updated version.

People who were trying to leave saw Ian’s face and stopped to see if their strategy worked.

“Wow, look at him. Super handsome.”

“Crazy awesome.”

Exclamations were heard from all over the place. Each of them grabbed their phones and took pictures busily.

The previously shrinking person has gone somewhere and Ian felt good at the sound of camera shutters.

“Two three!”

“Always! By your side! Hello, we are Awy!”

Park Seo Dam grabbed the microphone.

“If you look at us, you would think we are a rookie group that just debuted… Actually, we haven’t debuted yet.”

Isn’t it exciting? The audience burst into laughter at Park Seo Dam’s following remarks.

Even though he was the youngest, he had the sense and good eloquence, so the company was trying to push him as an MC.

“But well, it’s no different than a debut. Now! The performance we prepared is a dance performance! I’d appreciate it if you could watch our handsome and cute faces until the end~”

He said he was going to throw up, but now he went smoothly. Cute guy. Ian patted Park Seo Dam’s head roughly. Park Seo Dam went to his place in the dance formation without ever being annoyed.

The music starts. Let’s not make a mistake. Ian comforted himself.

Other trainees except him have been in sync for over two years. He is not confident in dancing, but if he makes a mistake in matching the sum, it would be embarrassing to face other members.

The creative choreography that Kim Hyun and Kim Ju Young made matched the music well. Although not powerful, it was sophisticated choreography.

Ian followed the beat and moved as he had practiced beforehand. The cheers and applause of the people around him disappeared and only the music played in his ears.

As he was immersed in dancing in a trance, the second song was already passing by. Only then did Ian afford to look around.

Most were filming them with phones and few people left. More and more people are gathering. Ian grinned. It was fun.

And contrary to his worries, Ian matched the sum properly. ‘Good job.’ Kim Hyun patted Ian’s back.

“Everyone please remember. We are Awy of BHL Entertainment. Now, you look at us… You get to like Awy. You become a fan of Awy.”

Park Seo Dam raised his index finger and turned it round and round. The audience laughed haha. The performance ended warmly.


After Awy’s busking was over, several people gathered while they were helping the agency employees carry the speakers.

The trainees answered every question with sincerity. They are people who may be fans in the future. Ian was being questioned by one of them.

“When are you debuting?”

“We will debut in December! Thank you!”

“It’s still a long way… Cheer up.”

The woman seemed to be thinking about something and left the crowd holding her husband’s hand. Ian stared intently at her back.

‘That person…’

[What’s wrong?]

‘The face is familiar.’


‘There were a lot of people, unlike when we did it on our own as expected. Is it the Choi Ian effect?’

That was Kim Ju Young’s words that Choi Ian heard while entering the dorm.

It’s a tone that subtly touches people’s nerves, ‘our own’ means that the 6 people except for Ian. Isn’t it like drawing a line that Choi Ian and the other 6 are different?

He thought something was bothering since a while ago, but he was convinced when he heard that. Kim Ju Young has something against Choi Ian.

‘What do you think about Kim Ju Young?’

[He’s a little rude… But let’s ignore it. It won’t be just once or twice. It’s a common complex attack.]

‘But for a while…’

They will be together for the next few years. Ian wanted to get along with other members because he went through a time when teamwork fell apart and collapsed.

[This group was a moment anyway. You’re the only one who needs to be successful. Oh right. There will also be ‘High School 2017’ this year. The ratings aren’t that good, but it’s been called the stargate for a long time, so if you get the chance, go out.]

‘Oh yeah? Then check.’

Ian soon thought nothing of it and reviewed future hit works with Jin.

At that moment, a haze bloomed and disappeared from Jin’s camera.

‘By the way. Is there really no response in Korea to this group later?’

[Multiple situations overlapped. Buried because of P.I. Buried because those from P.I. I-One were so successful that even after disbanding, everyone is doing well. It’s called the I-One spoon.]

‘Ah, seriously. That rubbish Project Idol…’

Ian ruffled his hair.

[Still, the company gives out a lot of self-produced content then also selects albums with good quality and style. Ah, right! Did they go to America for training in the middle? That video got good responses from international fans, so the albums sell well.]

‘That’s a relief, but…’

[Why? What’s bothering you?]


When he heard it before, Awy’s total sales were 150,000 copies. It’s right to say it sell well at this point. Selling well is good. Because working is about making money in the end. Yet, will the other members have the same thoughts?

In terms of numbers alone, there are only 150,000 people in the world to say they are popular overseas. Wouldn’t it be a million even considering those who don’t buy albums?

When Ian had done busking at Daehak-ro remained like an afterimage. That energy. People who look at themselves. The eyes of fans who give blind faith and love.

And Kim Yong Min from his previous life, who couldn’t let go of that taste and held onto becoming an idol until his late 20s.

Jin clicked repeatedly and woke Ian, who was lost in thought.

Ian was startled by the camera in front of him. There were times when the camera lens was like the eyes of a living creature and often felt creepy.

[Why? One thing is for sure that it’s a cash cow. Even if you walk around the streets, people don’t flock and only fans recognize you. You make a lot of money. I like being that kind of mangdol. Oh! What I really wanted was to be a brother of a very famous idol.]

‘That’s specific, why?’

[Money is coming from my brother, and I’m opening a cafe somewhere good. It’ll be rumored as a cafe run by an idol’s brother, so won’t the sales just come pouring in?]

‘Is that similar to the context of being a rich unemployed man?’

Jin’s voice was ecstatic, perhaps imagining it.

[That’s it. Oh, right! You don’t have any attention-seeking friends or family, right? From now on, you have to hit the set-up well.]


Still, Ian’s sour face did not go away. Jin sighed.

[Awy is not going to become popular in Korea anyway. You just need to use the idol business card moderately and fall into the acting world. Hey, write it down. 2017 TVM, Tree of Secrets.]

Ian, who looked blank in thought, wrote down mechanically. A red light flickered then disappeared from Jin who was watching that.

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