Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 5

Our Concept Is Perfect Group Dance.

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Trainees of BHL Entertainment, who were stretching in the practice room, brought a bag of snacks that they had hidden somewhere one by one.

“So, when will that rumored trainee come?”

It was two weeks after Ian auditioned.

“I heard it’s taking some time because of visa issues.”

“Was he a foreigner? Not Chinese, right?

“Probably not Chinese. You know that CEO Lee hates dulgi, right.”

Since 2nd Generation idols, it is popular for agencies that experienced the firepower of Chinese fandom to have Chinese members one by one.

However, when they made their debut and gain some popularity, they set up their own studio in China, sent proof of contents to a Korean agency, and then fled to their own country.

It was later called dulgi because it ‘flew like a pigeon’.1 비둘기(bi.dul.gi) means pigeon.

Since then, the idol field has ridiculed and called Chinese members=dulgi and dulgi is science. Nonetheless, agencies could not abandon Chinese members.

That’s because the records sales between them joining the group and not were too different. Furthermore, they later also debuted members of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong nationalities in one group.

Seriously, it could be said that it was the K-Pop idol version of chaos.

“Young Jun-i… I heard he’s going to be on ‘Project Idol’.”

And even among the BHL trainees, there was such a thing like dulgi. It was Kim Young Jun, a traitor who flew to MJ Entertainment.

The hands of the trainees, who were happily opening the snack bags, stopped at the same time as if they had matched sum before.

When they should have shown their faces as BHL-BOYS through Y-app and MyTube after their debut was confirmed. Kim Young Jun went out and everything stopped. As the plan was pushed back, their debut was also postponed.

“Ah hyung! Why are you talking about ‘that jerk who must not be named’. Tactlessly. Do you think rapper should be tactless like that?”

Said Jo Tae Woong jokingly at the cold atmosphere. Jo Tae Woong, 17. Lead vocal. Although he had a very meddlesome personality, he’s so gentle and easy-going. He is from a child actor.

“Sorry. I’m a bit tactless.”

And Park Jin Hyuk, 18. Rapper. He was so tactless that he is called tactfool2Isn’t that a good one? It’s actually 눈새(nun.se) from 눈치 없는 새끼(nun.chi eob.neun sae.kki) that means bastard without tact. . He opened the bag of potato chips bashfully.

Probably because he opened it too hard, the potato chips flew in the air. In addition, Park Jin Hyuk was a mood-killer artisan.

Ei what a waste.”

“Hey, pick it and eat it all.”

The trainees booed.

“So what. By the way. Even though he moved to MJ Ent., is he still going to an audition program? Wasn’t it a large agency?”

Said Lee Joo Hyuk who would be the next group’s leader. 19. Rapper and a producing capable member who writes and composes songs. Among them, he was called Buddha. As such, he was the spiritual support of the trainees.

“There must have been a back work. It was said they couldn’t find casts so the broadcaster offers preferential treatment and asking for trainees.”

“Did contact also come to us?”

“I think so? But if CEO Lee comes out like that, the fandom will be in riot complaining later.”

Replied Kim Ju Young. Kim Ju Young, 17. Main dancer. Winner of various dance competitions.

“If I was sent to the audition program, I’ll leave the company.”

“Ah…  Hyung deserves that.”

The person who gritted his teeth at the words of ‘audition program’ is Kim Hyun, 18. Main dancer.

He stood out as a dance prodigy in the program ‘King Star’ and had been a trainee since he was 8 years old.

Then he appeared on a program called ‘K-Star’ and YANG Entertainment’s debut survival program. He failed to debut 3 times in 3 audition programs alone.

“I hope that hyung doesn’t do well. If Project Idol failed. Screw up Kim Young Jun.”

The person who was rubbing his hands was Park Seo Dam, 16. Lead vocal and maknae.

Unfortunately, Kim Young Jun will debut at 11th place in ‘Project Idol’. The program will also become extremely popular. And Ian was watching this whole thing through Jin.

While showing the screen, Jin pointed who is this who is that. What happens to him later is… It was spraying TMI all over.

‘Come to think of it. What did you before that you know them well? Were you an employee here?’

[Uh? Hey… I was actually their homma. It’s a dark history…]

Homma3(g) International fans will more familiar with the term fansite master. , homepage master. They follow celebrities’ schedules and take pictures or videos.

Of course, they also made and sold photo books, calendars, and DVDs. It’s like unofficial goods. No wonder the smell of seasoned stan came out.


After submitting the signed trainee contract to the company, Ian headed to America for visa issues and time with his family.

Ian’s parents were surprised that Ian had signed the contract right away, but they were not angry.

They sighed, saying that it was not a disadvantageous contract when Ian showed them the contract he brought.

“Still, you should have called us in advance.”

“Wouldn’t it be hard?”

With Ian’s insistence, they eventually signed the legal guardian section. But they did not stop worrying.

Perhaps because they raised Ian without problems, eventually they spared no effort to support him no matter what he did.

“I heard that there are many paparazzi in Korea too, so your life may disappear and you may get tired.”

However, they recited the risks of becoming a celebrity step by step, saying that you should know although it’s your choice.

Ian’s parents worked for a large law firm that was also famous in the United States. Among their clients, there were Hollywood stars.

“If you don’t mind even with that. Then give it a try.”

“If you can’t stand it, come home anytime, okay?”

And they didn’t spare any support. Perhaps because he inherited Ian’s memory, it was not difficult to deal with his family.

Suddenly, Ian remembered his family when he was Kim Yong Min. What happened to the current Kim Yong Min? As soon as he thought of it, he heard a mechanical sound chijik- chijijik- from Jin.

[There is a new message. Would you like to check?]

‘Eh? What’s this?’

[After 3 seconds, it will be automatically confirmed.]

A blue light flickered from Jin’s camera.

[Kim Yong Min’s body was filled with the original soul. It is the soul that was in ‘Choi Ian’. Choi Ian’s memory will be deleted and live as Kim Yong Min.]

It was the voice of the Grim Reaper who sent him back.

[It is a secret that I left a message on this body. And one more thing, it would be better not to get affected.]

‘Affected? What I shouldn’t be affected by?’

[Then that’s it.]

‘Excuse me? Isn’t the subject missing? Grim Reaper nim? Hey!’

The blue light surrounding the camera disappeared into the air. Beep beep- Focusing for a couple of times. Jin came to their senses.

[What? Did you call me?]

‘…no but?’

What on earth should I not be affected by?

Ian took pictures from time to time while solving problems about life in Korea, visa, and school with the help of his parents.

The best ones among them were often posted on MyStargram. The sales points should be taken care of well, of course.

He will practice singing and dancing all day long when he entered the company, so he focused on relaxing his mind.

And Ian came to Korea. While Ian was spying on his future members through Jin, the company employees secretly looked at Ian.

“He is holding the contract in hand, right?”

“I think that’s right. Wow, so it’s confirmed then?”

He really did come! That face genius is our idol!

As Ian glanced at them, the meerkats that only stick out their heads disappeared behind the partition.

Where did the enthusiasm that kept their seats despite the attention of the CEO and the director during the audition go. It was completely about to shout ‘He saw me!’. It was momentum to shout out ‘cult leader’.

“Just in time when the kids are in the practice room. So, let’s go and say hello.”


“But isn’t your face has gotten better since then?”

Director Seo Su Ryeon, who was in charge of Ian’s guidance, laughed out loud. Ian laughed haha. Maybe it’s because he had delicious home meals and healed by the pet cat.

They headed to the practice room in the basement. As expected, many things were equipped as a company with strong capital.

Seo Su Ryeon brought Ian with her and proudly informed him that there were 3 dance practice rooms and 5 songwriting-vocal practice rooms.

“I’m embarrassed to say it myself, but all the kids are nice. It won’t be hard to adapt.”

Seo Su Ryeon knocked on the door of the practice room. Ian breathed a deep breath.

Even though he knew the information of the children who would become members, he couldn’t help but be nervous. They are members who will be together for 5 years at the shortest and 10 years at the longest.

“Guys! I told you not to eat snacks in the practice room!”

“Sorry, ma’am!”

The trainees hurriedly removed the snack bags. It was a sight he had only seen through Jin just before.

“Finally, the last trainee you and we also have been waiting for is here.”

You already put too much pressure from the beginning. Ian greeted with an awkward smile as if in trouble.

“My name is Choi Ian, 17 years old. Please take good care of me.”

“His face is no joke, isn’t it?”

Seo Su Ryeon grinned. The children, who were only looking at the ground in case they were scolded for bringing in snacks, raised their heads and looked at Ian.

They hardened as if the pause was pressed on a video.

Jo Tae Woong opened his mouth with his chin pulled out.



“So damned handsome…”

“Young Jun jerk did a good job going out.”

The last words was Lee Joo Hyuk, who previously said although Kim Young Jun resigned ‘Let’s still cheer for him’.

There was no practice today. It was the agency’s consideration to become friends with the existing trainees who had been working together for several years. When it comes to getting to know each other, eating together is essential.

Ian used the mother’s card4 Moms often give their children some allowance to buy foods with friends. And since Korea often use card as payment, this thing is a common occurrence. chance. The children, who said how could they receive meals at first meet, were devouring pork ribs.

“But can we order this much?”

“Yes, eat a lot. I can only use my mother’s card until today.”

Of course, he didn’t forget to lie so that it would not be burdensome.

Jo Tae Woong took selfies of himself and other children even while devouring meat. Of course, Ian was also photographed.

“We have to take a lot of pictures when we were trainees. Something like boyfriend pics.”

Look at this. There’s also a kid like Jin. As expected, a former child actor was different. But isn’t it too much to say that mukbang at a meat restaurant is a boyfriend pic?

Whether it was the effect of meat, the children generously unraveled things about the company and themselves one after another while eating cold noodles for dessert. Ian also responded in moderation.

“Main vocal?”

“That’s what Director Seo said earlier. Become the main vocal.”

“Wow. To think this face is a main vocal, total cheat.”

“But I’m not confident in dancing. I did exercise, but that’s different from dancing.”

Since Ian was confirmed as the main vocal, there was no problem with the song. The problem was dancing.

In the past of Diamond era, Kim Yong Min’s position was main vocalist, not a dance-specialized member.

He was at the level of following well a just so so choreography. So, he was often in charge of inner5 A position where it’s sometimes hidden. positions in choreography formations.

Although he danced in P.I., Project Idol, his grade was C. It was said it was grade C since the vocal was good.

As P.I.’s episode progressed, his dance skills did not improve. It was often heard in the community why this klutzy was ranked at the top when he did not promote well compared to other trainees.

After hearing that, the main dancer Kim Hyun stopped using chopsticks.

“That’s… a little dangerous.”

“Why is it, hyung?”

“Our concept is perfect group dance6칼군무(kal.gun.mu) ‘Sharp-like-knife group dance’. A very well tuned or synchronized group dance. The movements are precisely matched without any deviation as if they were measured with a ruler. , you know.”

[Ouch… Can you do it?]

Jin giggled and wandered around crazily as if it had taken a drug.

Perfect group dance, huh… Haha. I’m screwed.

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