Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 2

Return You to The Body Where You Should Be.

Unedited Chapter
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Kim Yong Min sat cross-legged on his dead body.

In front of him was a handsome young man in a black sweatshirt and black slack, who introduced himself as the grim reaper.

‘So, to sum up. I was filthy lucky that I should be on a fast-track destiny, but this happened because I was born in the wrong body. Is this it?’

[That is right, sir.]

‘I was supposed to die early and be reborn, but my soul was so lucky that I couldn’t die early and still live until now?’

As the grim reaper nodded silently, Kim Yong Min exhaled in despair. Isn’t this a scam? Although suspicious, he died in the end, so he wondered what the use of that.

Even though his head gets complicated, to know that the real Grim Reaper doesn’t just wear hanbok1It’s a very common depiction in Korea that grim reapers wore black hanbok… He had a useless thought. It was a truly absurd situation.

‘No, I don’t understand.’

Kim Yong Min smiled wryly again after alternately looking at Grim Reaper and his own dead body.

With various talents died and gradually returned to the underworld, they received talent donations and established a computerized system for the underworld.

But in the process, there was a mistake that the soul was not properly recorded.

Originally, the soul to be reborn should have found a body suitable for him and reincarnated. However, in the process of computerizing the underworld, the soul record was omitted.

It means that the body and soul which Kim Yong Min should be born were twisted.

It feels strange that he is dead and stepping on his body in a soul state. Also, it’s amazing that underworld or grim reapers truly exist.

What? Computerization of the underworld? So, there was a bug? Is the wind also blowing the 4th Industrial Revolution to the underworld or what? And I’m the victim out of it all?

‘Then, what will happen to me?’

He slumped down in a dispirited heart. His heart was not beating because he was in a soul state, but he felt something was coming up from his heart.2 3 kinds of heart at once. 마음(ma.eum) is mind heart or thought. 심장(sim.jang) is organ heart. 가슴(ga.seum) is feeling heart. The first and third sometimes have a similar meaning in sentences.

Kim Yong Min thought he had really worked hard in his life. That effort won’t betray… He thought that someday the day of success would come.

However, does it just end like this without achieving what he wanted.

Kim Yong Min kept sighing in a complicated mind. He sighed at the resentment for the underworld that made it to this point and the helplessness that things could not be reversed.

[Do not be so discouraged. There is a proper compensation manual for the victim in the underworld, sir.]


[Because it is not just one or two victims like you.]

Then, the Grim Reaper hardened without any motion. He was like a living corpse originally, but he seemed to be searching for something as he was still and only blinked slightly.

[The underworld has offered two ways to reclaim your worthy rights, sir.]

Said the grim reaper, who had been searching for a while.

[First, we can send you to nirvana.]


[Heaven, utopia, paradise… Call it whatever you comfortable with. You will enjoy the happiness that you cannot dare imagine with any expression of this world. We also sometimes go to play when we have a vacation.]

That is how good it is. He smiled as he was quite satisfied with his vacation in heaven.

Even so, his eyes were not smiling. So, there was wonder if this was serious or a joke.

[Instead, the life of the soul is over and cannot be reincarnated again.]

Kim Yong Min was tempted by the word heaven but frowned because he did not know what was going on there.

‘What kind of specific happiness does that so-called heaven give?’

In response to Kim Yong Min, the grim reaper omitted the detailed explanation and simply said ‘you’ll know if you go through it’.

To be able to enjoy happiness in a lump. He didn’t know if this was compensation or a psychological test.


A question arose. ‘Will it be comfortable to end my life like this and go to that great heaven?’. Perhaps he had read Kim Yong Min’s thoughts, the grim reaper added.

[And there may be other side effects.]

‘Side effects?’

[Because it is not the place to arrive so early as it should be… You will go with greed or regret for life, sir.]

‘Hm… That’s a bit… Is there any other way?’

[Before telling you the second way. You have a desire to succeed as an entertainer… Are you still thinking about it?]

‘That is…’

During the mangdol days of ‘Diamond’, the members dispersed and he heard that some went to their hometowns, someone become internet broadcast BJ3(g)Broadcast Jockey. The equivalent English word is streamer. , someone was selling phones at a mobile phone dealer.

And there was also a guy who appeared on airwaves TV shows a few times thanks to his children, but that was the life of a celeb. Kim Yong Min was the only one who still living as an entertainer4연예인(yeon.ye.in). Can be translated as ‘celebrity’. But because of this one part, I translate it as ‘entertainer’. It’s the realm about being an ‘artist’ or just being well known. .

Would it have been a little different if he had overwhelming skills not to be stolen by the director jerk’s nephew when he was in MI Ent?

He was tempted by a big agency and signed a contract in vain. Should he have auditioned for another agency instead?

Even though it was time to stop learning as he got older, he spent money he earned on acting and vocal classes.

Kim Yong Min even had to eat with cup noodles due to his reduced bank account balance recently, but he still could not escape from the specter of the past.

‘Of course.’

He was determined to succeed in this industry even if he died. Even in death, that was forever.

[Second way. We will return you to the body where you should be, sir. In addition, we will send you to the past when you can achieve your dream. We will not erase the memories and keep them as they are.]


[And we will attach a spirit to help you.]

In the meantime, an ambulance and a police car approached Kim Yong Min’s body whether someone heard the sound and reported it.

I can live again… Kim Yong Min’s heart was set for the second.

‘I will do the second one.’

[That is good, sir.]

The grim reaper lightly tapped Kim Yong Min on the shoulder. His body slid back.

The last thing he saw in the blurred vision was a paramedic putting something like a cloth over his body.

* * *

Kim Yong Min was looking at someone’s life from a first-person perspective. A child is born into a harmonious family. Looking at the house and neighborhood he lived in, it seemed like a foreign country.

First of all, it seems I’m not going to the army… When he thought that unconsciously, he guessed that this video was the life of the body he was going to enter.

The child had many friends. Everyone liked the child and many followed him. He grew up well without troubles or ugly sides even when the child grew up as a teenager. He had good grades and also good athletic ability.

Because he played American football, is he an American? Anyway, the guy has a good background.

As time goes by, he seems to be traveling somewhere with the pocket money and the money from part-time jobs he saved so far. Hm? Wait? Here is…?


Kim Yong Min jumped up from the bed. Beep- He frowned at the ear ringing and sudden headache.

“Did it work?”

Kim Yong Min looked around. A suitcase was open on the low platform next to the bed and a TV was hung on the wall. It seemed like a fairly expensive hotel because the bedding had a nice feel.

A passport was placed on the suitcase. A navy passport, United States of America. So, no need to go to the army. Very good. Kim Yong Min smiled satisfactorily.


It seemed he had a habit of sleeping with the shirt off. A well-crafted six-pack and not thin but moderately sized forearms.

The muscle won’t come out like this even if it’s made on purpose. Maybe it is obvious as he worked out. It’s a good body to be born with.



Something suddenly popped out in the vision of Kim Yong Min, who had been dazed.

[Why are you rubbing your body so hard. Are you a pervert?]

“Wha… What the?”

There was a camera floating in front of him.

[What’s with that. The helper to help you. You heard it from Grim Reaper, right?]


It seems he said he’d give me a soul to help. But why a camera? Kim Yong Min covered his upper body by lifting the blanket for no reason.

When he waved his hand, the camera scattered like smoke and couldn’t be caught.

“Wow, it’s real…”

[Of course it’s real, how is it fake? Just turn on your phone. What year is it today?]

He turned on the smartphone by the bed. September 20, 2016. It’s really back in the past. Kim Yong Min habitually turned on the entertainment section of the portal site he frequented.

[Celebrity’s Children] ‘Yoonji♥’ Minjoon, Husband With Parenting Devoted Concept “I miss my idol days sometimes…”

“Wow, this crazy bastard.”

Min Joon was a member of the same group that thwarted the group’s comeback due to speeding.

Even though he left a very shitty achievement that made the ruined group even worse, he came out well on the childcare program thanks to his child. Going to another page and it was another spectacle.

[Celebrity’s Children] Yoonji, “It was hard for dieting during Vanilla Mint days, but I was free. It’s better to get married late.”

He heard that the group over there also scattered all over because of that woman. Sure enough, the camera said.

[What the? Why is it? Ah, Yoon Ji is famous for sure. She comes out on the show a few more times and made the same group members look like very trashy bullies. That’s why Vanilla Mint faltered then the contract expired.]

“The couple is such a bloody pair.”

[What. You know them well?]

“I was a member of the same group with that bastard Jung Min Joon.”

[What? Who are you?]

“Kim Yong Min. Will you know? Cause I’m just passing wind.”

[Oh, no. I know you. Ddo5Again. Also. The English version of this nickname is ‘Yong Min Again’ Yong Min.]

The camera suddenly came to the front of Kim Yong Min’s eyes.

[Diamond unlucky member! The famous P.I. 12th place who turned into an actor and became a rice soup6(g)A nickname to call someone who ruins things like pouring soup to rice and ruin the meal. In this case, an actor who keeps failing their works to the point that their cast is a sign of failure. actor! That Ddo Yong Min who always comes out no matter what channel is turned on, right?]

“It was like that…”

After tried auditioning a few times, he later voluntarily cut the performance fee and entered any works.

If he even got the nickname Ddo Yong Min, maybe it could be said that he still had his own recognition… But what to do, he died without being able to play a lead role even once.

[Although I heard you died in a hit-and-run… I heard from the Grim Reaper, to help a wrongly born soul. So, that’s your original body, right?]

“Uh. But why do you know very well? If you’re in a soul state, aren’t you dead too?”

[I died later than you… So, are you going to be an entertainer again in this life?]

“…I have to. I’m back to do that.”

[Good tenacity. Alright, I’ll help you!]

The motivated voice was quite good to hear.

By the way. That guy is dead, but why its’ soul state is a camera. Even Kim Yong Min was just his own appearance.

[Ah, by the way. No matter what you do, you’re just on the road to success. I’m jealous, you punk.]

“Huh? Why am I?”

[What. Haven’t seen your face?]

What’s with my face? Kim Yong Min roughly put on slippers and headed to the bathroom.

“Woah dang.”

Is this really a person. He had been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, but this is the first time he saw a face like this in life. It’s enough to slap any star not just those in South Korea, but also Hollywood.

The skin is shiny without any blemishes, the eyebrows are thick, and the nose bridge looks like it will cut something.

No wonder everyone was so friendly. He was born and raised as an Asian in America. However, there was no memory of being discriminated against.

So, racism will also get away when you have an overwhelmingly handsome face.

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