Sir Hunter, Are You A Thug By Any Chance?

Title: Sir Hunter, Are You A Thug By Any Chance?
Alternate: 헌터님, 혹시 양아치세요?
Author: Gunyonyong
Genre: , ,
Chapters: 163

Synopsis: Not anyone can be a Hunter, but they can be anyone.

This work is on long hiatus, as the author is under too much pressure to write so I'm going to translate this leisurely.
This work had a pretty high attention not long after its first release and I think the high expectation made the writer flatter. So after some tens chapter, the plot will start to weaken before went to hiatus.
I translate this as the earlier chapters is quite tight and good. Especially the character.
Btw, I need an editor for this as the speech is pretty messy because the MC is a (ex)thug. Someone who can help to edit my translation into peculiar speech gangster usually talk.